Let’s Go Upstairs



As you can see, the yellow paint is still alive and well in the stairway. I’m working my way from the living room, back through the house, and then around and up. It’s going to be a long process.

If the paint color looks weird, that’s just lighting. It’s the same yellow everywhere. At least, downstairs. Once you get upstairs, it’s mostly white.

This house is small. I find it cozy and perfect. But, it is small by today’s standards, and I’ve been told that size was the major obstacle in selling it. A family just can’t see themselves in a house this size, and the size is no more apparent than when you go upstairs. That said, I’ve been told that at one time, many years ago, a family with TEN children lived here.

Those were different times. Today, a family of four can’t see themselves here. But, for me, it’s perfect and I love it. By the way, I apologize for taking so long to get to the upstairs tour. I was hoping to get more things hung on the walls and fixed up better, but I guess I will have to do an “after” tour later! I got quite distracted painting downstairs. Please remember that we only moved into this house a couple of weeks ago when you look at these pictures. It’s mostly a mess.

There are three “bedrooms” upstairs, though by today’s standards, you could realistically only claim two and an office. There is also a full bathroom up upstairs (and there is another full bathroom and laundry room downstairs).

This is the smaller room, which is QUITE SMALL. It was used by the previous owners as an office.

I have a twin bed in here and it makes a place for Ross to bunk when he visits. (Weston sleeps in the studio.) Ross did actually stay here over Thanksgiving, but most of this “stuff” wasn’t here then. Morgan’s idea of packing is packing at the last minute. In other words, she finished “packing” over the weekend (THIS weekend!). We did our major move a couple of weeks ago, but we are still moving and cleaning out over at Stringtown Rising. Meaning, the kids’ rooms. Especially Morgan’s. And so here is a collection of her dolls and other things that she has temporarily landed here while she’s working on organizing her room.

I also have some temporary landing boxes in this room.

Here is the small hallway upstairs. This is one of my other landing areas for boxes.

One of the things I love about the upstairs is that all the rooms follow the roofline. Every room has slanted ceilings in one way or another.

This is Morgan’s room, which has a neat alcove where she put her bed.

She wanted her bed directly on the floor in the alcove. She wants to paint the alcove one color, and the rest of the room another color. She’s collecting paint chip cards. And when I say “she” wants to paint her room, I mean she wants ME to paint her room.

In the slanted ceiling of the alcove, she found a love note left by some long ago lover in the drywall. “I love Daniel.”

This is the view of her room from the other direction.

She loves it. It’s cute. I like it, too.

And now for my room…….


I painted it a dusty rose on three walls, and mauve as an accent wall behind the headboard.



The previous owners left this little antique writing desk.

I love it. I’m using it as a TV stand.

Here’s my little green table. I have a phone, my Kindle, and my remote control.

On the little shelf below, I have my study book du jour.

I want to start keeping bees.

There’s also an awesome closet in my bedroom that was a surprise. I opened the closet door and looked in when I first toured the house, but clothes blocked my view of how deep this closet went.

There’s more space here than I realized. Excellent. Right now, it’s just boxes stacked around because I haven’t had time to organize yet. My clothes aren’t even in here yet. I’ll get there. It’s a great closet. When I started moving in and discovered the true size, I said, “Whoa.” And Morgan said, “That’s not fair.”

Did you see that sign?

I’m guessing that was the previous owners’ farm sign. I found it in my closet.

And that’s it. That’s the upstairs! It’s adorable, all of it, and I love it. I especially love my bedroom. It’s my haven. It’s small, but that’s the best thing about it. I feel enclosed, safe, warm, and cozy there.

I’m so in love with this little old house, it’s ridiculous.


  1. Canner Joann says:

    “Exactly.” I love it! I think your house is adorable!

  2. SarahGrace says:

    I’m so excited for you, Suzanne! I understand small and loving it. The house (we call it a cabin) we live in right now is small. It’s under 800 sq. ft. When dh is home there’s five of us. Talk about cozy! A few years ago I would have never thought that I could live in such a small space. Yet we are and we are content. We even have friends staying here now. They have their camper, but we have school for all six children, main meal, and hang out here in the cabin. There are things I miss, don’t get me wrong. I miss things like a real kitchen, my big table, and a haven of my own, but eventually we’ll have those. We have plans on enlarging the cabin and then later building the “big house” up in one of the meadows. Until then I’m focusing on being cozy with the ones I love the most.

  3. Stacy says:

    Your bedroom comment reminded me of when I got divorced (at the ripe old age of 23). I had a twin bed and a guy friend told me that would give guys the impression I didn’t want anyone to spend the night. I said, “good. That’s the impression I’m going for!” Your room is beautiful and I’m so happy that you love your little house.

  4. CATRAY44 says:

    I remember reading the book “Karen”,years ago. In it, the book mentions that the family had a sign written over the doorway, “Sursum Corda”. “Lift up your hearts”… That came to mind reading these posts the past couple weeks.

    Isn’t that Beekeeper’s Bible fantastic?

  5. GA_in_GA says:

    Really lovely. And small is a good thing. Pare down to what is really valued by and important to you. The farm is beautiful and the house is perfect.

    And best of all, your happiness is showing in your posts. :yes:

  6. Flowerpower says:

    Oh I love your bedroom! My sentiments too EXACTLY! Just easier…much! What a cozy spot. Nobody can expect you to have everything in place and done in that short time with all you have to do. It would be hard even if you didn’t have a gazillion other things. All will be well and will get done when it gets done. No worries! You have done well…very well indeed! :happyflower:

  7. Peggy in KY says:

    I love the house. It is going to be so nice once you get it all painted and decorated your way. The quilts on the your bed are pretty especially the rose vine, I think, one at the foot.

  8. littlefeet757 says:

    You. are. amazing!

  9. Pirate96 says:

    Very nice looking! Certainly can tell that is a Women’s room. I have been looking at bee keeping for a while. Let me know if you would like some good equipment places.

  10. doodlebugroad says:

    So much adoration of your authenticity – absolutely love your quaint bedroom and eager to see the evolution of your home building. Best wishes! :sun:

  11. Miss Judy says:

    We lived in a house with less than 1,000 square feet for 10 years…but we built on after the 4th child. Now I’d like to be back down to the 1,000 sq ft! I like small places and I love your new home! very happy for you!

  12. wildcat says:

    I am in love with your cute little farm house, too! I’m just so thrilled for you, starting a a new life on your very own farm! :happyflower:

  13. shirley T says:

    I love your cozy little house, and a bathroom upstairs, a large closet, good enough for me. I love the color you painted your bed room walls it brings out all the beautiful colors in your bed covers. So Wess has it made, living in the studio all by himself.Does the studio have all the comforts of home? Best of all, your other “babies” have a warm place to get out of the cold weather. I love your farm. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to share it with us. :shimmy: :

  14. JOJO says:

    Suzanne–I knew it–your bedroom is the color of sassafras tea with a touch of cream added! I always have sassafras tea in the Spring, with a touch of cream, I hope you will be able to harvest the bark from your trees, maybe sell it to your readers, it is getting difficult to find.

  15. Bev in CA says:

    Suzanne, love your house. Your bedroom is beautiful. Isn’t paint wonderful. Having winter to get everything unpacked, etc. is a plus. I am excited about you getting bees. We had two hives. The plus besides honey is getting such great pollination for an orchard and garden. We loved going into the garden when the corn is coming on, seeing and hearing the hum of bees working hard. The key thing is to have your hives away from your stock and unacccesible. We found that out the hard way. The neat thing was that our bees arrived through the post office. Thank you for sharing your new home with us.

  16. corazon says:

    I love it!! I know when my brothers finally moved out of my parents house she went and painted their rooms lovely shades of girl colors haha hoping that would discourage them from coming back. I am so happy for you and wish you a great future in your lovely farm and home.

  17. TwistedStitcher says:

    I was just thinking a couple of days ago that you should keep bees. It just seems like a natural fit for your farm. And then today, there you have it! Love the house and all you are doing with it. Your bedroom is beautiful.

  18. Dottie says:

    Ahhhhh !!! I knew it would be stunning!
    The EXACTLY is perfect! You always make me laugh.

    This little house is a charming gold mine of possibilities.

    You do such nice work.
    I can’t begin to imagine what you’ll be CREATING next, but
    I’m looking forward to following along and enjoying every
    new PROJECT.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share with all of us.

  19. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and your little green table is perfect for that room. Smaller is easier to keep clean and tidy. No room for much clutter to accumulate! Moving is hard work and I can understand Morgan’s reluctance. Are you going to dig up your newly planted fruits and transplant them? They’re not really established yet at the other place so it would be easy to do. It’d save some money come spring. And I would bring back some of those ramps just in case you don’t have any at the new place.

  20. Glenda says:

    You are going to be so snug and comfy in this farmhouse….

    I am impressed with two baths…we raised our two in a house not much larger and with one bath! I also love the all while hallway. That’s something you surely won’t have to change.

    Your bedroom is just lovely….I think I have the same quilt/spread.

    Happy nesting!

  21. Grammy Jam says:

    Reading this made me really smile. You have found your sanctuary and you seem to be so happy and excited and I think I might be a little envious! I have found so much inspiration in the changes you have made lately and that has encouraged me to get movin on some things myself! Thank you for sharing your stories and life’s new adventure!!!

  22. Sandra says:

    I’m impressed. I moved 20 years ago and I still have boxes I haven’t unpacked. Has Morgan thought about curtains in front of her sleeping alcove…could be cute. Have you ever been in an Ikea store. They are amazing with what they can do with small spaces.

  23. lattelady says:

    This is wonderful. Your sleigh bed is beautiful and being a quilter, I love the quilt on it.
    You have done wonders in a short period of time.

  24. cabynfevr says:

    Your room is perfect! So warm and inviting. I love small houses, especially old, small houses. The new houses with all their space are cold…inside and out. No matter how anyone tries to “warm” them up, be it country or even primitive style, they still seem cold.

    p.s. smart of you to paint the bedroom pink!! 8)

  25. Jane L says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful! I think your whole house is charming beyond anything a McMansion could offer! I am glad that you’re the one that got the house though, as you obviously appreciate it.
    Bee keeping is a noble and worthwhile activity. My father kept bees once – and while I didn’t participate much, I think it’s a ‘should do’ for anyone with land.
    Enjoy! I can sleep better now having seen the whole place;)

  26. holstein woman says:

    My first thought at seeing Morgan’s room was thats got possibilites. I too would put a window style decor in there. But that is just me.

    My first thought in your room was georgeous. The colors would be perfect for me too. I’m loving your house.

  27. Chickenlady says:

    I love your little farm house. I too moved into a small farm house 3 yrs ago and I love it. The main floor has a small kitchen, a dining room that holds a table and 6 chairs plus china cabinet, 1 bed room, a bathroom you can hardly move in and the front room. The upstairs is 1 long skinny room with half of it taken over by the stairs.At least it has an itty bitty closet next to the stairs.That’s my bedroom. No matter were I stand downstairs I can see out the windows of at least 3 rooms if not 4. It’s small but it works for me.With couches and a spare bedroom I have room for my 3 kids to visit.And my critters and I are content. I know you will enjoy your new home for many years to come Suzanne. Can’t wait to see all your creativity blossom in your slice of heaven. :heart:

  28. joykenn says:

    I guessed right! Mauve or rose is perfect for this room. I LOVE the idea of bees (unfortunately I’m allergic). I have a friend that keeps bees in his suburban backyard. His neighbor for many years was an elderly woman that he gifted, uh bribed, with honey and beeswax candles. Its amazing how much food bees find in gardens and fields nearby. Now a new family has moved in and he’s hoping they aren’t overly protective of their children and object to his hives. Honeybees are peaceable creatures unless you accidently harm them or swat at them. With all the roses around your house you should do well. I have clusters of bees around a patch of oregano in my flowerbed that comes back each year and has clusters of pretty tiny white flowers in the fall. It blooms and blooms and the bees hum away. I leave them alone and they leave me alone.

  29. Leah's Mom says:

    May I ask you how wide the stairway is? Strange question, I know, but I’m working on a house that looks similar in size to your new place and looking for ideas. We’re going to be making some changes and looking at other folks ideas really helps!

  30. knititblack says:

    I ADORE your house! It’s so cute and perfect! I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous. 😉

  31. CarrieJ says:

    Aweseome! I wonder who made that love note in Morgan’s room. How old was she? Who is Daniel? I love that stuff…

    My house sat empty for a year. It felt very lonely and sad…then we moved in and shook things up. I painted several rooms, we put in all new appliances, flooring and countertops in the kitchen, new carpet, new air conditioner and heating unit…it’s been almost 6 years and it is very very happy now. You can feel it, your little farmhouse is going to feel the same way. It has it’s family.

  32. Pat says:

    I LOVE THE UPSTAIRS!!! Have you EVER heard anyone refer to a McMansion as cozy? Neither have I. Your house isn’t little by the Tiny House Movement’s standards (would need to be 400 sq ft or less). I was raised in a small house (600 sq ft) and am begging my husband almost daily to sell our 1288 sq ft house and build a small house (500-600 sq ft). Everything about YOUR home is perfect – the size, shape, location. The pic of Morgan getting off the bus is great. I love your room and Morgan’s! The “Sassy” Farmhouse looks even more like you than the Stringtown house did. You are doing a fabulous job of decorating. As someone else said, thank you for taking time out to share all this with us. :snoopy:
    Pat in Eastern NC

  33. mrsdmahogany says:

    The house is PERFECT!!! I have always wanted to live in a small, cozy house, not a McMansion that most people think they desire. I like small rooms, small houses. Yours is just lovely! You will be happy there for a long while me thinks! And I too want to start keeping bees!!!!


  34. MousE says:

    What a pretty house! and your room is lovely. I’m very happy for you and your children, and all your menagerie, Suzanne.

    Nice paint colors you have chosen, too! You have inspired me to do something with my white walls. I think a dove gray for the halfwall along the stairs and maybe a cheery purple for the… oh dear. 😆

    Great news all around!

  35. TinaBell says:

    So happy for you, Suzanne!

  36. Madeline says:

    Love your new farm/house.It is very cozy–the warmth just umps out from the pictures. I think SMALLER is better. I am overwhelmed by a larger home we bought years ago and now it is not a good time to sell.. but I am ready for small, cozy, and easy to keep. You found the perfect place for you and Morgan. (And the boys, when they visit..) Your bedroom makes me want to go take a nap RIGHT NOW!

    Can’t wait for updates on BEE KEEPING!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, even when parts of it are difficult.. Happy Holidays to you and yours!! You surely look to be on the UPswing right now!!!!!

    MADELINE in Az.

  37. rileysmom says:

    Your room is so warm and inviting! I think you’ve done a lot of work since you’ve moved….give yourself credit! Any one who has ever moved knows that it is a ton of work! And for some time after the actual move! You’ll make wonderful memories in your new home, Suzanne!
    We lived in a motel room (about 8 months) while this home was built….truly small and cozy, but we learned that a lot of space and “stuff” wasn’t that important.

  38. Estella says:

    Your bedroom looks marvelous!

  39. lauren says:

    Aww what a warm cozy room to lay down at night 🙂 Love it!! two bathrooms!!! you scored there, we have 1 for the 6 of us, people look at us crazy when they hear that, I just smile and say it helps develop good bladder control haha and about 1500 square feet including the finished basement Ive got kids tucked in every nook and cranny LOL

  40. leneskate says:

    I am so happy for you. If I had a better paying job I would do just that have a cozy home too.

  41. Rose H says:

    The moreI see of your lovely new home the more I like it Suzanne. It appears to be similar in size to the average home in the UK – and a lot bigger than some!
    Your bedroom looks so cosy and welcoming, no wonder you love it so.

  42. yvonnem says:

    You need to show us the studio next! :snoopy:

  43. Rosella says:

    Suzanne – you have indeed landed on your feet and you are making your adorable little farm house into a lovely HOME! BTW it’s hard to believe but don’t totally give up on men – there are actually some amazing guys out there!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  44. Turtle Mom says:

    I love your home! It is so cozy and perfect. I laughed when I saw the paint color in your bedroom. My (then) boyfriend and I bought a house in the late 90’s and the prior owners had painted the master bedroom in a similar color scheme (except our ceiling was also painted a light pink, the carpet was mauve and it had heavy mauve floor-to-ceiling drapes). Yours is a nice touch – ours was definitely pepto overload!

  45. steakandeggs says:

    I’m so happy for you. A lovely farm and a beautiful home. When I saw the first picture of your bedroom, I thought how warm and cozy. Can’t wait to see what Morgan does with her room.

  46. SusieD says:

    I love your house. I especially like your bedroom, the sleigh bed and the beautiful quilt. When I was very young and impressionable I use to think the larger the house the better. I now love smaller houses and would not want a large one. Yours is perfect.

  47. captaindave11 says:

    Seeing your place brought back memories of my little farm house outside Burns Flat,Okla. built in 1914,back when life was simple,I put in plumbing for washer and dryer and gas stove,it had poured concrete walls 12″ thick right in the middle of tornato alley…You will have countless adventures to write about,I’m sure…All the best and keep the pictures coming,Dave

  48. SusanSink says:

    Love it. I still miss my 1922 house with the small upper bedrooms– cozy and really dark at night, slanted roofs and just made for sleeping (that’s what you do in a bedroom, sleep– no need for more space than that). There were big lilac hedges along one side of the house that wafted (yes, wafted) scent in the office window in spring. However, my house had an oddly large upstairs foyer (perhaps where they forgot to put a bathroom) and I think that’s where the 10 children used to sleep. There, or in the storage space under the eaves on the far side of the upstairs where a whole family could have lived if necesary.

  49. Annabelle says:

    I love your house! Would you be willing to share where you purchased your Beautiful Quilt?

  50. sunhurteyes says:

    Cute house tour…love the sign!! I wonder why people leave things behind like that?? I never would!! But then again, I’m a pack rat!!

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