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I try a lot of new things. Sometimes I learn about something and realize I’m just not into it. The learning experience is always useful and interesting, but for some reason or another, the craft just doesn’t appeal to me long-term. Candlemaking is one of those crafts that stuck with me. I love making my own candles. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about candlemaking recently, and I haven’t done a candlemaking workshop this year or posted much about candles lately–but there is a wealth of candlemaking information here!

Cake Candle.

I’m a candle addict. I’ve been in love with candles for years, and yet-—they always burn out and leave me. If I had all the money back that I’ve spent on store-bought candles, I’d be rich, I tell you, rich! Making your own candles at home is so much less expensive. It’s a pretty easy craft, requiring few pieces of equipment, and only a few ingredients (wax and scent, maybe dye if you want).

Nothin’ to it.
I was hoping to find someone to show me how to make candles, but I finally gave up and gave in to my addiction and taught myself. I’m not even sure why I was scared of making candles. (Unlike soap, there’s no “scary” lye involved.) It’s fun, it’s simple, and you’ll wonder why you waited! (I did!)

Candle tutorial links:
How to Make Container Candles
So You Want to Make Candles–Basic Supplies to Get Started

You don’t even have to buy wax–you can Recycle Candles.

Easy Striped Candles.

Next thing you know you’ll be Hand-Dipping Tapers and “baking” Cupcake Candles.

It’s a low-cost craft–I often use canning jars or old baby food jars for container candles. My favorite container wax is a single-pour soy. No topping off required! Love single-pour soy. Burns well and holds scent great, too. My current favorite place to buy candle supplies–wax and scent and wicks–is Cajun Candles. (They aren’t paying me to say that. They’ve never heard of me.)

Fall is around the corner, and something about fall and winter makes me want to curl up with a book and a fire in the wood stove and a good-smelling candle. Or maybe it’s the power outages I know are coming and that I need extra candles on hand.

Yeah, might be that.

Anyway, expect some new candlemaking posts coming up, but in the meantime, if you’ve never tried your hand at candles, it truly is a craft you can take on learning at home by yourself. Try it–if you love candles, you’ll love making them yourself.

You can browse all my posts in candlemaking here for more fun ideas.


  1. MMHoney says:

    Greetings to all of my CITR friends.
    Today I hit the BIG 90. Who would have thunk it!!!!

  2. brookdale says:

    Happy Birthday, MMHoney! And congratulations! Will have to re-read the post Suzanne did on a visit to your house some time ago.

  3. DeniseS says:

    To: MMHoney, May you have the happiest of birthdays today!

  4. emmachisett says:

    MmmmmmHoney! 90 glorious years! Good on ya and many more healthy, happy ones.

  5. STracer says:

    Making candles might be great, but it makes me sad to see a wide mouth pint jar with wax in it. I scrounged hard to find some for canning chicken in this spring. :shocked: Just Kidding! You can do what you want with yours. Those candles are pretty and I bet they smell good too.

  6. rurification says:

    I made candles this year with our own beeswax. Fabulous candles! I’m becoming an addict, too.

  7. kbiberstine says:

    You talked me right in to ordering candle making supplies as my birthday gift to myself. I went to the site you suggested and I have a question about the wicks…..there are so many different kinds! How can I tell which 6″ wick to order? I plan on using pint jars or old recycled jars I have around.

  8. kbiberstine says:

    Thanks Suzanne!

  9. WitsEndFarmWife says:

    Just purchased my first batch of supplies for container candles. Tri-State Supply in St. Albans is much closer and is very helpful.

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