Garden Plans


I got a lot of preparation work done on revamping the gardens around the house and studio last fall. I minimized the front garden beds–they were just too much for me. Too big. There’s no way I can stay on top of that.
I just let the goats eat them and gave up. The smaller beds are more manageable.
I’m going to weed them out, lay down mulch, and plant marigolds and zinnias, my favorites. Then there are my new garden boxes I had set up in the side garden area by the studio.
I need to get the weeds down, bring in a good soil mix, and get seeds and plants in.
My plans here are for vegetables.
I had quite a few boxes built, in different shapes and sizes to fit the area.
I also still have this falling-down garden by the driveway.
I have garlic in here, and a few other perennials, and I’m planning this as my herb garden. I need to do something about shoring up the rock around it.

I’ve had all kinds of different ideas and plans about gardening since I moved here, but I never got it quite up to the top of the priority list until last fall when I got these garden “bones” finally put in place. Now it’s spring, and time to get to work and make it happen.

Call these the “before” pictures. “After” is coming… soon as it stops raining!


  1. Joell says:

    That looks like a big undertaking, it looks like a lot of nice stones in that old planter. We have had so many problems with weeds here the last 2 years, I gave up trying to pull them, I am just going to spray them with vegatation killer and them spread mulch over the bare spots and hope the cround cover will grow over these spots agian, as soon as the grown dries out I plan to be outside with my little tiller so I gan plan flower seeds—-when ever that is, so much rain!
    Your design looks very nice. I am most fond of zinnas and marigolds as well, I always plant a border of marigolds around my veggie garden.

  2. brookdale says:

    Can’t wait to see the results! What herbs are you going to put in the herb gardens? Chives are always good, and many others. I like what you did with the white rocks.
    Good luck! Just keep out the chickens and goats… :chicken:

  3. holstein woman says:

    Love your ideas, looks like you are ready for summer fun. Just my opinion but I think you’ll find that is plenty of space for one person. I grow lots so I can feed chickens and pigs also.

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