The Coming of the Green


I hate this goose.
See how he comes after me? This time, I had a fence between us. When there’s not a fence between us, he follows after me, nipping at the backs of my legs.
Then he gets angry and takes it out on the other animals, making them all run away when he starts honking and flapping his wings madly.
Goat Burger: “I don’t get it, man.”
Maia: “Can’t we just all get along?”
She’s my sweetheart. Though she’s been a little upset since I turned on the electric fence in the barnyard, preventing her from pushing out under the fence. The green, it is here! And if I let her out every day, she’s going to eat all of it.
It is, apparently, finally SPRING. I present the evidence:
I’m still so used to looking out onto a white world that I find myself slightly shocked every morning at my view.
And tonight, we’re supposed to have a frost. But that’s just winter throwing a fit, like a goose nipping at the back of my leg. All I have to do is turn and say BOO and it runs away. It’ll be back to the 70s in no time.

Winter’s just full of air (albeit cold not hot) at this point.

If it was water and it was hot, I’d put that goose in it, heh.


  1. NancyL says:

    Your goose does know you’re a fabulous cook and have many recipes for fowl, right? Roast goose for Easter?

  2. brookdale says:

    Love, love, love the spring flower pics! What’s the bright pink tree by the road?
    And, I can log in here today…yay! Thank you to whosoever fixed it.

  3. Joell says:

    The last several days have been beautiful, temps in the very high 70s, yesterday we got the tractors out and mowed, the daffies are in full bloom the trees in the orchard are budding, earlier this week I cleaned and gave the decks a fresh coat of stain, this morning at 6 am it was 70 degrees and I sat on the porch and had my coffee, came inside to listen to the weather—tonight a freeze warning and snow flurries tomorrow!! :bugeyed: :hissyfit:

  4. Claudia W says:

    Doesn’t that goose realize you are to be held on high for providing a lovely place to live, fun companions to while away the hours and great food? He should be grateful!!! I say cook him!

  5. Dumbcatluvr says:

    Roast goose for Easter dinner? :hungry:

  6. mamajoseph says:

    We had a bad duck we had to give away. He kept attacking our 10 year old. Crazy duck.

  7. Lois says:

    Seven years ago, Easter was in April and I’ve got pictures of us in shirt sleeves on Friday, then SNOW on the ground on Sunday, just 2 days later! We used to have an old Domineker (sp?) rooster that tried to spur us every chance he got. My husband SHOT the hateful thing!

  8. OregonJoy says:

    I’m not fond of geese, and have none on my place. How are the new goats fitting in? I live in Oregon and am curious as to what critters you need to be looking out for? what kind of snakes? Do you have possum and skunk problems getting your eggs? We have coyotes, nutria, cougars, skunks, possums, coons, and rattlers elsewhere in Oregon, but not near my place. I’ve never had trouble with foxes coming up to where my animals are, but I do see them out in the rye grass field from time to time.

  9. OregonJoy says:

    I meant to say the rattlers are elsewhere in Oregon…the rest of the varmints I mentioned, are here and there are way too many of them.

  10. bonita says:

    Sorry, unless I see pix of your farm with the new girls standing in the green grass, I’m suspicious that these photos are from another eon, era, or period.

  11. Cousin Mark says:

    Does the goose need a one way trip off the farm?
    One friend had roosters that were pecking the grand kids and he said “Mark you have a farm ,do you want roosters? I can’t eat them myself but it would be ok for you to eat them.” I said yes and he delivered a big shaking card board box containing three roosters. They set up homes in the farm pine trees till two were last seen as a pile of loose feathers in the yard…… critter food. Old Smarty outlived the killer critter onslaught and stayed till he discovered that the next door farm had HENS!!!. He lost interest in us and was the Cock of the Walk till the killer critter struck again. Score RELOCATED ROOSTERS 3 CHICKEN DINNER 0 KILLER CRITTER 3 (they would have been tough any way.)

    Mr/Mrs GOOSE BE AFRAID,BE VERY AFRAID BECAUSE THERE IS NO ROOM ON A FARM FOR A SPURRING ROOSTER OR A NIPPING GOOSE! Cousin just give the word ROAD TRIP and the bad critter patrol will spring into action. Ha HA Cousin Mark

  12. sunshineonmyface says:

    I would love to see an article written about all the uses for Goose Fat. Its been used in gourmet cooking shows as well as country wisdom (healing). Eat the creep! :eating:

  13. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Poor guy. He’s all alone and has all these urges that he should be taking out on other geese and he can’t. You should ask around and see if someone who has geese would want him. That’s what someone did to me. I came home and found a note in my mailbox asking me if I would like another goose. Of course I said yes. I have six and although they hiss I just ignore them. They are basically bullies and by turning your back on him you give him courage to bite you. You should back away facing him or even walk towards him. Chances are he’ll turn tail and walk away. We were having spring until last night. I woke to snow everywhere. Just enough to turn it all white. Some places got from 2 to 5.5 inches. Ick.

  14. jan n tn says:

    I’ve seen quite a few varieties of jonquil-buttercup, They are delightful. :happyflower: Your April 2nd post took me by surprise with the pic of the frilled, full, yellow one. In this post you show us the perfect image of the Tennessee flag. Now it’s research time, to see if I can find some…..or maybe I can show up at your house with my teeny tiny shovel? :wave: As for the goose…Julia must surely have a fantastic recipe for it :eating: .

  15. Lierin says:

    We were given a rooster a few years ago that was raised from a chick, and one day decided to repay the kindness shown by repeatedly attacking. The first few days we had him, he was fine. After that I couldn’t leave the house without carrying a stick of some sort, and even then he still got me from behind occasionally. I put up with that for 5 days ~ then I seasoned him properly and renamed him ‘potpie’. I had read (somewhere) that the farm rule is ‘be nice or be tasty’. Since then I’ve adhered to that, and it’s peaceful around here. We have 58 ducks, 4 peafowl, 17 guineas, 5 yard roosters, 16 hens and their “Mr.”, 29 rabbits, 5 goats with kids due any moment, a rescue donkey, a pair of 500 pound Duroc/Hampshire pigs, and a pair of Potbelly pigs, plus dogs and cats. Everybody gets along :sun:

  16. cabynfevr says:

    Yay spring! Getting here in CT slowly. My geese aren’t aggressive but I have the nastiest rooster ever… a Silkie. Beautiful but mean as the day is long.

  17. cabynfevr says:

    Sunshineonmyface, re Goose fat, I had a lady stop by this past fall and ask if I had goose fat. She was from Poland and had a nasty cough. She said they would rub it on their chest to break up congestion.

  18. holstein woman says:

    If I sit here and read everyone else comments I forget what I want to say, not that it is much. Sorry everyone else.
    I thought the goose was a gift…Not that it matters..I had 3 and wore my boots in their yard so I didn’t have that problem.
    The trees are beautiful when they are in bloom, I love spring like most people especially when my husband spends winter in BED. Most of it so exhausted he can’t function. Medicine!
    Maia is gorgeous and very cute, she will never replace Clover, but she has her place alright. I need a goat, but one for milk and the other for company for her. Or a meat goat.
    I love your view in the morning and ALL DAY. I went outside today and wanted to photograph something and decided it was hopeless since I’ve got pictures of everything here.
    Have a GREAT SPRING.

  19. jodiezoeller says:

    I agree with Cousin Mark. I wouldn’t put up with mean roosters or geese. I was terrorized as a child by my Grandfather’s mean roosters. I had to collect eggs with a broom or stick in my hand. I loved the chickens, especially since we never ate them (that I know of, but my grandmother may have slipped one into a pot or two when I wasn’t there to see it happen.) I would love to have a small hen house of chickens in my suburban backyard. Unfortunately it’s against a city ordinance to have chickens, ferrets and any other farm or wild animals in the city limits. Only dogs, cats, fish, small rodents and reptiles need apply for residency here in Plano TX. LOL

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