Book Grab Bag Winners List


I’ve been giving away “grab bags” of my books–see here for the details. They’re GONE! Here are the winners all in one place:

Grab bag #10 – #10, Janis
Grab bag #9 – #64, Barbee
Grab bag #8 – #91, rileysmom
Grab bag #7 – #34, lberry
Grab bag #6 – #3, Darlene
Grab bag #5 – #70, marrypoppinz
Grab bag #4 – #92, LisaAJB
Grab bag #3 – #95, lindajk
Grab bag #2 – #48, pensiero
Grab bag #1 – #99, pattyb

All winners are drawn using to select comment numbers. Winners, if you haven’t already, email me at [email protected] with your full name and address for shipping! Please be gentle with me, dear winners. I promise to have them out in the mail asap after Thanksgiving.

Didn’t win but want to find my books? You can often find them at used bookstores or online. Try used sellers at Amazon or eBay. Or just go buy a new romance novel! New romance novels are published every day. Romance writers are some of the hardest working writers in the business, and many of them are stay-at-home working moms. Support a romance writer today, buy a new book!


  1. Janis says:

    How much fun! Of course I never dreamed I’d win. Now I have to make sure I READ!!!!! Perfect for winter!

    WV Janis

  2. Barbee says:

    Me, too, Janis! It seems like Christmas already. Thank you, Suzanne, you are so sweet to do this.

  3. WVgal4ever says:

    :shimmy: Congratulations and happy reading to all the winners! :woof:

  4. Julia says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks again, Suzanne.

  5. CindyP says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!!!

  6. Chic says:

    Congratulations to everyone!!!!

  7. cabynfevr says:

    Congrats to the winners :hissyfit: lol
    Suzanne, are you about ready to come back full time??? I miss you and the critters and I nead SOMETHING to read! :airkiss:

  8. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Suzanne is just about ready to announce her BIG NEWS! In fact, I am going to help her with her special project later today. All will be revealed soon!

    Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the books, all you book winners!

  9. Darlene says:

    Thanks so much Suzanne! I was so surprised when I saw my name as a winner :snoopy: Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  10. rileysmom says:

    Thank you! Thank You!
    I’m looking forward to some good reading by the cozy fireplace!

  11. 4jsMOM says:

    Suzanne, your books are also found on Get credit for books you send to others, and order books you want with those credits. The only cost is the postage you pay for the book you send to another member.

  12. Dottie says:

    I didn’t win, but it was fun following along and
    keeping my fingers crossed. Congrats and happy
    reading to all the winners. THANKS Suzanne for
    your generosity.

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe
    you’ll find another box to pass on.

  13. Estella says:

    Congrats to all the winners!

  14. yvonnem says:

    Ditto, cabynfevr! I’ve been going thru CiTR withdrawal!!! :dancingmonster:

  15. catslady says:

    Congrats to all the winners (sigh)!

  16. twoturkey says:

    :snoopy: Congratulations to everyone who won a “lot” of books!
    All that dancing Snoopy and I did …and we didn’t win or even lose a pound ha ha
    Your attic must be cleaned out now Suzanne!
    Waiting to hear about your big surprise…..I’m sure it’ll be exciting news!

    Mrs. Turkey

  17. wickedgoodshari says:

    Aww, congrats to those lucky winners! And thanks to Suzanne for such a nice chance at goodies.

  18. holstein woman says:

    I have to say this was fun to watch. You are a very generous lady Suzanne.

    Congratulations winners.

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