A Place to Sew


See the sewing machine cabinet.
See the sewing machine cabinet open. See the niche inside where the sewing machine can hide.
See the fold-out table.
But wait! There’s more! See the pull-out bench.
Isn’t that nifty? This find wasn’t free, but it was a good deal. It’s old. (There’s supposed to be a cushion. It’s missing. I’ll replace it. I might replace the knobs on the cabinet, too. Not my style. Easy fix.)

I’ve always wanted a dedicated spot for a sewing machine. This is the office/craft room. It has mostly been a mess room. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ve seen the office/craft room as my embarrassing photo of the month for two months in a row. (Are you subscribed to my newsletter? The July newsletter goes out soon. See a sample newsletter here.)
But now the office/craft room looks like this!
I can’t believe it. I cleared it and cleaned it and moved boxes to the attic, making room for my office supplies, books, craft materials, and the sewing cabinet.
It will be so nice to do what I want, when I want, with the sewing machine always set up. I’ve never had that before. I’ve always set up my sewing machine on the dining room table, which means you have to set it up and take it down repeatedly.

It’s not really conducive to doing much sewing.

And, in fact, I haven’t sewn in quite some time.

A few more things will be happening to this room before it’s finished. We have a brand new (to us) woodstove that is going in this room, and there may be some rearranging. Probably, the woodstove will end up going where the sewing machine cabinet is now and the sewing machine cabinet will move to the space in front of these double windows.
These windows look out to the back of the house, to the hillside. This room is full of light. The other window looks out over the chicken house.
And a door in the room leads directly onto the side of the front porch, with a nice view.
I haven’t used my sewing machine in years. I had pretty much given up sewing. I want to sew again, though. I enjoy sewing–crafts, mostly. I don’t sew clothes often. (I have–it’s just not something I’m much interested in.) I hope that now that I can have my sewing machine set up all the time in a dedicated space, it will be easier for me to get back to it and spend time with it. I enjoy sewing. I love the creativity and sense of accomplishment.

And so, here lies my new sewing machine cabinet. It sleeps….. perchance to dream……
Because, well, honestly, I haven’t found the box yet that has my sewing machine. (This unpacking thing–it takes forever!)

Do you sew? If so, do you have a dedicated place for your sewing machine?

P.S. Responding to a question in the comments–I realized I had forgotten to show the storage drawer built into the bench seat.
I’ve moved the cabinet to the space in front of the double windows.
I think it works much better there.

P.P.S. I’ve looked all over it and I can’t find a manufacturer’s name anywhere. It cost $50, from an ad in the paper, which I think was a great price for such a unique and handy piece! (I think it would be difficult to find something like it made today, well-crafted and solid wood.)


  1. Jennifer says:

    Funny you should ask, because I just set-up the girl room/office for that exact purpose.

    Since there aren’t any craft stores or quilt shops in Korea, I’ve decided to join a BOM (block of the month) club. Everything will get shipped off to me nice & neat – the fabric, the pattern & the instructions! Can’t beat that…

    And with it coming just once a month, I won’t feel overwhelmed by such a daunting task…the Dear Jane qulit.

    You can see it here: https://www.ourjennericlife.com/jennifer/hi-im-crazy/

    If anyone wants to join up, I’d love a quilter-in-arms!

    But I like your room much better than mine. While all I see is rice paddies, you’ve got a gorgeous view of trees & porch swings & lots of natural light…not to mention Clover and Annabelle and Pocahontas.

    So what are you planning to sew first?

    Much love from an overseas Army wife,

  2. CindyP says:

    Oh, Suzanne, you’re getting there…..much easier to vision your craft room now!! I have a dedicated spot for my sewing machine, in my craft room. However that room isn’t one that is on the everyday cleaning list and it tends to get overrun by my imagination. I cannot get to my sewing machine right now. I have to take a day out of my gardening, outdoor life to get that room back in shape….Christmas presents need to get started!

    Love your room and congratulations on the clean out! :happyflower:

  3. Lucy says:

    I’ve got an old Singer sewing machine in good condition tht would look wonderful in that room. I’m trying to unload it.

  4. Kathryn says:

    I do. I have a study/studio/landfill of my own! Right now, it is a landfill because I am in the middle of a thousand things, and my mother just isn’t doing as well as we’d like, so I have no time for it. But, on one wall is a long counter the length of the room with two sewing stations, and drawers and deep shelves for bolts of fabric between the kneeholes. My machine and serger are set up there, with plenty of room for my long cutting mat in-between. Opposite that is another counter with a computer workstation built in, cabinets on both sides of the kneehole, and bookshelves to the ceiling above. On one of the short walls is a very sitable bay window that extends across the whole room, and I upholstered a twin mattress as a cushion. Opposite that on the other short wall is another built in counter with shelves and drawers underneath and bookshelves to the ceiling. Down the center of the room is my craft table, currently sagging with supplies I am using to finish (someday!) a rather large mixed media piece. Right now, the room is a mess. But, it is my mess, the room has a door, and when I can, I will come back to everything that is waiting for me.

  5. Harbor Hon says:

    I have three sewing machines, but haven’t used them in quite some time either. I have scads of old sheets from the Good Will that are awaiting being turned into something great too. Problem is, I just don’t have the room right now to do much. Will be cleaning and reorganizing when I’m feeling better. Had some health issues lately. It’s good to know that as soon as I retire I can get back to doing the things that gave me pleasure. Crocheting, sewing, card making, etc. Crafts are my life! 🙂 xxoo

  6. Cindy says:

    I really love that bench! What a clever idea. I always have to go searching for a chair to pull up to my machine when I want to sew.

  7. Mim says:

    Until just recently, I had to put my sewing machine on the table and take it down..Now, I have been given my husband’s grandmother’s machine & cabinet.. I had a craft room after the kids moved out and lost it when on kid moved back in for awhile…I need to put this on my to do list.

  8. Christine says:

    I have a dedicated room for my sewing machine. I call it Sheville. It’s a place where no boys are allowed. I love it.

    I like your sewing machine cabinet. I’ve never seen on quite like it with the seat and everything.

  9. jane says:

    Wow what a find!!! I have never ever seen anything like this with a bench pulled out!!! My guess it is from the late 30s or early 40s. it is in great condition too. Do you know who made it? I have a sewing area in my office room. I keep my machine set up all the time and use it a lot. I have bookcases with fabric and supplies and some in totes too. I have not always had a sewing / craft room though. Your windows are great and inspiring.

  10. amelia says:

    Yes, I sew…primarily quilts.

    I took the smallest bedroom and converted it to a sewing room. This allows me to leave things neatly placed (no, most times they re just randomly scattered) out at all times. If need be I can close the door…usually don’t as a closed door drives my cats crazy.

  11. Agnes from Antigo says:

    Is that a space (or drawer?) under the seat of that chair to hold your nice little gold sewing box? What a neat idea. I have a nice little sewing cabinet that holds my sewing machine that doesn’t take up too much room, but I’d LOVE one like yours with the chair. Makes it look like a different piece of furniture when put together — like a small dresser. Looks to me that it came from the early ’50s.

  12. Susan says:

    I have two adjoining rooms off of my wash house that I have claimed as mine. I have antique tables that I use as sewing table/cutting board, an old trunk for material storage and a chest of drawers. I have big windows with lots of natural light. I have recently rededicated my life to only do what I love and one of those things is sewing. I have a large, very large cushion under the table that my machine sets on for Homer, the basset hound. He is great company and provides many opportunities to smile. The unique thing about my sewing room is that it has a creek running under the entire length of the building. It is charming and I am blessed to have such a life.

  13. m says:

    Great Find! That’s a neat sewing table; I’ve never seen one like it before.
    We did have a spare bedroom/sewing room until my Dad took it over. Mom’s 1969? singer is in a small cabinet that looks like furniture (no seating included) and she gave me the 1950’s singer which still has it’s original sewing table (folding leg card table). She and I did sew clothes, but not for years. Repairs and odds and ends and such. I have always had a machine around and would probably feel lost if I had to live without one, kinda like a hunter without his guns 😆

    Tell us more about it … any furniture name/ the kind of machine it was built for ? I didn’t notice the cubby under the seat until it was mentioned. Obviously some thought went into the design of this piece. Where did all the ingenuity go ….???

  14. Diane says:

    No craft room here. Rather a dinning room that I do everything in. I am in the process of cleaning it up and orginizing. And I do have my mother in laws old 1970’s singer sewing machine in a cabinet. It came with a small stool. But it has no back so I use a computer chair instead. I am dreaming of a day where I can have a whole space just for my craft stuff. Where no one can see what I am working on unless I want them too. lol.

  15. Phyllis Ryan says:

    When my children (now in their 40’s) were little I had a sewing table like this. My mother gave it to me and I made all their clothes, even coats. My drawer had a special place for thread, tiny dowels, and had two drawers. I miss that machine, but I don’t have any reason to sew anymore.

  16. Cindy says:

    Your craft room looks mighty nice, and the sewing cabinet is quite unique – I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve got a 1970’s Singer in a cabinet that belonged to my grandmother. Sad to say, the old girl doesn’t see much action anymore, but the cabinet now holds our teenage son’s video games. I think grandma would approve!

  17. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Very cool indeed. I just have a regular fold up table (with my machine on top of it)on one side of my 9 month old’s room and her stuff on the other (crib, dresser, toys etc.) I dream of having my own space one day.

  18. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    That’s so cool Suzanne. I love the cabinet. I’ve never seen one that had a seat that pulled out like that. Very clever.

    Doesn’t it feel great to have a place dedicated to sewing and crafting. Since my daughter is living downstate with her job, I’ve commandeered her bedroom to be my creative in-home studio. I can just close the door if I’ve left a mess.

    I have two machines – a new Brother that has multiple decorative stitches and a 1950’s Sewmor that weighs about 45 lbs. It’s cast iron and literally you could run over it with a truck and it would keep sewing.

    I say shop on Ebay and get a cool retro machine. There are a couple PINK sewing machines for sale right now (Atlas) and some cool turquoise ones also. (Morse) Good luck with finding the perfect machine to put inside that wonderful cabinet.

    – the other Suzanne

  19. Linda says:

    What a find! That cabinet is great. Congrats on getting your room cleaned up and a place to sew. I have to set up my machine on the table when I want to do something. I just mostly do repairs anymore. Haven’t made any cloths in years. Sometimes I sew christmas gifts. I’m working on cleaning out a room for me to craft in. We shall see. Your porch swing would be calling my name all the time.LOL

  20. ulli says:

    Oh please don’t change those handles… they’re original to the piece and belong there. I think beautiful pieces like that should remain true to their beginnings… but if you change them I know they’ll look great.
    I have a sewing/craft room. Like you I always had to use the kitchen table and what a chore it was to get everything out and put it away again. I hardly did any sewing. Now my machine is up all the time and I love it. Haven’t sewn a lot lately but I’m thinking of Christmas gifts. Tote bags for my girlfriends I think…

  21. Claudia says:

    What a handy piece of furniture…. I get that sewing bug as well but need to dedicate a place to sew as well. I’m inspired to transform a corner somewhere! :yes:

  22. jane says:

    50 is a steal!! You couldnot take your family out to dinner for that to many restaurants. the drawer is great. Someone really thought about making this so compact. I guess it was a piece of furniture in the home. Really unique. Love the windows too.

  23. Cookin Cate says:

    Suzanne, What a lovely addition to your home! When my dear Aunt Bea moved from her home to assisted living, I asked for her old Kenmore sewing machine. It came in a similar cabinet where the top swings open and there’s the machine. She had the original instructions, all the attachments and the chair cushion lifts up for space beneath it for thread and other necessities. It’s one of the most precious things I own and hope to pass it on to one her great-grandchildren one day. And, of course, it’s set up right in front of a window.

  24. Karen says:

    Wow, what a difference a little clearing up makes, and the table is perfect. Having a dedicated space to sew has always, always been a priority for me, even when I had to sew in a closet for lack of anywhere else.

    One suggestion: You might want to swap the position of the sewing table and the wire baskets, then you can open out the table top over the top of the baskets. As you have it now, you won’t be able to open it without moving something.

    Happy sewing!

  25. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Maybe it’s the angle of that last picture–there’s more space there than it looks. I can open the top without moving anything. I tested that out right away!

  26. Donna Mc says:

    Well that is just too nifty! I’ve never seen a sewing machine cabinet like that. The bench/seat is awesome!

    Yes, I sew. I LOVE to sew. I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl. My first love now is quilting, then crafting, then garment sewing. I’ve also made costumes for the local high school’s musicals. That’s a lot of fun…and profitable. Profitable enough to finance my new Bernina sewing machine.

    Dedicated Space – yes & no. I have all new sewing stuff – fabric, books, tools, etc etc in my ‘sewing room’, which is actually 1/2 of my laundry room. My sewing machine is in a cabinet just outside this room – in kitchen/dining room. So I have a dedicated space, but still have to clear off the kitchen table to open in up & sew. But it’s better than when I didn’t have a cabinet & sat at the kitchen table.

    Good Luck with your sewing. Give quilting a try, too! Start simple & enjoy!

  27. Barbara says:

    Totally cool cabinet. Never seen one like it. I have a cabinet for my sewing machine, too, circa 1965 or 68 I think. It was my mom’s machine which is still purring along–a Singer of course! I love to sew! I do crafty stuff too, but recently slip covered both my couch and love seat with beautiful Italian Chenile. Had no idea how to do it, but I saved a bunch doing it myself and it came out better than I could have hoped. I wish I had a sewing room. I keep mine in my converted garage/office and lug the whole thing in when I have a big project like this. But it’s worth the work. I love your new room! Congratulations on getting it all together.

  28. maryann says:

    I have a sewing machine but no sewing room. I have tried in the past to teach myself how to sew clothes but not too much luck in that dept. I have had too many disasters that I am actually nervous to cut the fabric of which I have a lot of. I have taken classes but I guess I need a one on one approach with an instructor which I haven’t found yet.

  29. Caryn says:

    When my oldest went away(wahhhhhhh :hissyfit: 😥 ) to college I turned her room into my sewing room where I sew my quilts, painted, scrapped, and beaded. I got rid of the painting and beading because quilting is my true love. I can’t seem to get rid of my scrapping stuff……we like it lol.

    It is also storing wall to wall shelving filled 9 months worth or dry, boxed and canned foods–HBA’s and pet items AKA the stockpile.

    I recently joined a group of ladies and sew 2 times a month so I just got a travel machine so I can take it with me to the group and also to our camper on the weekends.

    Is it overkill to have 2 machines and have one NOT be a serger? NAHHHHH! I only make clothes when all the planets line up in heaven just soooo…..

    Your cabinet is great. I use and antique table so both my machines and my big honking rotary mat have a place to be 24/7/365.

  30. Imma says:

    Yes I finily have a place for all my sewing things, I still have to share it with a piano and a dinning room table. But it have my own table and shelves and can leave my sewing machine and projects out. I use to have to do just like you and put everything away everyday so the table was free for food and LIFE.

    I have an old sewing machine my Uncle left me. It is from the 50’s.It has its own cabinet the is fold down into also. I took it to have it serviced one time and the owner of the shop kept trying to get me to get rid of it. There was no way I would ever do that the new ones just don’t sew like this one does. Well when I when to pick it up one of the workers and I were talking about the machine. I told her how much I loved it and would never get rid of it. She said her mother had one just like and ask if I would like to have it.:happyfeet: Well YES :hug: She wanted someone to have it that would love it as much as her mother did. It is just like the one I already had with a cabinet and bench and the sales recipt from when she bought it back in 1954. OMG I still can’t believe it. I use it all the time.

    People are wonderful. I love the cabinet and chair you got. Enjoy sewing again. its like baking, creating something out of nothing. :heart:

  31. Heidi says:

    I love sewing but mostly only get to mend pants, shirts etc. I was excited to see a candle, but disapointed when it wasnt sitting in somthing. *snicker snicker* LOL

  32. Victoria says:

    You’re livin’ the life of my dreams! Chickens AND a sewing place! I still set up on the kitchen table…boohoo! I FINALLY learned to sew through a class at the local high school given by the county extension office. It cost $25.00 and I can sew clothes now! I would recommend that route to anyone who wants to learn how to sew.
    P S That is the COOOOOOOLEST sewing cabinet. I WANT ONE!

  33. Karen/Abiga says:

    Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful sewing room. I sew in my bedroom at my daughter’s house, no home of my own right now. You are such an inspiration to us in all you do. My daughter though is currently struggling with her goat too in the milking departement like you did in the past. She has to figure out something each day but Havanah just thinks of something new all the time. I tried helping but I was worse at it and so disappointed since I wanted the goats. But they are so cute and friendly! Blessings today to you all! Oh does anyone out there know if it is worth buying one of those old black sewing machines, are the repairs too much?

    • B. Ruth says:


      If you are speaking of an old Singer Featherweight….run do not walk if you find one in good shape, cheap….they are wonderful…make a beautiful stitch and are light enough to carry to classes, RVing, to visit the kids etc..Crafters and quilters love them..My husband traded mine years ago for a new fangled-one (at the time)as a birthday surprise, when I arrived home from work….I was sick…but he was trying to upgrade me to a better, he thought, machine…being selfish I had wanted a new multi-stitch machine and keep my portable featherweight too, but he didn’t realize that….ha In 1958, I paid 149.99 for it…Now if you can find one on e-bay or a Singer store if they have one, they are over 400.00, the last time I checked…
      I have since found two, one needs a bobbin case..I found my two at estate sales…both still had their black carrying case..and buttonhole attachment…
      My little singer was the first thing I bought when I started working as a young girl,…someone got a good deal on the trade….wish I had it back…I now have an embroidry machine, cheap one, and another machine plus my serger and two old featherweights. For what it is worth, I tried the little new lightweight crafting machine sold by Wally World and took it back, was very disappointed in it…
      Always, I have learned this by trial and error, ask for a piece of scrap material and run a few stitches in fact several to check it out..For sure a used machine motor will still run but sometimes will not sew if the under innards are missing…so don’t let that fool ya’. Good luck in finding a good used machine…

  34. catslady says:

    My first thought was the cats had found a wonderful new place that they were going to take over permanently lol.

  35. Donna says:

    What a nice find!!!! I got a sewing machine for HS grad. – it was so fun..but I had to sew on my parents dining room table (they had two, and only used this room for family dinners – holidays), but I still had to close it and remove all, each day. It made me lose interest, having to do that. I wanted one that could remain out all the time too. I wasn’t a great seamstress, but had fun making wrap around dresses/skirts (pop. in ’75), and tops for jeans and dresses period….I even made my friend a top and my mother a wrap around skirt (brainless). Oh, and I made a cool one piece pant set with halter top. I recently wanted to start sewing again. I have an older friend that was a professional seamstress and made ball gowns, ect. in Austin…Commander’s wives clothes…ect. and had a friend, that did exquisite work – shoe covers, embroidered jewelry bags – she is an artist – can do ANYTHING. So happy FOR you and what a lovely view to sew in front of!

  36. Ulrike says:

    I absolutely LOVE that piece. I don’t have a dedicated place for my sewing machine. I tend to get it out when I have a project, and then it sits in the livingroom for a few weeks (or, er, months :bugeyed: ) before I put it away again.

  37. Sheryl (Runningtrails) says:

    That is a gorgeous, antique sewing cabinet! Just beautiful!You got a bargain.

    Great sewing/craft/art room! I am working on organizing mine too. In addition to sewing and crafts, it is a seeding room with shelves in the south facing window where I plant seeds. I have to find room in there for all my seeding stuff. It is also an overflow closet and a guest room for my daughter and …

    Needless to say, its full.

  38. Jenni in KS says:

    That is an awesome sewing machine cabinet! I wasn’t going to click over to read this post because, meh, I’ve seen sewing machine cabinets before. I’ve never seen one with a bench.

    We’ve been rearranging things here at our house, and I am working on making a little sewing room/studio/quiet spot for myself in the guest room that was formerly dh’s office.

  39. Estella says:

    Nice cabinet!
    I have a room that is totally mine. I have my sewing machine set up, all of my craft supplies . my computer, yarn, cross stich supplies and my unread books in it.

  40. monica says:

    That awesome cabinet would really p*** off a burglar–can I order one somewhere? LOL :yes:

    Sometimes people made their own cabinets for things . . . If you can’t find an official marking, this may be the case. For such a gorgeous piece, though. . . surely the maker would have wanted to put their mark SOMEWHERE! Sometimes, under the drawers, on the backs of the drawers. Sounds like an item to take to the ‘Antiques Roadshow’!!! I would also at least save the old hardware and not throw it away–You could put your kids through college if it is a collectors piece.

  41. Bev says:

    My husband repairs computers adn I love, love to craft. We have a spare room the we call the C&C room (computer and crafts). Unfortunately we are remodeling our living room at this time and all the stuff form the dining room and living room is stuffed into that room. You just think your room looked bad. I literally cannot get to the other side of the room form the door right now. It is awesome when it is cleaned up though.
    P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new find. Well worth 50.00!!

  42. Claudia W. says:

    I was going to say that a messy room is the sign of a creative mind…and then you cleaned it up!But I am still so excited for you having a dedicated sewing area. I have my own craft room…which is looking like there’s a creative mind going on here…it’s a mess!

  43. monica says:

    I think if you found a chicken living in the mess–Then you would have a MESS. You gotta live, right? That is pretty neat and tidy to me.

  44. B. Ruth says:


    This is really weird…

    I have been making a Question and Ponder list to send to you….I have dozens of them listed… One of them was…

    Question: Have you ever made a quilt?

    I Ponder: How would you make it, the old-fashioned way with a newspaper template pattern, hand cut, hand pieced, and hand quilted.. or would you make it the new way with a straight edge, pricision plastic templates, rotary cut pieces and then machine pieced and quilted….

    PS….I guess I will just send my Question and Ponder’s to you as the subjects arise…..
    PSS…Guess you have guessed that I sew…I also am a crafty, person, I am also an R-teest..(artist,retired graphic).. among other things…errr….
    PSSS…Love to write…but am not accomplished at it..just write what has happened in my life…Whoa Nellie!…
    PSSSS…My math is terrible…I am right-brained married to a left brained man…thank goodness…

  45. B. Ruth says:

    A great sewing and crafting area…north light is always the best for truly seeing a piece of artwork or other work….without the glare…
    Hope you have a great vac…’cause woodstove airborne dust can contaminate..paintings..fabric stash..etc…just ponderin’
    Sewing table, I believe, has a Danish modern look…maybe from the beginnings…late forties to early fifties…
    What do I know…but whatever save those beautiful pulls…ones like that, if brass, could easily fetch 6.00 or 8.00 bucks apiece…and if you want to sell it someday..you can put them back on the piece..looks like it might have been painted..has it?
    PS….Have 52 fashion you a 2X4 with a felt base to fit under the table top when you have it open…so it will support some heavy fabric without springing your top….My table door swings out and then fits under my top…just the perfect place for “Fluffy”my cat to sleep to the hummm of the machine and then to torment me about the pins and needles getting in his mouth when he decides to wake up….and he’s no lightweight..

  46. Christy O says:

    That sewing cabinet is perfect! I have to move my sewing machine to the kitchen table to sew. I haven’t sewed in over a year. I really want to do more soon but it is a pain to have to move it all the time.

  47. Amber says:

    That is a wonderful cabinet; I’ve never seen anything like it. The views from your room are just beautiful!

  48. cranberry says:

    Wow, adorable. Never saw one like that before. I’ve got the usual old one that has a foot pedal made of metal to make it go, and closed up cabinet also, pulls up from the top, the ones that are normally seen now but yours is so interesting. nice wood. I sew when I have to, haven’t found a real “need” to. I darn & sew on buttons by hand. I ADORE Heat N’ Bond? Wonderful stuff! ha ha! no sewing machine needed, just a hot iron! :shocked:

  49. Lisa S says:

    I have a homemade one almost like yours. I had forgot about it, I got it years ago and my son used it as a desk. Mine also has little drawers on the front that go all the way back. My son loved to hide his treasures in there. I think I will have to look it up. I have a dedicated room, but right now my machine is sitting in the living room, not the neatest but it is my house so if people don’t like it I guess they don’t have to look.

  50. shannon says:

    that…is ingenious. and i’m quite jealous of your craft/office space. you should see mine at the moment. no really, you should see it. it would put your disgraceful before photos to shame. not to mention the fact that the 5 of us here don’t eat at the dining room table….

  51. gwen says:

    I absolutely love it, one of those rare furniture you just have to cherish


  52. IowaCowgirl says:

    Your room looks great!

    After moving into the old home place 2 years ago, I designated a part of the attic for my sewing area. I miss no windows, but love the ability to LEAVE THE DANG MACHINE SET UP and no one sets food or homework or mail on it; I have a large table for cutting too. It’s not ideal, but works for me. The lovely foam insulation on the walls and around the geothermal heat ducts are a nice visual addition. ha.

  53. wendy says:

    What a fun cabinet! I love it!

    I have a little window-less room for my sewing. I set it all up nice with shelves and fabric organized by color. But I hate that little room and always drag everything downstairs if I need to sew. Which means I just don’t sew. Maybe our next house will be better…

  54. smiledarlin says:

    Yep! I sew, mainly quilts now- but clothes and accessories are thrown into the mix every now and then.

    Being a quilter- I have ALOT of fabric… I make MANY quilts that I give away as comfort quilt for folks who have lost a loved one- or to someone going thru cancer treatments- or babies in the NICU.

    I LOVE to sew on the vintage machines. My oldest is a 1907 Singer Red Eye treadle named “Ruby” and I have “Janey” a new zig-zag Janome (I don’t really like,it is noisy) and then 3 older 1930-1951 machines I use off & on. I also have a quilting frame and machine… so that’s 6 machines.

    I have taken over one room in the house- and the I got a quilting frame and it took up another room…so I have taken over a bit of space for my fabric & machines.

    My neighbor has put me in her will so when she dies I get her Touch & Sew machine… I am honored!

    I put them ALL to good use…Just ask Giz- I am her quilter- she’s been over.

  55. Shirley says:

    I absolutely love the sewing cabinet. I’ve seen some unusual ones, but never one like this one.

    I have a dedicated room for my sewing. It also has my computer in it. I have three sewing machines. One does embroidery. The other is for sewing while the embroidery is working. The other is just an inexpensive machine that doesn’t sew very well. Only thing is, my youngest daughter has borrowed my number 2 sewing machine, so I’ll probably never see it again.

  56. Kari S. says:

    Hey, I just bought a cabinet exactly same as yours…did you find anymore info on it? Can’t wait to set my machine. Paid $45 for it. :)Too cool…

  57. Diane says:

    My late Mother-in-law had a cabinet exactly like that! She purchased it in the 50’s for her new Necchi machine from the dealer.
    Brings back many memories.

  58. Kathi says:

    What memories that brought back! My mother had that same cabinet in blond wood, housing her green Singer. She sewed my school dresses and Halloween costumes on it. My Dad sold it; I wish he’d saved it for me.

  59. Sheila says:

    I’ve got my sewing machine set up in our computer room (a bit crowded sometimes LOL) but I sew on occasion , I made some pot holders for my neighbors for xmas and I’m slowly working on finishing a quilt for my son , then one that I started on for myself , and after I get those done I’m gonna start on one for my hubby then get a head start on ones for my family for next xmas (it’s gonna be a busy year for me this year LOL).Plus I have a quilt block that I need to make for our guild meeting this thursday.

  60. Diane says:

    That cabinet brings back many memories. My Mother-in-law had one exactly like it. She got it with her Necchi machine, back in the 50’s. She got the machine and cabinet both from the dealer so I am assuming this cabinet originated with Necchi.

  61. MousE says:

    What a great find, that cabinet. I think it’s beautiful. And I love the room, nice work. Yes, unpacking goes on forever and ever doesn’t it….. I have now moved 4 times in 7 years. ARGH. But now I am in my forever place – they’re going to have to either drag me out or carry me out – and it is much smaller than my last 3 places….. so I’ve downsized considerably. But I couldn’t let go of many things, so now the challenge is to find a place for all of them! I have so many boxes in my walk-in storage. It’s like Christmas in there. And I found my old sewing machine too! I thought I lost it forever in the last move. Thanks Suzanne, wonderful read as always!

  62. TeeLeeTX says:

    I just found your page while doing some research on a cabinet I just bought. Yours is a Necci sewing cabinet from the 50’s. here is an example:

  63. jeanniejay says:

    I was absolutely thrilled to find your blog. I have the same sewing cabinet. It is a blonde piece, and I had no idea what the maker was. I used it 20+ years ago as a desk when I moved away from home. When I got married, I gave it to my sister. She recently moved to Texas and my mom and I tried to sell it in a yard sale for $5.00. I asked my mom its history and she told me that it belonged to my great-grandmother. I was sad to see it for sale but even sadder to see no one interested in it after 4 garage sales. This morning, I decided to keep it and refinish it and started researching it. Your blog was the first picture I found that even resembled the piece. Thank you!

  64. jeanniejay says:

    P.s. I wanted to add that I found the serial plate for my cabinet underneath the top in the front. There is a hinged-section , and I lifted it up and looked inside. It states that it is a Necchi . Mine has a built in measurement guide, was yours refinished over it?

  65. kdhanners says:

    I have one of those sewing machine dressers..just like yours… It was my grandmas..it has a drawer in the chair tho..I don’t have room and I need the money..so I am trying to sell it. If anyone is interested…269-519-7372..or [email protected]…. .

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