Re-Design Redux


A couple of years ago, I did a re-do on my living room, trying to solve the problem of not enough seating.

This is how I had things to begin with.

This worked fine for me and Morgan, but with just a couch and a recliner, there wasn’t enough seating when all the kids were home. Because, apparently, they can’t sit next to each other on the couch. They can sit next to a girlfriend or boyfriend on the couch, but not each other. Don’t be ridiculous.

I did have more seating in the adjoining “kitchen den” with a loveseat (which folds out to a sleeper).

In the kitchen den, there is also a small kitchen table and chairs.

Despite this extra seating in the adjoining room, it still wasn’t working because everyone couldn’t be together in the same room.

So I rearranged the furniture and things ended up like this, with the loveseat moved in to the living room.

(That was Weston on the couch–these photos are from two years ago.)

This seemed like a good idea, but Your Honor, let me present the evidence.

Instead of seating for two (with the couch and recliner), I now had seating for three with the couch, recliner, and loveseat. Because the issue remains that my children canNOT sit on the same piece of furniture as each other at the same time. Even if it’s a couch. Much less a loveseat. (I love the above photo. It says so much about my children. Ross likes guns. Weston likes computers. And Morgan likes TV.)

Where in this scenario, one might ask, would their mother sit? On the foot of the steps. Yes, every time the kids are around, I get to sit on the foot of the steps if I want to sit in the same room with them. This issue is even bigger when my ex-husband comes around on the holidays. Then we have five people and only three places to sit–which leaves people battling for their spots. This past holiday season, I only had Weston and Morgan (along with my ex-husband) for Christmas, and Ross and Morgan (along with my ex-husband) for Thanksgiving. This meant, four people, three places to sit, and mom on the foot of the steps.

Mom is so tired of the foot of the steps!

And everybody fights over the recliner, of course. If I had all my furniture shopping life to live over, the only pieces of furniture in my house would be recliners. It’s all anybody wants. A recliner. Why do they even MAKE other furniture???

I really, really, really want everyone to be comfortable and able to sit together during family times. So, last week, I had two new recliners delivered and now my living room looks like a recliner showroom. This is a very small living room and I can’t stick another piece of furniture in here. (And can’t replace the couch with two more recliners because I have limited sleeping in this house and one of my kids is usually sleeping on the couch.)
I moved the loveseat back to the “kitchen den” where it started, and now there are three recliners and the couch in the living room. Depending on the configuration of people in the house, I might actually get to SIT DOWN!!! Because now there are four places to sit in the living room. (The couch always just counts as one spot to sit. Ask my kids.) If it was just me and all three kids, I’d get to sit down! If it was me and two kids and my ex-husband, I’d get to sit down! If it’s me and all three kids AND my ex-husband, well, you know where I’ll be.

On the foot of the steps.

I can’t solve everything.


  1. Granma2girls says:

    I guess I was wondering,Suzanne, what happens when you want to sit in with your kids, and you were to tell the one on the couch,move over. Surely, they would so mama can sit. It’s called sharing. In pics, your kids look quite comfortable being in each other’s personal space, hugging and smiling. Eventually, things could change, with spouses and grandkids. We have a 3 seater couch and 4 occasional and club chairs in our small living room. And at Christmas everyone has no problem sharing the couch. Interesting, how they all want their own space!

  2. proud mountaineer says:

    I thought my kids were the only ones who did that.

  3. Joell says:

    Nicely done, add a stack of floor pillows and you can seat every one and their girl/boy friend or a pet.

  4. brookdale says:

    Designate a chair for each kid; then you and whoever else is there can sit on the couch together. (This might not work!)
    The floor pillows is a good idea too. Kids always like to sit on the floor.
    I like your new chairs! Nice colors!

  5. Ann W says:

    In the picture there is an empty spot on the sofa next to Weston. What would happen if you just sat there? If he’s unhappy he can always move. It’s your sofa (and furniture)!

  6. glasslass says:

    Nope not happening. Mama Always gets to sit down and Kids move. You sit down and let the kids figure out where to go. When they pay the mortgage, buy the groceries and cook the meals then they get a say in seating.

  7. GrammieEarth says:

    Maybe a face down pile of name tags to be chosen on a daily basis. Oldest (YOU) gets first shot on day one, day two the youngest gets first shot (Morgan). Name tags to be served with breakfast, when I’m pretty sure they are all waiting and drooling. Change the tags daily so they have no clue. Your ex should be allowed to sit on the loveseat with any of his children, and / the mother of his children. Some things will remain forever! 😆

  8. GrammieEarth says:

    P.S. You should be the last person to sit on the stairs…unless it’s the BEST view of the gathering of your adults!

  9. Leah says:

    Hahaha! I think you did good solving the seating problem. I like sectionals with built in recliners. Plus recliners and a love seat. lol

  10. sesamekaren says:

    Love the recliners, what is above the star on the wall? On another subject……is the Mammy Jane book still available?

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