Old Clothes


My office/craft room is a disaster.

Somehow, in a very short time, it’s gotten completely out of control. When I don’t know where to put anything–in the office/craft room it goes. Now I can barely walk through it. It’s seriously interfering with my creativity. I can’t even reach my sewing machine. I have a craft room where I can’t find the crafts.

It’s always hard to figure out where to start when things get bad, but I made up my mind to start with the closet where I have all kinds of clothes stashed that I never wear. Clothes on hangers, clothes in baskets, clothes everywhere. Clothes that I never wear.

I made the first pass through the closet and came up with a mountainous pile. Only the closet looked almost the same. (How is that possible?) I took a break, reflected on the meaning of life and all this excess clothing that I never wear.

And I took a second pass at the closet.

And a third.

Then I let Morgan pick out whatever she wanted.

She took like four or five items. I found her pickiness very inspiring. I thought about Ross, carrying everything he owned away in a seabag. And I was inspired. I thought about an entire closet to organize and store things I might actually use and I was inspired. I made another pass at the closet, and another. Weston’s girlfriend came over, and she took a couple of pretty dresses that she liked.

Morgan was a real helper. She made fun of almost every piece of clothing. (“That looks like something an American Girl doll would wear!” etc.) She helped bag the clothes up and said “NO!” when I considered keeping something. We went through all my drawers, too, and all the baskets and piles.

In the end, I took out almost every single item of clothing in the closet.

What was I doing with all those clothes anyway? I rarely wear anything but t-shirts and jeans, and the few times in the past year that I’ve needed something dressier, I usually went out and bought something new because I have no desire to wear any of those old clothes–they either don’t fit, are desperately out of style, or have various other issues (a tear, a stain, missing buttons, and so on–and none of those issues are worth correcting because I don’t like any of the clothes enough to make the effort with them). Some of the clothes were actually mistakes when I bought them and I never wore them at all. Whatever the case, I don’t want to wear any of those clothes now or in the future and most of them I haven’t worn in at least 5 years if not 10–so why was I keeping them? That is not how I want to live, surrounded by purposeless excess.

I did think about whether I should save some items just for the material. You know, for crafts! Who knows what craft project could come up 15 years from now where I will need just that exact piece of material. I might need that. And that. AND THAT!!!! Who knows what piece of material I might need over the next 30 years! OH MY GOD, WHAT WAS I DOING? PUT IT ALL BACK IN THE CLOSET!!

Then I stopped myself before I fell back into the black hole of hoarding. I saved a very small percentage of the clothes, things I remembered wearing at least within the past year or two, and bagged up all the rest of that crack like a drug addict determined to get clean.

And I gave it all away.

It’s one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done.


  1. whaledancer says:

    I love your courage. That’s the room that most of us keep the door firmly closed on; the room we let no one see. And here you’ve bared it to us all. In doing so you let us feel better about our own closed-door room. But you knew that, didn’t you? You knew –or at least hoped– that a good number of us would say “Me, too.” And would know what an accomplishment that clean-out was, and say “Congratulations!” And maybe we’d even be inspired to tackle a clean-out of our own. Maybe.

  2. Shelly says:

    It’s amazing how little we really need. You did the right thing by getting rid of it all. It’s fun to get new stuff anyway. Now you can be more creative in your less cluttered space! I need to do some cleaning our real soon too! Thanks for the inspiration. :shimmy:

  3. Vicki says:

    I desperately need to clean out my sewing room I spent a few hours on it the other evening, but it needs a lot more work, so I can get to things to use them. But meanwhile, it is gardening and canning season, so it may be a while before I finish. That makes me doubly proud of you!

  4. Melissa says:

    Good for Morgan, for saying, “NO!”. Good for you for listening to her!
    It feels so great to get rid of all that old stuff. It just weighs us down.

  5. Nic, SD says:

    Yay! I too have felt the urge to purge, lately, and have been reading a lot of blogs about minimalizing. I didn’t expect this to turn into one (albeit for one post) and am delighted!
    I donated several bags, and have a box sitting on the top shelf marked, “if these don’t fit by december, TOSS!” (Or donate. Ya know.)
    Books… that’s the area that pains me… Got rid of a few, but I know I can do better, if I can work up the stones!
    Good luck on your continued progress on whipping your craft room into shape!

  6. dkyoung says:

    I’ve been doing the same thing. Last year after I retired from teaching, I cleaned out and donated 12 full trash bags of clothes to Goodwill. Then I found out that Goodwill donations go out of state. Now I donate to our local Parish House. My mother passed away recently, so we’ve been sorting out her things. Last week I donated 16 bags of hers and more of mine. I’m also going through her household stuff (and mine) to put things in the estate sale. I’m tired of collecting and dusting and decorating. Life is getting too short for things that aren’t important to me anymore. Oh yeah, I’m cutting down on obligations and activities that I didn’t really want to do anyway. And I refuse to feel guilty about it. Now I can concentrate on what’s really important – my daughter and grandkids, my dogs, a garden, reading a good book, taking an afternoon nap….. Why didn’t I do this twenty years ago??

  7. Ilene says:

    OMGosh, I could’ve written this blog entry! Except that I haven’t yet gathered up the resolve to get rid of any of it yet! I might need just that same green material that’s in that skirt for the next quilting project! Heh. Mine’s going into a garage sale, fill a bag for 50cents or something like that. That’s the only way clothes will sell here any more because there are so many organizations where people can get clothes for free. There is so much unwanted clothing in the US. We all need to think about this when we shop and be more careful about what we bring home in the first place.

  8. Cheryl LeMay says:

    ” Surrounded by purposeless excess.” That is a great phrase and so perfectly describes the issue. If only I could get my King of the Pack Rats husband to agree.I think it is some sort of an addiction.Great post.

  9. Jill says:

    WE have a womans abuse shelter that gets credit for clothes if you donate to the goodwill in the area. The goodwill gives credit to the shelters account. When the woman come to the shelter with nothing they are sent to the goodwill to pick out clothes for them to wear. Good way to clean out closets.

  10. CindyP says:

    AMEN! I used to switch out clothes spring/summer and fall/winter. Do you know there were some clothes still getting switched out that I HAVE NOT WORE IN OVER 5 or 10 YEARS!?!?!?! Why was I switching them out????? This past spring I PURGED!!! I no longer have to switch out…they will all fit in the closet and dresser now :yes: There were some clothes from college days still in there, too…OY!

    And sadly that doesn’t even touch my craft room or the grandbabies’ room…. Alex (4 yo) asked me the other day “Nana, why you put so much STUFF in our room?”

  11. Tammy says:

    Sometimes that instinct to hoard is so strong! When I was growing up, one of 8 kids, we had a small, non-functioning bathroom that was our clothing storage area. Every year before school started, we had to go through it all to see what fit whom, because we survived on hand-me-downs. Now as an adult, I find myself saving things for the “what if I need this sometime?” pile, and I have to stop myself! It’s just “stuff,” and I can live without it!

  12. Johanna says:

    That is inspiring! I have boxes in my barn that have never made it into the house in the five years I’ve lived here. If the mice haven’t nested in them (rather a big if, I’m afraid), out they go!!!

  13. Stephanie says:

    I am guilty of saving things for “craft” projects too…a favorite shirt one of my kiddos has outgrown, or a nice old shirt…But my own clothes…I have never had much use for them lol. I own like 6 outfits…that’s it. My daughter on the other hand….that is another story:) Thanks for the inspiration to do some cleaning/sort/getting rid of.

  14. Lori Skoog says:

    You have motivated me to do the same! Now if I can just do it.

  15. Angela P says:

    😆 Suzanne, Good for you! What a relief…done. My friend Rileysmom got me on the kick to get rid of the stuff. She has many great philosophys :yes: I also have a craft room except its called the CRAP room, thats the room where all the stuff nobody knows where to put it goes, the crap. Im glad I have this room. I do clean it up and often. I like having less stuff, it carries over to other ways of thinking also, like credit card debt, junk around the house, have more and more and more, drive new get where Im going???? I hope someone does…. 😉

  16. M says:

    Every year I try to go through the closet, cedar chest, drawers etc and find items to donate to the Church yard sale. Some items, just aren’t up to donation (certain worn unmentionables), but items in good working order Yes! However, I do have a torn print silk shirt still in the closet. I can’t repair it, but one of these days I may be able to use it as craft item (Hey- It’s SILK!).

    Once I held up a set of raggedy jeans that no longer fit – Mom said put them in anyway 😆 , that’s all the kids wear now-adays.

    Still, I have too many clothes. Some worn to shreds, some just not popular but wearable. An old interview suit (I gave several away but suspect that they were passed on too) and some other dress clothes. I guess I should try some of those on – they probably don’t fit either. Yard Sale is coming up soon.

  17. Miss Becky says:

    oh I hear you Suzanne. I’ve been on a purge for months. I can’t wait to rid my house of my STUFF, not just my closet, but my house!
    I desire a minimalist life and all my STUFF is getting in my way. And…out with the old, in with the new, as they say. There is no room in my space/life for new and so…it has to go. And…the key is brutality when it comes to making decisions about what stays and what goes. It is so easy to back up and change my mind after I say it goes. I love this post! :yes:

  18. northcountrygirl says:

    Been there; done that! Every year we do the “Lets-clean-out-the-closet-and-get-rid-of-the-old-stuff” thing. It’s hard…I mean half this stuff I haven’t even worn in the previous year! Yet I struggle to find a reason to justify keeping it. Not any more. Hubby says if I want to buy something, get rid of something! That’s the rule. Well, I get rid of it at the end of the year, but I do get rid of it. We usually have at least one or two big plastic bags to take to the thrift shops. It is liberating! I mean it clears out all that space so I can fill it up again with all new things! HUH!?!

  19. Nancy says:

    Good for you! And thank you again for inspiring me! I’m pretty good about getting rid of “things” but I never go through the clothes. My Mom passed away in July after being in the hospital/nursing home since September and her room is exactly how she left it, clothes and all. I imagine her clothing will be in her closet for a long time to come. Mine however, I need to thin!

  20. Merlin says:

    You go girl!!! :shimmy:

    With a house full of 5 guys (hubby and 4 sons), I have to constantly purge here and there. I am in serious need of purging once again… :shocked:

  21. Sue Nugent says:

    :snuggle: Isn’t it funny how people are so much alike in so many ways, even those ways which we hate to admit to. I don’t feel so abnormal, when I read the blogs of others who are fighting the same problems. I am not a shopper,per se, for new things anyway,but I do buy lots of nice things at yard sales and consignment stores. I get some really nice pieces for a mere song. Hence, I feel that I am not hurting a thing to have more clothes than I need.If I decide I don’t like a piece as well as I thought I would, I am not loosing that much if I give it to one of my family or cut it up for quilts.I feel I have spent only a fraction of what most people spend on new clothes, in my lifetime, and I don’t feel I am dressed any less attractive than any of my friends and neighbors.There are much worse vices that one could have.

  22. Mim says:

    WOW…this is something I have wanted to do for years… I think I can now do this also…. I might use some of my older t-shirts to make scarves….think I saw this on FaveCrafts. I have dresses that I couldn’t tell you the last time I even looked at them…I think I only need 5 to 6 prs pants & tops for work, 2-3 prs jeans (until I retire- then I will need more)….Can’t wait til I can get started.Thanks so much for the inspiration. :pawprint:

  23. Beth R. says:

    Purging the home seems to be on a lot of peoples’ minds lately, mine included! I am a thrower-outer, not a keeper, but even I could stand to go through my closet again. I try to do it once a year, but I never get rid of as much as I could. As for keeping clothing for craft use, I only keep things that I can quickly re-fashion into something else. A few days ago I turned an old flannel shirt with a huge hole in the sleeve into a cute tank.

  24. Tina says:

    Good for you, Suzanne! All that “stuff” weighs down your mind and clutters your spirit!
    Now you can take a breath of fresh, light air and let the creative energy start moving you!
    I love purging; I can only think of one time I regretted shedding something: it was a box of old jeans I’d been saving to make a tie quilt. Now I wish I had it back so I could make the cute jeans apron you demonstrated! Aaarg!
    You are such a dear; thanks for sharing your experiences! :butterfly:

  25. MMHONEY says:

    This works for me:
    Remove everything from the closet.
    Make three piles:
    Pile 1 – I will use this.
    Pile 2 – I don’t know – Maybe
    Pile 3 – Ship out.
    After you have completed this task
    add Pile 2 to Pile 3 – YOU ARE DONE.
    Try it – you will like it.
    I have done this with my kitchen too.

  26. Minna says:

    Good for you! I don’t have all that many clothes I need to get rid of, but I have books. Lot’s of books. There are obviously those books I’ll never ever give away, but then there are other books I don’t want to keep (I have only so much space). Some of them, like books that are in Finnish or English, I can get rid of in the local second hand bookstore or I can trade them with someone, but then there are all those Swedish translations of romance books (and a couple of Danish and German ones, too) I never seem to get rid of. They don’t want them in the second hand bookstore and I haven’t managed to find anyone else who would read books in Swedish. :hissyfit: Romance books in Swedish, anyone? I guess in this part of Finland it would be easier to get rid of Russian translations.

  27. Minna says:

    When I was a kid we didn’t take old clothes to the fleamarket or anything like that. My grandma made carpets out of them and we still use those carpets. We no longer have the equipment that was used for carpet weaving, but I’ve found some books and internet pages about how to knit or crotchet bags, carpets and stuff from clothes that have been cut to ribbons. Here’s one (it’s in Swedish, but you get the idea from the pictures):

  28. I Wanna Farm says:

    That’s awesome! Whenever I clean out a closet or get something organized, I feel about 10 pounds lighter.

  29. IowaCowgirl says:

    Wonderful! I love to do this too…so cleansing! But I’m like many other commenters here: books are my problem (I have them wall-to-wall in my little bed n breakfast and they are starting to fill up our old farmhouse now…)

    I am a regular visitor at Goodwill, especially now that they take computers and printers, even obsolete ones.

  30. Zusiqu says:

    It would really do you no good to save those items for a future craft because the fabric weakens and rots over time. Let someone else enjoy them while they are still wearable. 🙂

  31. cynthia says:

    Oh my darling! Nothing like getting rid of a little excess baggage! I always find fun things happen when gather the courage to let go of the past. Cheers!

  32. Silvia says:

    A few years back we went on a cruise. While we were lounging on the deck it occurred to me that I didn’t miss any of my “stuff” at home. Since then I can honestly say that I don’t buy as much as I used to and have minimized the piles of stuff I had. Knick knacks (except for the things my kids made for me) are gone. I don’t have to dust them anymore. We have a library card and use it quite frequently. The price of books these days is ridiculous. With the exception of reference books, how many times are you going to reread a book anyway. Last but not least, my father passed away last year and it reinforced the idea of how much time we spend taking care of our stuff instead of enjoying this short but beautiful life. Get rid of the clutter and see the world around you.

  33. Patrice says:

    Too funny- I’m in the process of doing the same thing with every family member’s clothes. Mine too. I took a car full to the charity today and will go again next week. It is liberating, or at least it will be when I get done.

  34. rileysmom says:

    It’s a daunting task to start but what an accomplishment, Suzanne! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? :snoopy:
    Hubby and I learned just how little you need while living in a motel room for 8 months during home construction.
    And thank You Ang! You are my twin!! :yes:

  35. minnie says:

    I honor you for this. i could never do it!

  36. JOJO says:

    What day are you and Morgan available?? Bring a large truck!!

  37. kay keen says:

    My sewing room is unbeleveable, you can’t really get in the place. but gardening is over with so maybe I can get it cleaned, and I love to see the pictures of the babies, keep them coming.kay

  38. sophanne says:

    Go You! I did my books and yarn last week- I’m heading to the closet for a little bit this weekend.

  39. Amber says:

    Clearing out the clutter feels so good! Now you have room for what you really love. :shimmy:

  40. claudia w says:

    I read this post and I was inspired.

    I need to purge my craft room, because the other day when I was in there I had to tip toe along little paths and crawl through little holes to get where I needed to be.

    I’ve been working on my bedroom, cause it wasn’t very restful to be in there. I am turning it into a luxurious little space soon.

  41. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Oh my goodness!! The whole country ought to be cleared up when we all get finished! I have a large closet and it is FULL. I really need to get on it. I mean, some of those clothes are 10 years old or more and haven’t been work in the last five!!! Now DH would tell you he doesn’t have many clothes. Yet…he has a walkin in our room, he uses the walkin in my sewing room for his out of season clothes, and part of the guest room closet for sport coats (which haven’t been worn in nearly 20 years — “but they’re good ones”). Sheesh……

  42. lisa b says:

    That is great . I keep everything cleaned out in the closets. I will be going thru winter stuff here in few weeks..if it wasn’t worn last winter it gets pulled out and thrown in the yard sale pile .

  43. lisa b says:

    Some of the old clothes i clean out end up being repurposed. Old sweaters make great leg warmers and hats and fingerless gloves.Old sweatshits can be cut and doubled and used as the insides to potholders that i make

  44. Minna says:

    Oh, this is so funny: I just turned on the TV and there was Oprah and some guest, talking about getting rid of clutter!

  45. Laura Balzekas says:

    Good for you… I only hoard one thing and that is my clothes… The rest of the house sparkles but not the closet:) I’ve finally made two decisions this past spring. #1 do not go shopping unless you can list exactly what you need, ie shoes to match a particular skirt or jeans that aren’t too tight(thankyou very much Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies LOL) #2 Don’t buy any new hangers. This works! When I do all the laundry and have extra things to hang up, I get rid of what I dont want and use their hangers for the fresh laundry. Try it, it works! And less is more!
    Also I tell friends to do “one box at a time”. You don’t have to clear the whole room in a weekend, just get a box and fill it up. Next day, or week, when you have time, get another and fill it up! It makes it alot easier!

  46. Jo says:

    We moved from a 2400 sq. ft. house to a house about 1100 sq. ft. I was forced to purge, which was a blessing. I live better with less. “Stuff” is a burden.

    I thought of you, this past week, Suzanne. We went to Mammoth Cave! We live in Iowa and drove to TN to see the Bristol Nascar race, something my hubby has always wanted to do. We made it an official family vacation. I thought of you and wondered how far away we were from your farm. I know you’re in W. VA somewhere. But I thought it was pretty neat that we were so close to you! We went on the “New Entrance” tour of the caves. Neat and scary!!

  47. Grandmatotwochicks says:

    Ok, this could not have come at a better time! the computer/craft room look’s just like that, along with clothes that were given to me by my Sister who passed away two years ago! I do not know why I hang on to all this stuff! I have a crib in that room that hold’s all the clean laundry, do you think it is folded and put away? NO! you have inspired me to purge myself of the clutter, it is freeing when you do it, I just have to realize that the stuff is just stuff, that I really don’t need, there is memories attached to all of this stuff, so this has been my excuse for not going through everything. Thank you for giving me the courage to get rid of it. :purpleflower:

  48. G says:

    I have been on this kick so much recently that I started a second blog just for downsizing:).
    I’ve been out of the country for the last month, but after dealing with settling back in and the start of the new school year, I expect to start again. It’s a bit harder for me, because we are still in the active hand-me-down phase, and living in an apartment without closets (it’s Germany), we do have to switch clothes in and out and try to get the right age groups out as required (from the iron cage in the cellar:)).I’m also at a bi of a loss as to where to get rid of my unwanted books: the market for second hand English books here (even as donations) is quite small and one thing I have trouble doing is throwing away books.

  49. farmershae says:

    I hope I’m not the only one to think this. I just can’t do it yet. I don’t know why throwing away things that never get used makes me so emotional – or why having them in the first place makes me feel “safe,” but I just can’t do it. :no: Maybe one day…

    But for all of you that are ready and CAN do it – congrats and yay!

  50. Minna says:

    G, if you want to get rid of English books, you should try BookMooch. I’ve been able to get rid of quite a few English books through BookMooch and of course get some books I might not have been able to get otherwise.


  51. Sarah says:

    It makes it much easier for me to get rid of something useful that I never use if I put it directly in the hands of somebody who apparently has plans for it. I worked for Goodwill and they are so wasteful. Sooo much gets sent to the landfill. I am an environmentalist, so this is not ok for me. I believe much of our economic troubles are related to wastefullness and greed and throw-away society and entitlement, so this is not ok with me.

    I am an avid freecycler and also crafter, reinventer and repurposer. There are freecycle networks all over US. It’s a yahoo.com group. Look it up. I am happy to give someone something that will fill a need/want for them and make some much needed space in my life. I feel that in many cases donating to some resale stores is passing the buck on finding a home for our stuff.

    One thing that I found that helped me purge my clothes is that I packed up EVERYTHING but about 1-2 weeks of clothing. Put it all in the basement. I kept out *
    work clothes (waitress), 2 days worth of gardening/grungy/pjamas clothes (my grungy/garden/camping/sleep clothes overlap)

    * 2 outfits of clothes for any little casual events that I may need something kinda nice to wear, like my niece’s recital, family reunion or whatever.

    *I dont have any formal events coming up and if I do, I took note of where my dress clothes were and could dig them out.

    * I also went through my clothes and found several articles that I never wear and dont go with really anything in my closet but I have a hard time justifying getting rid of them patly because I have ‘invested’ years storing them ! So… I got rid of a couple.
    I took a couple of the remaining never wear items and paired them up in a couple outfits on hangers in my closet and MADE A POINT TO WEAR THEM! Then I can feel I have gotten enough use to justify their storage and pass them on to someone who will wear them more!
    My reduced closet is now shrinking and I’m slowly bringing articles up from the basement as I miss them and overall my clothes stockpile is shrinking because I had made it a manageable size. This smaller closet is getting a quicker turnover rate and things are wearing out to the point of holes ! Good! I can now cut those items up into rags and the closet shrinks again !

    I am also a fan of ‘re-constructing’ t-shirts. Taking tshirts and cutting/tying/weaving them into wearable art. I am new, so although I have one design I can do well without ruining the shirt, experimentation with other designs, has ruined a few old shirts that I wont miss and has shrunk the closet and I am learning new tecnique.






    If I have something I want to save for a particular project, but dont think I will ever get to it (be honest!!!) I print out instructions for the project and give it to someone who will actually make it ! This makes it more likely they will actually make it because you did part of the work in finding the idea and instructions! I saw recently on a news show how to make bat wings with an old black umbrella. The next week I came across a broken umbrella! About 2 weeks too late for halloween batman. So I kept it for 3 months… then printed out instructions online and freecycled it to a lady who will make it for her son’s costume in a few months. Nice. Happy for me, her and him. Showed the kid how to share and re-invent with imagination and creativity.

    I agree with another comment above to not hoard fabric (or anything for that matter) for too long or it often becomes out dated, dry rotted or something and makes it difficult for anyone to use. Give it away while it still has value and youth ! The earlier it goes, the more use it can get in it’s lifetime!

    Have fun and it’s been nice reading all your stories and ideas !

  52. Darlene in North Ga says:

    I’m downsizing because I have to do so. I’m having to move from a 4 bedroom house to a one bedroom, MUCH smaller duplex. And I’ve only had a couple of weeks to make the move. So only the things I love the most can go with me. This means my kids have to come get their stuff, go through what I can’t keep any more (like the books I read to them as little ones)and stuff I just plain don’t want any longer. The rest goes to the friends that have been helping me move or to Freecycle.

  53. Janet Smart says:

    I have been purging, too, and cleaning out my laundry/craft room. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I could not get to my sewing machine if I wanted to. I am also bad at saving material and clothing for crafts.

  54. Farmer Girl says:

    All those clothes I boxed up 10 years ago now fit! They are Pendleton, so they never go out of style. And so what if they are! My church had a big rummage sale a few weeks ago; THREE 42 gal trash bags are gone. But, it sure does not look like it, so 2 more bags to a consignment shop. Bagged and at the back door.

    Then, tackle the sewing room. It is in dire need of help. The sewing machine is in there; peeking out from a bunch of STUFF.

  55. Runningtrails - Sheryl says:


    We downsized about five years ago when my oldest of two teens went off to college. I cleaned out and gave away and sold almost everything excess thing we owned, not just clothes. I have several garage sales and got rid of all that old fancy glassware, silver, crystal, etc. that we hardly ever use. I threw out all the old towels and linen and moved the never used “guest” stuff into use.

    Hardest of all was cleaning out my craft and project hoards, but I did it. We moved, a year later, from a three bedroom with a stuffed basement and garage and yard into a two bedroom apartment in a huge building. We fit into it, but just barely and I still had to get rid of stuff after we moved.

    It’s hard, emotionally, to let go of some things and that took time. I had to look at it for awhile and think about it before I could get rid of it.

    IT WAS SO LIBERATING!! I went around telling people how liberated I felt no longer “tied” to material possessions! It’s wonderful!

    Now we are back into a small farmhouse and I try very hard no to hoard stuff, but it’s difficult. It’s my nature…

  56. JudyT says:

    I know this is an older post, but I’ve been gone from blogging for a bit. I did this but in baby steps. I need to get back in my closet and dresser and do a really total uhaul on them. Thanks for sharing that I’m not the only one who has this problem 🤗

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