Fortune Teller in the Garden


I walked out to the snowy garden again, drawn by something still stronger than myself. Something that had been to the other side and had returned.

What secrets had this scarecrow traveler gleaned from that frozen, mystic underworld where the earth sleeps in primordial darkness, awaiting the magic light and life of spring?

Would it, could it, share its knowledge?

“Scarecrow,” I said, “will I live to be 100?”

Crisp, tiny flakes of snow blew against my cheeks. A chicken crowed, near but somehow so far away. It was only the scarecrow and I in this garden. I leaned closer and, in the winter wind swirling around me, I heard it answer.

It’s possible, it said.

Encouraged, I asked another question. “Will I be happy?”

Do you really want to know the answer to that question?

Hunh. It had a point.

“When will I be able to plant in my garden?”

Visit me again and bring a cookie. I might have an answer.

“Will the roads ever dry out again so I won’t be scared every time I have to drive?”

Don’t bet on it anytime soon, Woman. Stay home and bake cookies.

“Will I have a big garden this year?”

Maybe. Plant cookies.

“Is Clover pregnant?”

She might tell you if you bring her a cookie.

“Why do you keep answering my questions with something about cookies?”

“Scarecrow? Scarecrow!”

“Why does your voice sound so familiar–”



  1. Michele Messier says:

    After seeing on the news all the cars driving off the roads because of all the snow I think Clover is correct. Stay home and bake cookies (or plant them if you want to) just be safe! :pinkbunny:

  2. Michele Messier says:

    P.S Scarecrow needs a brain. :sun:

  3. margiesbooboo says:

    clover looks bigger to me. maybe its her coat.

  4. Tracey In Paradise In Pa. says:

    :happyflower: WOW I was thinking the same thing CLOVER looks fat!! She is either prego or too many cookies!! I am totally fat because of
    Hugs Granny Trace

  5. Patricia Herman says:

    This put a smile on my face today. The scarecrow needs a spring cleaning!!!! And give Clover another cookie!!!!

  6. Diane says:

    Clover looks like she is eating for two. She needs extra cookies.

  7. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Clover has a big smile on her face. She does look heavier. Maybe if you take her a cookie, she’ll tell you some good news!

  8. carsek says:

    HA!! I love that one, what a great imagination you have. But just in case, you better plant cookies!

  9. Rose H says:

    Yet another string to her Bow…Clover the Ventriloquist πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

  10. Dianna McBride says:

    I love these Clover tales! You should really consider writing some Little Golden Books…I’d buy them for sure!

  11. kerri says:

    She’s a tricky one :sheep:
    Thanks for the smiles this morning πŸ™‚
    “Cookie” is the magic solution for everything! πŸ˜†

  12. lavenderblue says:

    You know how someone did the book cover featuring Clover and her beau? I want to see Clover as ‘Mona Lisa’, that smile is absolutely enigmatic. She may have a secret… πŸ˜‰

  13. Debnfla3 says:

    This was very cute. Clover is such a sneaaky girl…LOL


  14. Chic says:

    LOL…look at her smile! πŸ˜† She’s such a character. :hungry2:

  15. MMHONEY says:


  16. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    I’m feeling a line of children’s books starring Clover the Cookie Goat. Might not have the same audience as Harry Potter, but you never know.


  17. CindyP says:

    Yes! Like the little golden books! My grandson would LOVE to have a Clover filled book or video. We spent about 2 hours a couple days ago getting him caught up on all the stories and videos……. “I want another Cwover one, Nana!”

  18. Mary says:

    This one was very clever. Thanks for making me smile…and email my daughter to read it. Perhaps in the spring you can give us one of your great tutorials on making a nice scarecrow. Everyone should have one!

  19. Joycee says:

    That little Stinker, she’s been talking for Scarecrow all along! The tipoff should have been the way cookies kept working their way into the conversation….

  20. Shirley says:

    Dear Mother Nature, send Spring weather STAT. Suzanne is conversing with a scarecrow. :dancingmonster:

  21. beth aka confusedhomemaker says:

    Ha, very cute & Clover is a tricky one. You have to watch for her :yes:

  22. Shirley Corwin says:

    Yesssss, I see children’s books in your future! Clover could get really famous! This started my day of with a big smile.

  23. Beth in Texas says:

    I love the suggestion to plant cookies. πŸ™‚ Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  24. farmershae says:

    Silly Clover!!! She should have known you would never fall for that! Scarecrows don’t eat cookies!! πŸ˜‰

  25. Beth says:

    Hahaha! Now this story is a classic! That Clover is a clever goat! :purpleflower:

  26. Nancy says:

    That’s what you get for talking to a headless scarecrow! Clever girl that Clover! lol

  27. Aedrielle says:

    What a smirk on little Clover’s face!!

  28. M.J. says:

    Love Clover’s grin in the last photo!

  29. Melissa Marsh says:

    What an ornery goat! πŸ˜‰

  30. Mary says:

    :dancingmonster: That thing scares me, and I don’t scare easily!! I’d be afraid to be out there alone! LOL!! Beware crows!!! :devil2:

  31. Southern MN Gal says:

    I seriously love how Clover is smiling in every picture that you take of her! I just stumbled onto your site a few days ago and have absolutely fallen in love with it! I printed off your recipe for homemade lard and promptly went home and told my husband that we need a pig to raise. I’m pretty sure he told me something about “forget it”, but I’ll probably do whatever it is that I want to anyway! :happyfeet:
    Thanks for the great stories – I really love your writing style!
    Southern MN Gal

  32. Nancy in Iowa says:

    As usual, the best way to start the day is with Suzanne and Clover and the Scarecrow and anyone else on Stringtown Rising Farm! Clover’s grin tells me she thinks she has you convinced to plant cookies in the goat yard…. :hungry:

  33. catslady says:

    hahahahahahaha hysterical. And I agree, you wouldn’t catch me out in your garden – I’ve read too many stephen king books!

  34. Julie Wriston says:

    I love Clover! She really is very cleaver.

  35. Sharon Gosney says:

    Does Clover follow you where ever go? She really loves you or the cookies that you carry.

  36. Maureen Child says:

    That’s a completely evil smile on Clover’s face. Gotta admire that.

  37. Donna says:

    I had to lol! That scarecrow is creeping me out – he looks too much like the headless horseman! Clover is a cover girl at all times! That one could grace next year’s calendar!

  38. Grammie Earth says:

    Cookies grow well in warm places! One day soon, WV will be warm again! Clover is quite ‘fluffy’, and scarecrow is very intuitive! :snuggle:

    Pam :happyfeet:

  39. princessvanessa says:

    I have never seen such a big “grin” on a goat, or any other animal besides a cat or dog. A person would almost think that the grin had been photoshopped….but I know it hasn’t. Maybe the grin is because she is preggers and is keeping it a secret from you.

  40. Kim says:

    I love the photos of the scarecrow!They are exquisite~don’t change him. Reminds me of one of my very favorite books…Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon. I reread it every year. Have you read it? You’ll like it. It came out in 1974. Very well written. I have just joined your blog and I love it! I return every day if not more. Clover is the perfect name for her and I hooted at the hot Crooked Little Hen story. What a harlet!

  41. Ann says:

    I got the feeling its not the scarecrow that likes them cookies.
    clover looks so sweet I believe she is smiling.

  42. Toni says:

    I foresee a Clover mystery series…..

  43. Debbie in PA says:

    So clever and funny! My husband got a laugh out of it too!

    I am loving goats! I wonder how our neighbors would feel about goats living in the suburbs? :sun:

  44. Runningtrails says:

    Such a cute story! Clover is a sweetheart!

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