Final Snowfall


After a long-running series of wild tantrums, Winter stepped on Spring’s toes in the door and smacked her backward. Before Winter could be stopped, she had tossed a fresh coating of white “stuff” everywhere.
She was immediately called in to the office by 2014 and expelled from the calendar.

“We’ve worked with her for months,” explained 2014 coordinator Richard Corcoran. “We’ve seen no improvement in her behavior. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, as well as St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, have lodged formal complaints, and we understand that Wednesday is preparing to file a lawsuit. The entire calendar is upset, and we can’t let one season ruin it for everyone.”

According to Corcoran, the Seasonal Equality Coalition is planning to respond to the expulsion, but since Winter impinged on Autumn, their case is weak and not expected to be successful.

“This is the final snowfall,” Corcoran stated firmly. “We’re done with Winter.”

Winter was not available for comment, and nobody cares what she has to say anyway.


  1. brookdale says:

    She “tossed a fresh coating of white stuff” our way too…14 inches!!!
    Tell “Richard Corcoran” to stand his ground! She is OUT.

  2. fowlers says:

    I am so over this winter, she sucks! and needs to goooooooooo & stay gone…..till say late Nov….she has so outgrown her welcome…I want to hear birds chirping, and feel warm sunshine on my face and to be able to sit on my patio w/out a parka and snow boots….is that to much to ask….? :snuggle:

  3. Dumbcatluvr says:

    Excellent post, Suzanne.:-)

  4. Joell says:

    If Winter had a facebook page, I would think there would be a cabillion “don’t likes” on that page.
    The final snow fall–really? I hope so.
    We had winds here over 50 MPH with sleet and then snow. This has got to stop! :hissyfit: Eventually. Maybe.

  5. DeniseS says:

    Amen to the final snowfall. Spring may step through my door any day and be warmly welcomed!

  6. silentgoddess says:

    …at least until next week.

  7. needler529 says:

    I love this!! Gave me a much needed laugh. This should help me get over tomorrow’s weather. Spring–please hurry!!!

  8. yvonnem says:

    Hmmmm….reckon not. It’s pouring snow again-another winter storm warning! Lord, we may still be having snow in April at this rate! :hissyfit:

  9. Cousin Mark says:

    So much for the last snow!!!!!!! A good thought, but why am I walking through 3 inches of some kind of white frozen stuff laying on the ground??? I may get someone to identify it,I recall some people called it snow???? Do not plant the peppers and tomatoes just yet Cousin!!

  10. GA_in_GA says:

    Ohhh this is great!

  11. Joell says:

    :no: 3/17

    I dont think so!!!

  12. misswv says:

    Please NO MORE SNOW! I am originally from Walton, but moved away when I was itty-bitty. Ended up in Boston, and am back to WV now….full circle! But we left Boston to get AWAY from the snow! LOL! Keep up your AMAZING work, you inspire me! The book was incredible and I could smile as I read it, when you talk about going to the store in Walton…my Mamaw Fields’ house was two houses down from that little store and I would walk there all the time when I was little, usually for candy or a pop! Going to share your site on my facebook..Hills of Mercy Hollers of Grace…keep up the great work, so proud to be originally from Walton and so glad I found your site!!!!!!!!!!

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