Wildflower Soaps


While I was out playing with wildflowers the other day, I picked some clover and dandelion to dehydrate–then I made soap! I’ve made quite a bit of soap lately. Here is a sampling of the different soaps I’ve made in the past week or so.
Far left, lavender. Then there’s a bar of brown sugar and oatmeal, and a bar of the cinnamon sugar. Then the wildflower soaps on the right.

The brown sugar and oatmeal soap and the cinnamon sugar soap are regulars that I make quite a bit.
Wildflower soap was a new one.
This is the wild clover and honey soap.
It’s made with dried wild white clover and clover honey.

Here is the dandelion blossom soap.
It’s made with dried dandelion flowers and a bit of the leaves.

It was fun, and made some pretty soaps! If you don’t know how to make soap, I have a step-by-step tutorial here: Hot Process Soap in a Crock Pot. For the wildflower soaps, I used the recipe you can find in that tutorial, adding about a tablespoon of the dried wildflowers.

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  1. dixie428 says:

    Morning Suzanne, do you sell the soaps you make? They all look wonderful!

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