Downstairs Cabinets





Why does he have so many tattoos?

(I’m sorry, I was distracted there for a sec.) MORE cabinets!

And countertops.

These cabinets were in a house that was being completely remodeled. The cabinets were FREE if we would come tear them out.

I like the simple, old-fashioned feel of the design. I like the antique white paint. I’ll wash them and give them a fresh coat. The downstairs kitchen calls out for light and bright, so painted is perfect. I also like the black knobs, which could use a paint touch-up, too.

I like the red countertops.

For now, they’re stacked everywhere downstairs and it’s hard to get around them. We’ll have to figure out what we can use. I don’t really have a ton of space for cabinetry or countertops, but I’ll take what I can make fit! I’d like to configure a kitchen island from a few of the cabinets, too.

The downstairs project rides again!


  1. twiggityNDgoats says:

    Awesome! You’re downstairs space is going to be GREAT!

  2. Granny Trace says:

    How perfect. I just making old new again.
    Its gonna be beautiful.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  3. CindyP says:

    LOVE the cabinets! My mind is just whirling trying to imagine the downstairs full of cupboards and cabinets…and an ISLAND!

  4. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Suzanne!! Are those BINS on that tall wall section? OH! OH! OH! OH! (yes, I’m shouting those OHs right now, Sally style!)

    Storage bins? Really? Oh my goodness! I’m so jealous! I’m going to go take a cold shower now.

  5. bonita says:

    Are those ‘red jell-o’ countertops? Do you have a place to stash any of the cabinet you think you won’t use? I mention that because I once snagged some cabinets and used them for counter space around the washer/dryer space. Months later I realized I could adapt the remaining cabinets as a base for the home-project work bench…building bird houses/feeders, other small similar projects.

  6. cabynfevr says:

    How awesome! One can never have too many cabinets OR too much counter space! And he has the tats because he’s in the Navy! My son has, hmm, 27, if you count each Calvin and Hobbes head around his ankles! Dressed, you can’t see a one though! Navy rules and all. Does he have his nautical star yet? Seems they all get one in some shape or form!

  7. wanda1950 says:

    Alright!!! They will be gorgeous. We are salvagers too & I love thinking about the history of the old pieces as well as using them. We have quite a few cabinets salvaged from a severe tornado here in 1999 (I think) and I feel good to know they were saved from destruction.

  8. Liz Pike says:

    Love ’em, Suzanne! They’ll be perfect in your basement! We tore out so many kitchen cabinets that were loaded in dumpsters after Hurricane Irene…all the cabinets needed were to sit outside to dry because many were not damaged (especially upper cabinets), just needed to be moved because insurance said to replace the floor. I hate the way people waste stuff now, where’s the “use up/make do” spirit?

    Glad you got ’em! And had help to do it!!!

  9. amysoup says:

    If you make an island, consider putting it on casters to move where you want it!

  10. cincyjojo says:

    Amy, I was going to suggest the same thing. I love my roll around baking center. I can move it near the stove or the sink as needed. Make sure you use industrial casters and possibly reinforce the bottom. Also, keep any drawers in the cabinet when you turn it over to put the wheels on. My cabinets twisted a little and the drawers didn’t go back in right (before countertop was on). We put the drawers back in and remounted the wheels and everything was fine. We also mounted some legs to the bottoms of upper cabinets for a small buffet in the dining room. smaller cabinets (over the stove) can be turned into bench seats.

  11. holstein woman says:

    Suzanne, I know how you feel about tattoes, but he REALLY doesn’t have many. My daughter has them all the way down her arm. Thats alot of tattoes! :hissyfit:

  12. joykenn says:

    Sigh! Some of the NICEST people “recycle” stuff other people throw away. In big cities where people have limited space you can go around on garbage day in the ritzy areas and find beautiful things that need a bit of repair or refinishing. In my suburb we tend to either donate to Goodwill or leave it by the curb the night before garbage day. We have savengers who come by regularly with rickety trucks. Some take stuff for second hand stuff, some only take metal. I’m very happy to see all my used stuff vanish before the garbage truck comes. Less landfill and more reuse. :happyfeet:

  13. Flowerpower says:

    Those cabinets will be great in the basement!! Have you ever noticed that when you are trying to move something or getting something done every animal that can get between you the the object will be out in force? Typical! :happyflower:

  14. Miss Judy says:

    We repurposed some of our cabinets to make an island work center it is 54×54 with an eating over hang area love it! You got a wonderful find in those cabinets!

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