The Art on the Studio Walls


Come see my etchings! (Ha.) Let me show you the art on the studio walls!

Below is a full gallery of photos showing all the murals painted on the studio walls in the past several days by artist Kelly Walker and her assistant Linda. I took some pull-back shots to give you the big picture then a number of photos to let you see the details of the many vignettes within the murals. There is so much to see, I still look and find new things. I could sit and stare at the walls for hours. I’ll say a little bit about the art here, then I’m going to let the art speak for itself.

Before Kelly came, she asked me–a couple of times–what I wanted. I refused to give her very much direction. Kelly is an amazing artist. I didn’t want to interfere with her magic–the best art is created with freedom. I knew if I left her to her own devices, she would come up with a far better plan than I could ever imagine. I asked for “The Studio at Sassafras Farm” to be lettered over the glass doors, pointed to which walls were available for art–and left it at that. And oh, did she make magic!

Kelly’s idea for the walls was to extend the glass doors that wrap around the main part of the studio by painting mural glass doors on the walls to either side of them–bringing the scenes hidden beyond the walls into the studio. To the right of the last set of glass doors is the barnyard, so she extended that view to include the barnyard.

To the left of the last set of glass doors, there is the garden–a huge hydrangea bush–and above that, fruit trees and the upper pasture, so she brought those scenes to life there.

Within those larger scenes are numerous smaller scenes of the animals and objects on the farm, such as the bird house. When she painted the fruit trees I’d planted, I asked her to paint them larger, with fruit on them! (In my dreams.) All of the animals in the murals are my animals, and as many of them were included as possible. I love Patriot’s bottom sticking out of the outdoor access stall. I love my blue goose in the yard. I love the Crooked Little Hen–who appears in more than one spot, which is JUST SO LIKE HER. (She’s such a busybody, she’s everywhere.) I love Casper and his feline sidekick Spice. I love my cat Maude over the TV. I love Mr. Pibb gazing up so pleadingly, as if asking for a cookie. I love the chicken over the towel dispenser in the bathroom. (Yes, they even went into the bathroom.) I love my Glory Bee over the door. But then, I could go on and on, because I love it all and can’t choose a favorite.

Kelly’s process begins with taking photographs of the animals. She prints them out and tapes them to the wall, using them for inspiration in recreating specific animals in the paintings. She outlines them on the wall then sets to work. I can’t say much more about her process than that. (I’m no artist!)

Note how the art goes right over outlets, light switches, a breaker box, wall trim, even cords (for semi-permanent objects, such as the window air conditioner), making them disappear into the art.

Thank you so much to Kelly and Linda for breathing vibrant life into the studio walls, transforming the studio into a light, bright, happy, and creative space–a setting just perfect for the creative workshops that will take place there.

See more of Kelly Walker’s art (and check out her blog posts of her visit to Sassafras Farm) here:
Kelly Walker


  1. CATRAY44 says:

    Suzanne, Kelly and Linda, The murals are so beautiful! I loved what was done at StringTown, but this is even better!

  2. wvhomecanner says:

    Beautiful! Have been waiting to see the finished art after being there while it was in progress! Great job Kelly and Linda!

  3. marymac says:

    Looks GREAT!! What wonderful talent some people have, love it!!

  4. Murphala says:

    Gorgeous and sweet and wow, it sure does make a difference in there. As I scrolled through, I kept saying “This one is my favorite.” until I’d hit the next one…”No THIS one is!” so pretty much I think they are all awesome!

    Are these murals sealed with anything to protect them? Just curious…?

  5. marrypoppinz says:

    So pretty! Congratulations on all your and Kelly’s hard work. I would have a hard time doing chores and work because I’d always be looking at the murals!

  6. wildcat says:

    From the “whole wall” picture, I thought that was a real cat on top of the TV. I was wondering how it got up there. LOL The murals are so lifelike. They did a beautiful job!

  7. PonderinStuff says:

    Love them all! I sure wish I had such talent!

    Linda M

  8. Diane says:

    That is beautiful!!! I know the work going into that by helping my daughter do a small mural for a babies room one time. Kelly is simply amazing in her talent. Love how some of the stuff spilled over onto the base boards and the chicken on top of the paper towel holder and the goats. Its all great.

  9. Stick Horse Cowgirls says:

    These amazing artists did a wonderful job! I absolutely LOVE all of it! Hope I can see it in person some day!

  10. amateisgal says:

    LOVE it all! It just made your studio come alive with all the love you have for your animals and your farm.

  11. mrnglry says:

    Great finishing touches! They did a wonderful job – it looks so homey!

  12. cabynfevr says:

    Just amazing! I think my favs are the lifesized chickens by the baseboard and Mr Pibb. She did an incredible job with him!

  13. yvonnem says:

    It all turned out beautiful. It was so cool to be there in person on Saturday to see the work in progress. And everyone there was so nice! :wave:

  14. mamacarpenter says:


    Wow! It will be especially lovely this winter when it is cold and snowy and you can re-live this summer experience. I am so happy for your new place and the plans you have made. You have many wonderful friends who support you. Give Clover a cookie from us!

  15. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    What a wonderful job Kelly and her helper did on the murals!! I’d love to have some of those on my walls, too.

    Glad the party came off well. Now, back to the day to day.

  16. missjane says:

    Suzanne, I love all the details that Kelly put into the art work. She really captured the animals and the farm well. Such a lovely detail to the studio. Thanks for posting for those of us who can’t be there in person.

  17. Leaves of the fall says:

    wow. looks fabulous (party and walls)! congratulations!!

  18. CarrieJ says:

    Wow! I am totally impressed!

  19. Rah says:

    Brilliant! I love the way the paintings just spill off onto the baseboard or whatever! You are so blessed, Suzanne, to have such wonderful and very talented friends and supporters, as you have said so many times. You’ve had a tough year, and I am so happy to see these great things happening. Hugs.

  20. oct4luv says:

    So whimsical, I love it! My favorite is Casper lying by the goat house on the third to last photo.

  21. oct4luv says:

    I meant Coco!

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