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I feel like I’ve been painting block wall for 50 years. I haven’t been alive for 50 years, but I’m pretty sure this is what 50 years feels like. I’m all done with the half of the downstairs that has block except for one corner now, and I have to get some stuff moved before I can finish that up.

Mrs. Fridge is lonely. She’s waiting for Mr. Stove.

I had a line on a free stove, but that didn’t pan out. Now I’m looking around at used appliance places. I’m hoping to have one in within the next few weeks. Buckeye Girl is bringing a big, deep farmhouse sink when she comes for the retreat, and JeannieB has offered to bring me a beautiful 1950’s Formica table! (Yay!) Those of you coming to the Party on the Farm will get to see things come together before your eyes.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been back in the bathroom/utility room working on a few projects. I have some used (free) cabinets that weren’t all that attractive. I painted them the same color as the wall, which freshened them up and lets them sort of blend into the wall somewhat.

I have a chest of drawers below one of the cabinets for storage. I’ve started painting it as well. I’ll paint the whole thing antique white then I’m planning to paint the drawer facings in alternating light blue and light green (which matches the new shower curtain) with antique white on the drawer pulls.

I’ll post more pics when that is finished! (Those are floatie thingies for playing in the river, and a fishing rod, in the corner.)

Another cabinet is in the wash tub nook in the back corner. The wash tub is where I clean out the milking machine equipment and I hang the hoses from a rod over the sink to dry. They’re not in service right now, of course. They’re waiting for BP to come home.

And in further meanwhile, I’ve been teasing Morgan for weeks about remodeling the downstairs, but refusing to show her any pictures or tell her any details. Of course, eventually, she REMEMBERED that I have a blog and spoiled all my surprises.

I know they’ll have a lot of fun down there with a place to have their friends over and cook for themselves–and not have to go into their pesky mother’s kitchen. I already stocked the fridge with Dr. Pepper and some of their other favorite things. It’s a workshop kitchen to me, but it will be a fun party kitchen to them.

Well, not if Morgan keeps reading my blog and spoiling my surprises. You hear that, Morgan? If you don’t stop reading my blog, I’m going to give your Dr. Pepper away to a poor child!

Don’t make me!

I mean it!!

You know I will!!

Darn kids. Who let them on the internet anyway?


  1. Granny Trace says:

    :ladybug: Darn Kids!! Oh how we love them…
    Love all the projects and seeing your progress.
    Granny Trace

  2. Miss Judy says:

    You won’t regret the formica table! They are work horses. Sounds like everything is coming together. Have you tried Craigslist for a stove?

  3. Liz Pike says:

    Yeah, I was gonna suggest the same thing, craigslist! (Of course living where you do, there may not be many deals to be had on craigslist in your area.)

    So happy things are coming together so well for you–& for those of us who will some day attend one of your workshops!

  4. TinaBell says:

    It’s all looking great! And how nice of you to not only SHARE your lovely new workroom kitchen, but to STOCK it with goodies for your kids and their friends! You are a really nice Mama; the other kids are probably envious of Morgan and Weston!

  5. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Are you putting tile down or how about some of those cement floor paints for the floor too? …though it sounds like you’re probably sick of painting down there!

  6. raburkey says:

    Are you getting an electric stove?

  7. Window On The Prairie says:

    Ohhh…love your shower curtain. I’ve been wanting to replace ours for a while now. It’s boring tan, and is so thin it reaches out to grab us when we shower. I NEED a new shower curtain and I won’t stop until I find just the right one. Am I obsessed? :hissyfit: YES.

  8. Runningtrails says:

    LOL! I used to follow my two 20-something kids on Facebook. Then they de-friended me! Imagine that! I made the mistake of commenting…

  9. Chicken Crossing says:

    LOL. My 18 year old “de-friended” me on his Facebook too! Of course it was because I couldn’t keep my comments to myself about some of his pictures. Suzanne is right! Who let these kids on the internet?

    The basement is looking great Suzanne. Keep up the good work. You’re a dinamo!

  10. bonita says:

    Suzanne, “Ask this Old House did a show on using propane tank gas with a gas stove. (,,20176436,00.html) Would it work for you…considering your ‘basement’ is a ground floor?

  11. Ms.Becky says:

    I love these projects, watching the progress being made. it’s so easy for me to watch from afar, but I know you’re putting so much time and work into this Suzanne. I’m anxiously awaiting the photos of the finish. that shower curtain is very nice btw. I think the whole thing is looking grand!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

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