Virtual Retreat: Homemade Beauty Products


This post is part of the Virtual Retreat series. If you can’t be there, you can be here!

Making homemade beauty products is often a side addiction to the soap addiction (see how I warn you?). I’m still a relative novice at homemade beauty products, but I’ve been diving in lately and already have a few faithful favorites in my arsenal, including Brown Sugar Scrub.

Chocolate Cream Facial Mask.

Homemade Body Sprays.

And my very favorite, anything to do with beeswax. See all my beeswax recipes here.

At CITR Retreat 2011, CindyP will be leading the homemade beauty products classes, teaching attendees how to mix and match ingredients at home to make lotions and creams, and how to read the ingredient labels on bottles to figure out how to duplicate store-bought products. It’s going to be a hands-on, fun class, and I’ll be sorely tempted to sneak out of the candlemaking class I’m leading to learn more from CindyP myself! Luckily, if you (or I) can’t be in the class, we can learn at home.

Here is a link to CindyP’s recipes and tutorials on her Our Life Simplified site: Homemade Beauty Products.

Get beautiful! We are!


  1. Barbee says:

    I’m enjoying your ‘virtual retreat” series. Hope you have sunshine tomorrow on the farm.

  2. Chic says:

    Sounds great! I need all the help I can get in the beauty department so I’m heading over to Cindy’s to check it out. Should be fun!

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