Free Book Friday: Make It Stop


Look! New smilies!:flying:

Is that fun or what?

Almost as fun as a middle school basketball game where our team kicked ass and took names! That’s my boy making the free shot there.


Not that I’m that excited about basketball at this point. Every night. Game or practice. Every night. Did I mention the every night part? Make it stop….

SocialButterfly came along–not to watch, but to talk and talk and talk to her friends. And eat nachos and hot dogs and candy. She never met a dollar she couldn’t spend immediately.

She was moving with a pack of girls, which was shocking for the girl who watches that new TV series “My Boys” because it reminds her of her–a girl whose friends are all boys. One of the girls she was hanging out with last night was carrying a purse! Are fifth graders allowed to carry purses? Make it stop…..

Then there was MatureDrivingBoy. He made a big deal on Sunday on the way to church about how he was the only child in the car who looked neat and clean–he was wearing a nice button-down shirt and was showered and groomed. His brother, BasketballBoy, was wearing the same shirt he’d worn the day before and there was a blob of hot sauce in the middle of it, and their sister had clean clothes on but she’d neglected to brush her hair, leaving her looking like she’d been pulled through a blackberry bush backward. So why is MatureDrivingCLEANBoy growing hair all over his face??? What happened to shaving?? Make it stop….

Need anything to stop around your house? Let me know, and play with my new smilies (you know you want to!), and be in the running for this weekend’s Free Book Friday autographed book pick from my backlist!


  1. Mary Dunton says:

    My cat, Sammy, needs to STOP getting eaten alive by various wild animals! My daughter needs to STOP driving me crazy! My house needs to STOP getting dirty! The kids look adorable!!!!!!

  2. Becki says:

    My daughter needs to stop volunteering me to do things!

    By the way, we have a three-day weekend.

    But, then there are three things kiddo has on her schedule.

  3. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Your kids are adorable and you know it. They look just like they are supposed to for their ages. Now there is not a lot going on in my world that needs to stop right now. For a change everything seems to be going smoothly.:shimmy: I can’t predict how long that will last so I am enjoying the heck out of it while it does. Love the new Smilies:flying: Have a great week end and hugs to all.:wave:

  4. Melissa says:

    Love the new smilies. Especially :elephant: and :flying:
    :snoopy: is making me sing the theme song for Charlie Brown.
    I need my ex to STOP getting sick, not doing anything about it, and making me sick. Now I think I have a cold due to all his hacking and sneezing. :sick:

  5. Shari C says:

    I want my house to STOP getting dusty and the laundry basket to STOP filling up when I am not looking. I want the temperature in Minnesota to STOP dropping and dropping and dropping some more so that wind chill doesn’t sound so bitterly cold… brrr!!! I want the kids to STOP arguing over who is going to use what new electronic gadget and who knows more about each one…it definitely isn’t me. I want to STOP having so much on my ‘to do’ list so I can just sit, relax and read one of my books in my TBR stack…sounds good to me…right.

  6. kacey says:

    Love :love: the new smiles :snoopy:

    :weather: (okay, we’re getting an ice storm, so I can use this one too…)

  7. Susan says:

    Great new smilies!:shimmy:

    My cats need to STOP shedding all over the house!:wall:

  8. Minna says:

    I love these smilies! :snoopy: :elephant:

  9. Cheryl S. says:

    My laundry needs to stop piling up on the kids’ bedroom floors and at least make it to the laundry hampers.
    Great new smilies, Suzanne. Have you baked any homemade bread lately? :hungry: Just had to find an excuse to use that smilie.

  10. Stefanie says:

    Oh, I just love the new smilies!! Especially these: :elephant::hungry::flying:
    My room has to stop getting all dirty.:talktothehand:
    And my little brother has to stop climbing all over me.:roll::whip:

  11. Tori Lennox says:

    I need it to stop raining! :drowning: We’re all getting webbed feet around here. :rotfl:

    But mostly I just came by to play with the new smilies. :snoopy: I love Snoopy! Must borrow him for my own blog…

  12. Maureen says:

    I am just getting used to my daughter driving and now my son is going to get his permit soon. I want them to stop getting older. Enough already.

  13. RobynL says:

    I need the house to stop getting dusty, my dog to stop peeing in the house(11 yrs. old and knows better) but it is cold outside which might explain it somewhat. The wind needs to stop blowing so forociously. It is cold enough without the wind.:cold:

  14. Karen B says:

    :flying: Need I say more…?

  15. Jennifer Y. says:

    I need my darn cold/flu/whatever-the-heck it is to stop. :sick: I also need my migraines to stop.

    I love this one-> :snoopy: Snoopy is a fave of mine.

  16. Cryna says:

    :cold: This would be me today, I went out and had to clean walks from the snow……So I guess I wish it would Stop already…… I just love your new smileys….. :weather:

  17. Teresa Warner says:

    It needs to stop raining here :drowning: and just snow already.:cold: I got a new pair of boots for Christmas and I haven’t been able to wear them yet.:hissyfit:Just enough snow to be able to wear my boots not enough for it to be a problem driving.

  18. catslady says:

    Oh these are adorable. I want it to stop raining :drowning: It’s January for goodness sake. Of course I’ll complain if we get :cold: too :mrgreen:

  19. Stacey says:

    It needs to STOP being cold.
    It was three below this morning -17 below windshield.

    Waaaayyyy to cold for me.

    Great smiles.

  20. Stefanie says:

    I need my computer to stop acting strange!!:hissyfit: I hope that we won’t have to delete evrything and then put it on the computer again…:wall:

  21. Melissa McClone says:

    :weather: I want the ice to stop so the kids can start school on time. :cold:

    :typing: I have a book to write and no time to write it! :drowning:

    Love the smileys! :flying:

  22. sharon says:

    I want it to stop snowing, raining and blowing and get back to our normal warmth and sunshine finally. The smileys are adorable.

  23. Carol says:

    I need my new kitty to stop biting and chewing on everything and everyone!

    Feel better, Mel!

    :flying::elephant::snoopy: Love these!

  24. ruby55 says:

    Sorry, I’ll have to look at the smileys another time. I’m in no picture mode because the computer keeps freezing. I’m also in the midst of moving:arrow: and I’m :hungry:

    I need the landlord to stop avoiding his duties. The carpet cleaners did not come today as I was led to believe by landlord. I’m not moving in up there until they are clean. Right now, :yuck:. And I have to pay for it myself:???: We’ll see about that.

  25. ruby55 says:

    Oh, yeah, coming to you from balmy 50F south-western Ontario, although I think we’re starting to get Manitoba’s weather now.

  26. Tammy G. says:

    :flying:This looks like fun.
    Right now I am:drowning:in packing. I need to :snoopy:around and get it done. I’ll be glad whe it is all over and we are moved. I hate packing.:hissyfit: After all the packing is done then we will have to work on the house.:wall:

    Love the Smileys.

  27. TeresaH says:

    What fun! New smilies! :snoopy: :shimmy:
    :flying: makes me want to stay here and play :typing:

  28. TeresaH says:

    Forgot to add…

    it’s been bitterly cold here in SD, temps have been staying in the -digits and chill factors have been staying around -20 or worse

  29. Stefanie says:

    Make my dog stop barking all the time!:snoopy: I love him, but all that noise is a bit too much sometimes…

  30. principessa says:

    I hope that it stops being so extremely cold. It is too much of a winter this year.

  31. Buffy says:

    I need to put an end to this procrastination of mine. It’s really getting in the way. :wall:

  32. MADDY says:

    :elephant:My mom needs to STOP YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!:bananadance:

  33. Angie T says:

    We really need some normal weather. One day we are :cold: freezing and the next we are burning up. No wonder we are all :sick:.
    Today for instance, it feels like spring and by the weekend it is going to be in the 20’s.

  34. Heather Harper says:

    How fun!!!





  35. Stefanie says:

    We need some normal weather too. But the other way around… It hasn’t even been freezing yet!!!:weather: The flowers already start to bloom!! And then it starts freezing after all and phoef… no flowers anymore!:whip: It was just the same last year! Grrr, I just wanted the weather to be normal this year!!:wigglebrow: