Coming Along


Apparently, I can grow peppers, after all!
I learned what was my pepper problem from all the comments when I posted about my non-sprouting pepper seeds recently. I wasn’t keeping my pepper pots warm enough. Pepper seeds have to be warm to sprout, much warmer than the conditions needed for tomato seeds. I don’t have a heat pad or heat lamp, so I just waited. I’ve had my seed pots sitting outside on the front porch the last few weeks, since it started warming up.
The tomatoes have been doing great.
The tomatoes are doing so well, I transplanted them to the garden boxes today.
I planted a little bit of extra basil in one box also.
I over-planted the tomatoes–I planted them all, but I figure I can weed out the ones that don’t grow as well, and some may die. There are yellow tomatoes and red tomatoes, big tomatoes and small tomatoes. I’m going to have tomatoes, I’d say!

I scattered in a few marigold and zinnia seeds, too, because flowers in a vegetable garden always look pretty, but also because marigolds in particular are a superstar at keeping away pests, especially from tomatoes. So plant some marigolds with your tomatoes!

And be patient with those peppers….

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