Busy Days on the Farm


How many things can go on at once? That’s summer on the farm, busy, hectic, crazy. By the end of the month, color will start showing on the trees in the woods around the farm. Fall is on the way, and winter won’t be far behind. Everything that is a problem has to be fixed, and now.

Like, say, this busted water faucet at the barn.
Work is also going on to put in a new sewer line at the house.
It rained, stopping work yesterday and filling the ditch with water. Hopefully work can resume today.

The new hay feeder is mostly finished.
And then I got to drive the tractor!
Grading at the entrance to the alleyway, then moving rock from the rock pile back to the barn.
Moving rock is actually a little scary. Robbie and Rodney (my hired men) stayed right by me, watching where the bucket was all the time, not wanting me to make a mistake and tip the tractor. Which was just the type of statement that makes my brain blow up. (Remember my brother, he died on a tractor! I KEEP TELLING PEOPLE! nobody understands!) So I just moved one load and let them do the rest. I needed to milk anyway…. And make mascarpone and yogurt.

Meanwhile, back in the milking parlor, I had given it a much-needed tidying up and we got a fresh layer of rock down in there.
And also around the entrance to the alleyway and the new feeder.
There are still several more tasks coming up–cleaning out the spring pond in the creek for the horses, getting a new little gas stove installed in the house, getting firewood chopped, and more hay. And Morgan’s having a party here this weekend. I’m cooking a big pork roast and a bunch of other stuff.

It’ll all get done! Really! ::collapse::

P.S. I’m behind on mowing. Make it stop raining!


  1. lindat says:

    Yes, so much to do this time of year. Great new feeder, and you will love having new rockmput in place! :fairy:

  2. joykenn says:

    No, no! If it stops raining Suzanne then you’ll HAVE to mow but if its raining or the grass is too wet you can continue to put it off.

    My husband’s happiest day was when we sold our snowblower and lawnmower when we moved to a condo! I do miss my garden (container gardening isn’t the same) but not the weeding. Some things about retiring are great.

  3. Glenda says:

    Be glad for the rain; we are behind about 7 inches here in southwest Missouri.

    Great new hay feeder. Can you access from inside the barn? Also very good looking hay!

    Good luck with getting all done before bad weather.

  4. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Morgan is having a party? Be sure and take a group photo of Morgan and anyone else going to WVU and send it to me. Thanks, Cuz!

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