Free Book Friday: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


Desdemona, the one kitten we kept from Fuzzball’s litter.

Angel food cake scented candles.

The porch swing, now that it’s nice out.

My “Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go To London” t-shirt.

Shrimp, garlic and pepperjack cheese grilled on fresh french bread.

Avril Lavigne’s “Best Damn Thing” cd.

Blooms on my jalapeno pepper plants.

The smooth ride in my new car.

Bunnies scampering at the sides of the backroads.

Fresh herbs from my garden.

Anticipating the release of Secrets Rising in a couple weeks.

Bringing my kids home from 4-H camp.

What about you? What are a few of your favorite things right now? A copy of A Little Bit Guilty, a June Silhouette Romantic Suspense release by Jenna Mills, will go to one random commenter chosen on Monday!

May your weekend be filled with all of your favorite things! :rockon:


  1. Alice Audrey says:

    My favorite things?

    Reading a good book – hint, hint.

    Getting actual comments on my blog.

    Hanging out with my kids when they are NOT motor mouths.



  2. Susan says:

    Cute picture! :heart:

    My favorite things?

    Playing with my two cats.

    Reading a good book, of course!

    Watching the squirrels playing chase with each other.

    Listening to Classic Rock music.

  3. Phyllis Lamken says:

    Some of your favorite things sound delightful…the shrimp, garlic, and pepperjack cheese on french bread especially.

    My favorite things:
    My friends and family,
    good books,
    long summer days,
    fresh basil on anything;
    going to the Spud Drive-in with my kids,
    hiking in the mountains,
    visiting the beach,
    fresh homegrown tomatoes, add the fresh basil and I m in heaven, and
    waking up everyday knowing that I am beloved.

  4. catslady says:

    A good book and time to read it.
    Visits from my daughter and her fiancee who live out of town.
    My cats and a new kitten that I’m to get any day.
    Playing cards with friends.
    Playing computer games.
    Winning contests 🙂
    A nice glass of cabernet savignon or freshly ground black coffee.
    Staying up late and sleeping in.
    Anchovy pizza lol.

  5. Marianne says:

    Fave things:

    A good nights sleep.

    The look of love on my dog’s face.

    My daughter’s giggle.

    California (I wish, oh I wish, I still lived there).

    A bug free garden (HA! As if…would you believe I found APHIDS on my milkweed?? What’s up with that?).

    Free books :mrgreen:

  6. Tori Lennox says:

    I love your list! And I want a “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to London” shirt! I love it!!!

  7. Maureen says:

    Eating a dinner I didn’t have to make.
    A day at the beach.
    Reading a good book.
    Presents – getting and giving

  8. Emma says:

    Some of my favorite things to do right now is reading books, gardening and watching the wildlife.

  9. Joye says:

    A few favorite things are
    School’s out and I get to read more books

    I get to play more with my dog Willie

    I love the frappacchinos at Starbuck’s

    I get to go on a short vacation to San Diego

    The best of all-I am thankful for my refrigeration (it is 110 degrees out today here in Phoenix)

  10. Karen E says:

    Love the kitten pic!

    A few of my favorite things. Well, our pool now that it’s hot out, my children’s happy faces, a pile of good books to read, a clean house, and my new kittens (three of them! We’re nuts).

    Happy weekend to you!


  11. RobynL says:

    my puppy wuppy Sam and our mutual love
    Nature music with the lights down low to relax
    Good news from tests

  12. Teresa W. says:

    Some of my favorite things are ice cream on a hot day or a cup of flavored coffee on a cold day. Watching mvies, reading and the soundtrack to Rent. :snoopy:

  13. Dru says:

    my favorite things are

    reading a book
    having someone else prepare my dinner
    being around nature
    my family and friends
    being lazy doing absolutely nothing
    reading blogs

  14. Marty says:

    The end of the quarter…the sound of a good rain…and this weekend, my father 😉

  15. Karen B says:

    Not having to cook, a mailbox full of goodies – no junk, a phone call/email from 1/all of my sons. :heart:

  16. leanne says:

    Hey everyone.

    I just finished Secret’s Rising last night. Thank God you can order early from It was awesome. Go Suzanne!!!!!!! :clap: :shimmy: :thumbsup: I can’t wait to find out what will happen next in Haven, WV. Happy readings to everyone. Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

    LeAnne Sigman :wave: :typing:

  17. Minna says:

    chocolate ice cream
    watching birds :flying:

  18. Ericka Scott says:

    Watching the grass grow. .. now, lest you think I’ve lost my mind and enjoy watching paint dry. . .you have to realize we just had a new lawn put in the front and all the little sprigs of grass are just popping up. The neighborhood kids say we have “baby grass”. . . :treehugger:

    Oh, and I like reading, sitting outside while my kids play in the hose, and cuddling with my husband on the couch.

  19. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for buying my book, LeAnne! I’m glad you enjoyed it! :snoopy:

  20. Kelly Parra says:

    Love your kitty pics! My favorite things are reading in the evenings and being lazy and watching movies. haha!

  21. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    My favorite list is:
    My grandsons and my daughter for 3 weeks starting Tuesday
    My caregiver who takes care of me
    My son moving next door
    My new pool which will be ready Wednesday :clap:
    Good books :mrgreen:
    Good friends :love: and
    A fresh cup of coffee anytime
    Hugs to all :hug: