Making Twig Stars


Making twig stars is an easy primitive craft project that is both adorable and versatile. You can make twig stars in any size you like. They don’t have to be–and can’t be!–perfect. (They’re perfectly imperfect.) And you can do so many things with them. String them together vertically to hang on a wall. String them horizontally in a swag (over a doorway or window). Add them to wreaths. Use them as gift tags–or, my favorite thing to do with them–hang them on the Christmas tree. They’re free if you leave them natural, or very, very inexpensive if you use spray paint and glitter. (As good as free if you happen to already have some spray paint and glitter onhand.)

To make twig stars you need: Twigs, glue, spray paint, and glitter. (The spray paint and glitter are optional.)

Keep in mind that the larger the stars, the more difficult it is to hold them together. A hot glue gun works best if you’re making larger stars. Actually, a hot glue gun works best for any size, but if you don’t have one, you’ll find it easier to make smaller stars.

I used to make much larger ones and hang them on the porch as part of my holiday decorations, but I lost my hot glue gun a while back, so this year I only made little twig stars to hang on the tree. I used regular all-purpose craft glue.

To get started, I collected a basketful of twigs out around the chicken house.
It’s been raining, so I collected the twigs in the morning then set them out to dry near the wood stove (to speed things along). Make sure your twigs are completely dry before using. You need five twigs of equal length for each star. They don’t have to be perfectly straight–curvy twigs make neat stars, too.
Placing the twigs on a sheet of waxed paper, put a dab of glue on each point as you add one twig at a time to shape your star.
It’s a messy business.
While the stars were drying, I was busy making cookie dough for gingerbread men and sugar cookie stars, also for my Christmas tree.
I got popcorn popped for the garlands, and dried orange slices.
We’ll be putting up our tree soon–time to get ready!

Before each star is completely dry, carefully move it slightly to keep it from sticking to the waxed paper.
When the glue is completely dry, you’re ready to play with your twig stars! Take them outside and lay them on newspaper to spray paint them whatever color you like. You can sprinkle glitter over them before the paint dries. Or leave the stars natural. (I made mine natural this year, but I’ve painted them in the past. Depends on my mood!) This is a great craft project to do with kids because you can get them involved in the whole process (unless you’re using a hot glue gun), from collecting the twigs to tossing glitter.
Stores will have Christmas decorations on sale in a few weeks, but woodland shopping is always free–and always better! Go get some twigs!

P.S. Check out all the homemade gift basket ideas here.


  1. Victoria Sturdevant says:

    I think I’ll make some and alternate with pine cones on swag for my porch railing. Thanks!

  2. Blessings says:

    The stars spoke to me, LOL!
    Meaning if this snow melts maybe I can still find some twigs in the yard to make these for my little tree.
    Love Your Simple~Frugal~Sustainable Craft projects.

  3. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    How cute..I want some stars too..When does your family put up the tree? I bet it will be beautiful. Please post picture for us.
    Hugs Granny Trace’

  4. lisa stott says:

    I love them! This is a great idea! I can’t wait to try them.

  5. lisa brawner says:

    those turned out cute. When xmas is over if you dont want to save them..will be neat fire starters ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. CindyP says:

    Brings me back to Sunday school when I was little. These were a project every year. Isn’t it amazing that the things we did in school (and they’re still in the bottom of a box that Mom has saved for YEARS) are the projects that speak to us now? Natural, simple, frugal, beautiful!

  7. Marla says:

    Your yellow mixing bowl…is that “old?”

    I have one like that or very similar that belonged to my mother. She used it all the time for mixing cookies, etc. Very vivid childhood memories go with that bowl…I cherish my yellow mixing bowl!!

    “Thank you” for a wonderful blog post and “Happy Holidays!”

  8. Leah says:

    I had’nt see the twig stars before,cute!

  9. Johanna says:

    Oh heck! Wish I’d thought to collect stuff BEFORE we got six inches of snow and 35 mph winds. Maybe it will melt off in time to craft before Christmas. I like those stars!

  10. carsek says:

    Now why didn’t I think of that? Have had 40 mph winds here for 2 days, there will be plenty of twigs for these. I have 7 trees up and surely someplace to put a couple dozen stars. What a great idea!! Thanks!

  11. Diane says:

    These are cute! I cant wait to see your tree all decorated up with your hand made things. Its going to be beautiful.

  12. Dbl_r says:

    I love this idea. Me and my 9 yr old daughter will do this for our tree. A couple years ago I did a garland with string, wooden beads, dried orange and apple slices and small heart shaped cinnamon/applesauce ornaments. That garland turned out so nice. This will look great with it. Im not very crafty but I have found so many things that you have taught me to do or make. Thanks.

  13. stefinity says:

    Simply beautiful!! I can’t wait to see your completed Christmas tree… please show us as soon as you’re finished with it!

  14. Gail says:

    Thanks for the idea! The twig stars look so nice and the fact that they are “free” and easy to make, makes them even more appealing to me. I am doing homemade tree decorations this year. Right now I am frantically working to get my rag garland done. I will add the twig stars to my tree as well. I’m excited to see my homespun tree when it is all done.

  15. Carmen Smith says:

    those look great and you sure can’t beat ” free”!!!!! I have some of the dried orange slices on my tree this year and just love how they look so old fashioned:)

  16. Queenbuffness says:

    OOooo!! How do you put your orange slices on the tree? Our 2 trees (one is family memory ornaments and 1 is all snowmen, cause I’m an addict)are already up and decorated but I’m bookmarking this post for next year! I just love visiting you every morning. Hubby says I have a girlcrush. sigh, I think he’s right.

  17. Chic says:

    What wonderful ideas! I really want to see your tree when it’s all done…it’s going to be beautiful! I’ll have to wait till the snow melts in a few days if I’m going to try and make these and by the way…these would be beautiful all year round just hanging on branches around a patio or porch or the back yard! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  18. melinda says:

    I love the stars! One year my daughter (who is now 24 and a nurse) decorated our Christmas tree in a nature theme. The only thing commercial were strands and strands of white lights. She had twig ornaments and swags, pinecones and little sweet gum balls, all sorts of interesting finds in the yard. We wrapped presents in brown paper bags and tied them with twine. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The only downside was she (at my request) wrapped each limb with those white lights and when all the house lights were off it looked like we had an 18 wheeler stuck in a tree in our livingroom! lol

    Yesterday’s post was such an uplifting experience with all of the comments that I have a challenge to issue to all of your readers. I know times are tough this year, and no matter what our circumstances there is always someone in a worse situation.

    I would like to challenge all of Suzanne’s readers to put the spirit of Christmas into action and figure out some way to give to someone else in need this Christmas.

    It doesn’t have to be monetary. Volunteer a couple of hours babysitting so some young family has time to Christmas shop, make a homemade card and give to an elderly person in your neighborhood who will be alone on Christmas, take your children to the local nursing home and just go by and visit or sign carols for the residents, if you have the extra cash bake something for someone and take a little pressure of their holiday prep, volunteer to serve at a soup kitchen, clean out your closets and take the clothes to a nearby goodwill or church shelter,
    Simply, put a smile on your face and wish everyone you see each day a Merry Christmas. There are a multitude of things you can do for your fellow man that costs nothing more than your time and you will reap so much in return. To give of yourself to those who need the uplifting is truly one of the best Christmas gifts you can give.
    The opportunities to give of ourselves are endless.
    On the elderly subject… parents are 92 and 78 and live within spitting distance of me but they treasure what time I can spend with them. I know many elderly people who have no money, no family, and no one to just listen to them talk about yesteryear….it doesn’t take much to make their holiday bright.just give of your time……and if you have small children..even better. They love children.
    I challenge you to give yourself the gift of selflessness this chistmas and make someone else’s day.

  19. Liz in wis says:

    Yesterday, I was hoping Sarah would win a BBB, and could not believe she did! How wonerful. Thank you Su, for the time you put into this site.

  20. JOJO says:

    I love the stars, I think I will do a big star out of larger branch peices and then trim it with a bunch of smaller stars and put it on the mantel along with the pine, scatter a few more among the pine and add some to the tree along with the raffia bows, tiny baskets and faux apples. I also made calico hearts in 1963 out of scraps that were given to me, and I still hang them on the tree those hearts are so dear to me, probably one of my most favorite decorations.I spent hours making them and stuffing them with cotton balls–seems like yesterday. Home made decorations are the best.
    We have a light snow here this morning and it is cold and windy–It is perfect! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!
    Am starting cookies on Monday!!

  21. JOJO says:

    Suzanne–I forgot to ask, do you put the garland out for the birds and or chickens after christmas?

  22. Claudia says:

    I love the stars! Can’t wait to see how your tree looks.

  23. Debnfla3 says:

    I won a BBB!!! Thank you so much.
    Suzanne I have tried two times to email you my address and my server keeps throwing my email out! My computer wizard husband is not here to figure out the problem!! The last time I sent you an email it kept popping up some email service that my computer would not acknowledge and David had to solve that one!
    I can not send you my mailing address right now! OH GOSH! I will keep trying but I might have to wait until David gets home tonight to send it…if he can figure out our problem.

    I love the stick angels and I’m going to make some for our tree. I sent this to my daughter so she can make some too.


  24. Jo says:

    Oh, I am so glad Sarah won a book!!! :fairy: :sheepjump: :happyflower: I just LOVE those stars!!

  25. Debnfla3 says:

    Suzanne…I’m a blooming egghead!
    My email service is doing an upgrade and my email is affected. In coming emails may be affected as well. I just saw in my out going email 2 messages…so darling Suzanne sometime soon you will receive 2 emails from me…LOL

    I just saw the message from my email server from last week as I was fiddling around in the innards of my email thingy! hahahaha
    I could just post my address here…but this is one the world wide web! The email said incoming may be delayed, not that they would not arrive. This could be days of me not being able to send email…I will surely just die! LOL


  26. Cindy says:

    What a cute and cool idea!! I have 2 glue guns, and as soon as I warm up enough to go outside, I’m going to go hunt up some twigs to make these stars. I like crafts that I can do, since cutting straight and being trusted with things like paint aren’t my forte. I used to have a big old yellow mixing bowl like that. I wonder what happened to mine? Probably one of the kids broke it. I need a new/old one.

  27. Debnfla3 says:

    Okay…this egghead sent you a PM….LOL

    I really need David to show me more indepth stuff about using this computer.


  28. Monica Holcomb says:

    I love these rustic stars!!! What a great craft to do with the kiddos!! Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful, blog and your heartfelt and creative ideas!! Your the best!!

  29. IowaCowgirl says:

    I believe even I, the most craft-challenged one on Earth, could make these. And then use them for firestarters after Christmas (would the glue smell? – probably not long…).

    And those who say “there are no coincidences” are not surprised that Sara won a BBB!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Merry Christmas all.

  30. Miss Becky says:

    you are so resourceful. I love these twig stars Suzanne. :yes:

  31. Victoria says:

    I love the twig stars. One year I want to do a tree from all things natural, like your twig stars, pinecones, nutmeg garland, a few small bird’s nest etc.

  32. BuckeyeGirl says:

    My own twigs are drying now, I gathered twigs too when I gathered eggs this morning! It’s been years since I’ve done this, we made them one year by using both glue and twine, I may try them with some sisal at the joints… not sure they need it though. We’ll see!

  33. Beth Brown says:

    I just love these! I hang them in my kitchen windows!

    Beth aka oneoldgoat :snoopy:

  34. Flatlander says:

    I made them and tight them together with twine…and last year I made some from rusty old barb wire…also all for free, since for items like that I can “shop” in my old farm yard.

  35. Karen says:

    So cute. And what a good idea.

    In rural Kentucky I’ve seen large stars on barns, but they were made from tobacco sticks, tied with twine at the points. They look really cool, and could be made the same way.

  36. Myrna Mackenzie says:

    More proof that Christmas doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This would be a great craft to do with kids. Too bad that I’m at that in between stage (both sons grown, but not so old that they’re married and I have grandkids).

    I used to make bread dough ornaments, but these are so much easier (and not nearly as heavy)!

  37. Sharee says:

    Thanks for the awesome idea. So far the only decorations on my cute lil 4′ tree is homemade gingerbread men and cloth ribbon. So next is twig stars….. :happyfeet:

  38. Robin G. says:

    They’re very pretty… but they remind me too much of The Blair Witch Project.

    That movie scared the crap out of me.

  39. J says:

    I want to try to make some tonight while watching Survivor.
    This is if I hold my breath just right, all the stars come into perfect alignment and mom’s Alzheimer’s episodes give me a break :devil2:

  40. Barbee' says:

    Congratulations Debnfla3 and Sara for winning a BBB. The fact that Sara won on the first draw, fair and square, makes me have goose pimples! We wanted her to have one so bad. It was meant to be.

  41. kerri says:

    Hi Suzanne. Nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚ Barbee’ introduced me to you a while back (via the voting – which was actually fun!) and I’m thoroughly enjoying your site.
    You are a such a resourceful person, and a great instructor. Love your writing, sense of humor, your farm, and all those adorable animals.
    We live on a farm in upstate NY. No dairy herd since 2000, sad to say. Just a bunch of sweet cats and plenty of wildlife. We love it! It’s a winter wonderland outside today – snowing and blowing wildly. We woke up to about 5 inches of snow yesterday.
    These stars are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  42. ScreamingSardine says:

    Fortuitously, I have a small garbage can full of twigs that I picked up this past summer. I was going to use them for kindling whenever I got my wood stove installed. I’m going to bring some of them in and make a few stars. I LOVE primitive crafts, but am new to it. This will be an easy first craft project.


  43. catslady says:

    I love homemade ornaments and these look really pretty. Unfortunately we just got snow and a cold snap but maybe if it warms up and I still have time – otherwise I can plan them for next year – thanks!

  44. Barbee' says:

    Oh, I forgot: Twig Stars.. I should be able to find Plenty(!) of twigs after yesterday’s wind!! Suzanne, you are so wonderful. Thank you for this cute idea. I have seen them made with toothpicks, but had forgotten about that. Also – this probably should have gone into yesterday’s comments – I thought it was awe inspiring as I read so many ideas shared by the readers. I should have shared a memory, but I didn’t remember it until I was in bed last night thinking about what I had read.

    Our first Christmas tree was a little artificial one that sat on a table. We were college students and had almost no money. I think the tree cost $1.00 (1957), we had no decorations for it. I bought a roll of assorted fruit flavored Life Savers (different colors in the roll) and tied them on the little tree individually with black sewing thread. I thought the black thread would not show up very much. It worked and if light happened to go through the candy it was pretty. I sat it under the table lamp.

  45. Ulrike says:

    Awww! I had some lovely cherry twigs that were broken off my tree by someone (I suspect my children), that I felt bad about throwing out, so I brought them into the house. The dog “ate” them. (On the bright side, he seemed to enjoy himself.)

  46. winifred says:

    What a lovely idea. Think I’ll try this with my grand daughter. She loves making things.

  47. Estella says:

    What a cute idea!

  48. Julie Harward says:


  49. Maud says:

    Oooh, baby! I love, love, LOVE the stars! I’m picturing a garland of cedar and pine with stars and corn husk angels alternating. What a lovely idea! I particularly like the cost of the ingredients, so to speak. Free is always excellent and with 500 acres of woodland behind my house, I have a moderately good selection.

    Country girls with creativity are a National Treasure. Personally, I think Miss Suzanne is such a treasure and should be declared so by the government. Women like her are to be encouraged.

  50. carol bellamy says:

    The twigs are adorable! I have been making them this evening. They are sooooo cute. I love primitive. It is recycling and it is so nature. Love the ideas. You are so talented.


  51. Billy says:

    I think the hint to use them as fire starters is cool. My little cedar tree that I chop down every year out in the woods usually just gets small candy canes (my Granny did that) but I’m gonna’ add twig stars this year.

  52. maggie says:

    What a great idea…thanks.

  53. Marianne says:

    :sheepjump: The Primitive Decor is so in right now….but does it really every go out of style. Those of us that appreciate animals and baking and canning will RULE the earth soon!! Happy New Year to all and thank you Suzanne for keeping us warm! Marianne

  54. Karen says:

    I wonder how you ‘lost’ your hot glue gun…goat got it?
    we have a baby goat as of Feb. 6….I’m on facebook and billybob has his photos there now along with Lillian & Billion born Christmas day. Done with preggie goats and i am glad.

  55. Canner Joann says:

    I’m just finding this post but HAD to comment. Those stars are lovely, and remind me of my favorite tree theme, ever. I used a very primitive-looking tree, put some very sparse white lights on it, and sprinkles snowflakes all over it (purchased in bags at Lowes). Then i put a few little red cardinals & nests tucked in the branches, and topped it off with a homemade twig cross. I use a couple handfuls of longer twigs held together at the crossing point with jute twine. It was simple and lovely.

  56. Nikki says:

    I knew I wanted to make these before awesomely finding your site this morning, but didn’t quite know how to assemble them. Thanks for your help. They are so easy to make; I’ve made 7 so this morning, only took about an hour and a half. Great site!

  57. nerosmom says:

    I want to do this too! Going to take my daughter to the park to look for twigs (we live in a newer neighborhood with NO trees!)

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