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What is open kettle canning–and why isn’t it safe? That question arises often as new canners are sometimes confused either by vague memories of how their grandmothers canned or by posts or comments on message boards all over the internet where people still talk about using this method. While I love many old-fashioned ways, reviving former methods of canning isn’t a good idea. We know more now about the science of canning than our grandmothers did. And while they lived to tell about it, that doesn’t mean it was safe and doesn’t mean that sometimes people didn’t get sick from it. Our grandmas did the best they could with the information and guidance that was available at the time. So should we.

Open kettle canning is a method of filling boiling hot jars with boiling hot food then adding the lid and cap. Let the jars sit and cool–and the lid seals. (This is sometimes combined with turning the jar upside down.)

A seal does usually form in this method, so what’s wrong with it? In open kettle canning, the food doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to destroy the molds, yeasts, and other bacterial toxins that can cause illness.

Be safe. Take the extra step of placing your jars in the canner and process them either by a boiling water bath or the pressure method, depending on the type of food, for the time recommended by modern, tested guidelines.

And here’s a great resource for more information on safe canning!


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    Botulism is not your friend


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    Wow, you really don’t know what you don’t know! I so need to read up on this.

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  9. Trudy says:

    I’ve never used this method any canning, nor do I remember my mother nor grandmothers using it either. As a matter of fact, I use my grandmother’s All-American pressure canner now for all my canning. I wouldn’t use any other method due to safety reasons. It’s not as scary as you might think if you never used a pressure canner – just don’t push the release valve up until its on ZERO lbs of pressure!

  10. Trudy says:

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    Ever heard of canning and then placing jars in oven to seal?
    Seems it’s done alot up here in Canada.
    Is it safe?


  14. Renee says:

    I’ve heard other people talk about that type of canning and just hearing about it I always wondered about the bacteria and all.

    I’m not an experienced canner so I’d love to have a BBB!!

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    :woof: I also remember my Grandmother telling me about people who died from food poisoning and gotsick from keeping acidic foods in tin. Better safe than sorry. :snoopy:

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    I know picks the winners so they don’t care about the dancing emoticons, but they are cute. :moo:

  19. Kari says:

    I freaked there for a second Suzanne! I use kettles! That are open! For canning! But I always water bath. I use kettles because the burners on my stove are too small to heat the honking big canner that I have that was my Grandmother’s. I just need to get a smaller canner I think. πŸ™‚

    I’ve always wondered about the non-water bath method and have always been very gun shy of it. The last thing I want to do is give my family food poisoning with my jam! πŸ™‚

    I’ve heard of using the oven to can, but it seems to be not as safe as water bath method.

    I’d love a BBB very much!

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    The first canning I ever did was this way! An excellent peach butter recipe cooked in crockpot. I just this year have seen online that this is a no no. Thanks!

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    I’ve heard of that method of canning before, but don’t think I could ever do it myself. It didn’t sound safe even before I was interested in canning.

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  36. Joy (from Illinois) says:

    One thing you didn’t mention when you were being Mammy Jane was the incredible amount of work that went into preserving as well as growing and cooking food. Imagine it’s tomato season and you’ve got a big batch of luscious ripe tomatoes–too many to eat day to day. And a mess of beans. And the cucumbers are coming along great. Its a cool day of only 90 degrees outside so you start that kettle boiling–filling the house with steam, haul out your canning jars and start to work over the wood stove. Send the boys out to chop more wood and have the girls start chopping vegetables. You’re there in your long skirt cooking, filling, canning. Lord Almighty those were tough women! Why is it that the vegetables always seem to ripen during the hottest times?

    Since I’m not my grandma (who miraculously had numerous children and lived to be 94), I’d like a copy of the BBB.

  37. Cindy says:

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  38. Peggy says:

    I remember as a child we would open can jellies. It was the recipe that was either in a cook book or in the pectin box. I always give our small half pint jars of jelly at least 10 minutes in a water bath. BBB

  39. Denise says:

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  40. Glenie says:

    BBB. I love having jars of home canned food on my shelves – I know everything in each jar because I put it there. I love the simplicity and no strange ingredients in home canning.

  41. Nathan B says:

    I hadn’t even thought of that as a possible method. I can see where, prior to the better understanding, this would seem to be a suitable solution. Thankfully we have made strong progress in that area. Thanks again for all the wonderful info your site brings!(BBB)

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    Thanks. I can in very small amounts and always process them in the water bath only because somewhere, deep in my memory of when I learned to can as a young thing, I thought that was what I needed to do. Thank you for the clarification.

  63. BethAnn says:

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  64. JeannieB says:

    There is a difference in open kettle and boiling water bath. Open kettle is not safe—period!! Boiling water bath is certainly used for very high acid foods, as tomatoes, pickles and jellies. We have all learned a lot from Suzanne and this blog, Dede is my hero when it comes to canning, there are a lot more very smart canners here and they have helped me.

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    Seems like I remember jams and jellies done in an open kettle and sealed with paraffin. It is amazing any of us children of the ’50’s or earlier lived to tell about it.

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