Holiday Centerpiece


Need a quick, easy, and beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece for your holiday table? Go outside! It’s all free, and it’s better than anything you can buy. (It doesn’t even need any water.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. texwisgirl says:

    I love it! I pick weeds all the time for a big vase we have in the living room. I think my husband’s allergies would prefer I didn’t…

  2. Lynne says:

    Happy Thanksiving to the McMinn family!

  3. prayingpup says:

    Awww . . . . beautiful! We don’t have “close by” weeds . We have to go down by the creek or the pond – but there are gorgeous possibilities there!
    Did anyone ever used to gather weeds and then spray paint them gold or silver? My Mom and I used to – boy, now that tells you my age!

  4. IowaCowgirl says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! (And my weeds look good in the house also – love ’em)

  5. diana in jax says:

    i hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving day! i am thankful i get to read your blog every day. god bless.

  6. wvhomecanner says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Suzanne, 52, Weston and Morgan – and Ross! we are thinking of you also!


  7. Nancy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Suzanne!

  8. Jane says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Suzanne! May you and your family have a wonderful day with lots of great food! I am also thankful that I have the privilege to read your blog every day.. but as I turn 40 today, I may need glasses to continue!
    (Just kidding. Though, the other day I was trying to read some numbers on the back of my phone to activate it (still want that Windows phone though!) and couldn’t! Ah well.. the circle of life. xx

  9. ellen mcbryde says:

    Happy Thanksgiving ! I am headed out with my clippers right now after seeing your arrangement!

  10. ulli says:

    Beautiful, Suzanne. I would only add to make sure you shake off all the bugs before you put it on the table.

  11. ulli says:

    PS–Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. SuzzyQ says:

    We are socked in with beautiful snow and it’s still coming down so there will be no
    clipping of centerpiece items. Happy Thanksgiving to you, 52 and the whole crew!
    You have enriched our lives and we are grateful.

  13. Yvonne says:

    Hi Suzanne and Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your family and friends! I’m very greatful to you for this sight and look forward to reading it several times a day. You are awesome and so is everyone else that comments here! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! :wave:

  14. whaledancer says:

    A belated wish for a happy Thanksgiving holiday to you and your family, with a special shout-out to Ross this year.

  15. Deborah says:

    What a great idea!! I wish I saw this post before I had everyone over! 😛

  16. Maybeth says:


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