All That Glitters Isn’t Gold Anymore


Finally, the Princess’s loft suite (she has a loft SUITE! if she wasn’t my daughter, I’d be so jealous–oh, wait, she is my daughter and I’m still jealous) is ready! She gets to sleep in her new room now! The last touch was preparing her new bed. Her “new” old bed. She’s going to be using a hand-me-down trundle bed.

Trouble was, the bed came with gold knobs. She doesn’t like gold. I can’t blame her–I don’t like gold, either. I bought a 99 cent can of “brushed nickel” spray paint and stared at the knobs for a few minutes… I couldn’t just hold them while they were drying. What to do?

A box! Stick the ends in a box!

It worked perfectly! And in no time I had “brushed nickel” knobs and was getting out her brand new horsey bedding and making up her room.

Isn’t this bed adorable? These are her new horsey sheets and pillow shams. Where is her comforter? I still don’t know.

Then, because it was Saturday and that means things have to get done that have been put off all week, we headed outside to plant the peach tree that we’ve been hiding since Bluebell discovered it and tried to make it into a toy. My cousin’s wife, Sheryl, came over to see the new house and watch the planting.

Bluebell was thrilled to see her. I said, “You miss Bluebell back at the old farmhouse, don’t you?” Sheryl said, “We haven’t had any trash dragged around the yard in weeks!”

Yes, you know they miss her desperately.

Bluebell was very excited when we made a HOLE.

Then we brought out the peach tree. (A self-pollinating peach tree–so there’s just the one.)

She got very serious.

And confused. And baffled. And downright discombobulated.

Why? WHY?

Why did we take her toy and BARRICADE it and that so lovely HOLE behind a fence? WHY?

Life is so unfair when you are a puppy.

And that was Saturday in the holler. You?


  1. Ann from Montana says:

    Great idea for the knobs…both the paint and the box to dry them…I never thought of spray painting old gold or even brass…hmmm, maybe a look through some thrift shops is in order!

    Beautiful bedding – hope you find the comforter!

  2. Kim A. says:

    Oh, yes, great idea re. the knobs. I will remember that, especially the creative solution of pushing them into a box.

    Princess must be thrilled now!

    BTW, wasn’t Bluebell just a tiny pup? Seems like yesterday….

    P.S. Look at that green grass! I’m SO jealous of your green grass!


  3. jan says:

    Are you sure that the comforter was in the house? Maybe it never came. The bed looks really nice.

    Love the idea of a peach tree. :treehugger: Do you have many deer?

  4. Shirley says:

    I know your daughter will enjoy the new room and the new bedding. It’s wonderful what you can do with a can of spray paint too.

    You will certainly enjoy the peach tree. The spring blooms will be beautiful, and the fruit will taste great.

    And Bluebell will adjust.

  5. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Yes, we have TONS of deer. I hope we can keep them out of the peach tree! And everything else!!! Any tips?

  6. Patricia Herman says:

    Love the bedroom and how you solved the problem with the brass knobs – YOU are so creative. Princess room is very nice.

    Congrats on getting the peach tree planted. Great idea to protect it with fencing from Bluebell and it should help it from the deer too.

    Happy Sunday!

  7. lintys says:

    Good luck with the deer Suzanne(you’ll need it.) Good thing the little peach tree is protected! I don’t mean to negative or anything. . . I’m just sayin’. . .

  8. Michelle says:

    I enjoy reading your blog daily and am facinated with your rural life.

    I don’t normally do this but I TAG you.. read the rules at my blog…. :hellokitty:

  9. becki says:

    Are those 52 hands?

  10. Lisa J says:

    I love the bedding and can’t wait for you to find that allusive comforter. There are little lamps you can get that are of the horse or cowboy theme that would be cute for a bedside table.

    The deer issue….have you heard if you put all pieces of carpet in the garden or around where you want the deer to stay out that will help and …..this is gross but if the men folk will go out there and pee pee on and around what you want protected??? You might want the boys to wait till dark, or at least till the trees leaf out! Old wives tale, have not tried it personally, but my parents have had horrible issues with deer and they swear by it. I just can not bring myself to ask my dad if he goes out to pee pees in the garden. TMI…. but I do know they put carpet out in the garden!

  11. Lisa J says:

    Sorry, that was suppose to be “old” pieces of carpet not “all”! It also helps with weed control in the garden!

  12. Treasia says:

    The bed and bedding looks beautiful. What a great idea to place the knobs in a box that way. Wish I would have thought of that before spray painting my kitchen knobs black this past summer. :rotfl: Instead I ended up with black hands.

  13. Jill S. says:

    I wish we could plant a peace tree. If the snow didn’t kill it, the deer certainly would. We had an apple tree, and the bears used to get drunk on the fermented apples. That was always fun to watch.

  14. Jill S. says:

    Peach tree. Duh. Meant peach tree. Must. Get. More. Sleep.

  15. becki says:


    I like the idea of planting a peace tree.

    I wish that would work in the world.

  16. Amy says:

    When the peach tree blooms and starts to set peaches, get some bird netting at the garden store. You can cover the top of the tree (think ladies scarves) and protect the tree from the birds and the deer.

  17. Melissa says:

    Cute! Funny though, that’s the same face I get when my husband tries to explain to me, one of the projects he is working on.

  18. Amy Addison says:

    It’s been snowing here, so gardening and yard work were out this week. Just no point planting seeds when the bed is covered with ICE!

    We found a cherry tree while trimming some bushes last year. It produces inedible cherries so far, we’re hoping it’s just a maturity issue (that’s what my-mom-the-farm-girl says it is and to just be patient).

    Younger planted three apple seeds in the vegetable bed several years ago and we moved the one that survived to the other side of the deck last summer, opposite the “mature” apple tree we planted three years ago. But it’s not time for them to do anything.

    I’m still trying to convince Husband we need a nectarine tree or a plum tree. He’s not on board with digging another huge hole in our yard.

    Maybe for the pool.

  19. Hillbilly2 says:

    Love the stick it in a box and paint it idea! Love the horse theme! And Bluebell is adorable. Great post! :wave:

  20. Susan says:

    We have peach, apple, pear trees and grape vines. The trees are wrapped in wire, much like yours and the grape vines get mesh netting put over them. Unfortunately when the deer and/or bear get hungry enough that doesn’t stop them! You better hope that Bluebell doesn’t ask them for help. 😮

    Princess’s loft suite looks wonderful. I’m jealous of her!

  21. Renna says:

    I’m jealous of Princess, too, but I guess after the time she put in in the old farmhouse, she’s deserving of a suite of her own. I hope to see another picture when the comforter arrives (notice I’m speaking positive here :thumbsup: ).

    Oh, how I envy you sitting on that covered porch each morning, cuppa in hand, looking over such serenity. :wave:

  22. catslady says:

    Never buy a tree on sale – both my daughter’s boyfriends bought me a tree for earth day last year and we even were able to convince my husband to plant it in the front yard (didn’t want to mow around it) but, alas, it didn’t make it 😥

  23. Tori Lennox says:

    I love the bed! And brushed nickel looks WAY better than gold!

    :rotfl: re that last picture of Bluebell’s!

  24. Remudamom says:

    I’m betting that your cousin Mark is holding the comforter hostage……did you ever return his shirts?

  25. Annette says:

    For Deer my mom swears by soured milk poured around and on the plants and beds, she has flowers and shrubs everywhere! along with herds of deer and her flowers always look great! she also uses someting called liquid fence. Me, I usually just kill everything before the deer have a chance! The house is looking great! :shimmy:

  26. jan says:

    I have heard of urinating around plants, and also the milk thing. Here’s another one…go to your locl beauty salon/barber shop and askethem to save all the hair clipping. Then scatter that in your flower beds. I have tried them all and they all have worked. Don’t plant any tulips…it is the favorite of the deer. They don’t like daffodils.

  27. Doris says:


  28. Patricia Herman says:

    Suzanne – have you checked out the horse comforter on – then do a search by horse. Hope you find the princess’s the comforter she wants!!!!


  29. granny sue says:

    We got elephant poop once at the circus. It worked well–can you imagine what the deer thought had done that!

    Barking dogs are the best deterrent I’ve found for deer. We’ve tried hair–it works until it’s rained a few times. Dog poop ditto. Aluminum pie pans can dissuade birds and deer but aren’t very pretty. Blood meal (you can get it at the garden store usually) also works until rains wash it away.

    We live way out too, and generally the deer don’t bother much of our gardens or trees. But this year we don’t have the two big barking dogs we used to have, and I’m worried. Our old cocker just likes to sleep!

  30. Maria says:

    I haven’t been by in awhile, getting caught up in RL. But it’s wonderful to see how things are coming along in the “holler”!! Very cool, and I am very happy for you, your family (human, canine and feline…)!

  31. Jen-o-topia in TN says:

    Oh, your blog is just gorgeous! I stumbled in from Noble Pig, and I am transfixed by your stories, crafts, recipes, projects . . . beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing your life.

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