Free Book Friday: Out of Control


I’m out of control spring cleaning this week. (And thus the total lack of blogging.) Out. Of. Control. I’m sweeping down cobwebs, vacuuming corners, dusting everything in sight…. And in the farmhouse, there is a LOT in sight. Polishing, washing, scraping. Then what comes in the middle of my spring cleaning binge? WINTER! Can you believe this picture was taken YESTERDAY?

What is up with THAT?? :weather:

I’ve got housefuls of company coming, starting with my best friend from elementary school and her daughter next week. What’s up in your corner of the world? Spring playing peek-a-boo at your house, too? Do you spring clean? I’ve got two more of the March Silhouette Romantic Suspense releases to give away, so drop a line and I’ll pick TWO winners by random comment number!:yes:

(Dookie’s bow lasted 5 minutes–only because that’s how long I could hold my daughter back from pulling it off him! So, winner of last weekend’s Free Book Friday: TeresaH! Drop me an email and tell me which of the three releases I had left last week–see last week’s blog for the list–you’d like and your address!)


  1. Maureen says:

    I should be cleaning right now but I hate it. It was beautiful here too for a couple of days and now it is cold.

  2. Crystal G. says:

    Suzanne, I totally know what you are saying about Spring cleaning and then snow. I started cleaning our house this week too. Tuesday it was 80 and sunny and breezy in WV.:bananadance: Then Thursday it was 28 with snow flying!! It put a real damper on my “I feel good Spring cleaning” mood. I am still working on it but not with the windows open and birds chirping like I had hoped.:sad: Enjoy your company this week-end!
    Well, back to my dirty windows and cobwebs.:flying:

  3. catslady says:

    We went from 80 degrees to 30 and snow – ugh. Easter day is suppose to be 7 degrees colder here in pgh. than Christmas Day. What is up with this crazy weather!

  4. Teresa W. says:

    No Spring cleaning being done here this weekend. Tomorrow is my first day off in two weeks and I also have Easter off! WOOHOO! I;m having a card party tomorrow night and having Easter dinner at my mom’s on Sunday. Spring cleaning maybe next weekend as I have that off too.:shimmy:

  5. RobynL says:

    We have been spring cleaning since last fall and are trying to downsize as we go along. I’m tired of it already but not done. We had a little snow here the other day also and tonight it is going down to -16 degrees C.

  6. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Have fun with your visitors. I can relate to your weather. Had the heat turned off for a week and “wham” cold and then last night the snowman reappeared with that white stuff. It’s frozen to my porch and ramp so basically, I’m snowed in.:weather: Have a great weekend and congrats to TeresaH. Hugs to all.:wave:

  7. Minna says:

    What spring cleaning? I do thorough house cleaning every once in a while, but not necessarily at spring. We have some renovations going on right now, and that’s bad enough.
    Here the spring arrived about a month too early, the snow and ice were melting away (bad thing for the pups of Saimaa ringed seals)and there were some flowers blooming and even butterflies flying around, but now it’s snowing. A lot. :weather:

  8. Karen B says:

    Spring cleaning??? :no: I think not! We had our 1 day of spring when it hit 81 in MN about 10 days ago. Not it’s +15 with windchill of 0.:cold: Maybe I’ll try for fall house cleaning, but then again, maybe not.:flying:

  9. Susan says:

    We haven’t hit 32 degrees here in a week and the snow squalls have returned with vengeance!:cold:

  10. barbara wright says:

    Well, let’s see. When Spring came, I was too busy working in the yard to clean. Then we got snow 2 nights ago and it’s still too cold to do anything but snuggle in bed and read. I guess that means I have excuses not to spring clean for every type of weather :rotfl:

  11. Lis says:

    Happy Easter!!
    No spring cleaning here. And there’s snow on the ground again. It looked more like december here a few days ago :weather: :cold:

  12. KimW says:

    We had a little tease of warmer temperatures and then they went away. It’s about 30 degrees where I am.

    I normally do some type of spring cleaning. Haven’t started yet.

  13. Cheryl S. says:

    Well, my kitchen’s sparkling clean. The one thing about a holiday, it gets me motivated to get my kitchen in shape so I have room to cook. Very little counter space.

  14. Crystal B. says:

    I need to spring clean but we are doing some remodeling right now so it would be a waste of time.
    It is cold here too after being in the 70’s. I can’t wait for it to warm up.

  15. Marty says:

    It’s been chilly in NC, too–my furnace is running right now. :cold: Got a 4-day weekend, though, so I’m home again today. I’ve cleaned, done the laundry, the shopping, and some cooking to get ready for the week. I tried to watch “Flags of our Fathers” but that didn’t keep my attention 🙁 Also finished a synopsis and final edits on a novella. I might paint today. Might, lol!

  16. Jill says:

    I loved the pic. We’ve been having spring but it’s supposed to snow a FOOT tomorrow …

  17. Ashley says:

    We don’t get snow, just a cold snap. We went from 80 degree weather back down to 30 degree weather. ACK! I don’t spring clean, though I probably should.

  18. Ruby55 says:

    Well, um, we went Easter-Egg-Hunting in the snow with quite a bit more than this. It was out on a farm too but we had snow as well in our city. Actually, big, fat snowflakes were coming down a couple of hours ago but they dissolved into rain. If the temperature goes down as much as it is supposed to, we might have black ice tomorrow. Not all the snow from last week has melted yet.

    Our 14-day forecast shows the whole 2 weeks well below normal which is 55F (13C). That’s the norm for Canada this spring with the only place warmer than normal being the far northwest. Who’d have “thunk”?

    P.S. Note my change in e-mail address for newsletter. Several reasons have kept me off blogs lately–mainly my crazy computer which I have to turn off every little while so that it won’t freeze on me. One of these days, as soon as I have some money to spare for it, I’ll get the best of this one and two that my brother donated made into a workable computer. I got cheated out of about $800 for hydro, at least so it appears. The landlord gave me the wrong meter and some other people mine. No wonder they ran 2 A/Cs, 2 fans, a TV with attendant paraphernalia in addition to what we both ran: computers, fridge and lights. I’ve been wondering since last June what hit me when my hydro consumption sky-rocketed from 15.4kWh/per day to 40.7kWh in a short time. The peak was 55kWh+ and I was literally helpless and nauseated from the heat with no relief.

  19. Ruby55 says:

    Well, Happy Birthday to you, Suzanne. I though it was around this time last year that I sent you an e-card. I’ve got 3 birthdays at least coming up on April 17: my best girlfriend in Germany, my cousin in Sydney, Aus. and my brother-in-law at whose house (and my sister’s too) we had the Snow Egg Hunt. I know there’s somebody else that I know with a birthday at that time but they’re not as important as these three. Last Saturday was my favorite aunt’s birthday. She’s only 7 years older than I am but she’s in a nursing home. I tried to call her at Easter but her mailbox was all full. I’ll have to do it sometime soon.

    I hope this starts a very happy year for you. All the best to you and the family as well.

  20. Karen K says:

    It’s 29 this morning and they say global warming ,I want to know where ? so I can go there.The kitchen is cleaned and new paint .:bananadance: