Plant It and Spring Will Come


It’s January! I love January, love putting up the new calendar, love the new month that is only a few scant months away from SPRING! Okay, okay, I know that there are two months of winter left, and snow and zero degrees to come, and frozen pipes to boot, Wait, I left those frozen pipes back at the old farmhouse. I have spoken.

This is the time of year when I want to do something, anything, to make spring come quicker.

Planting seeds is a quick fix, even if they come in a Chia kit. Hey, it’s a Chia herb kit!!

It’s actually kinda weird. It has this spongey thing that is like, but not like, potting soil. Anyway! We don’t care. We just need to plant something!

The kit came with four little pots and six packets of seeds. The instructions said to pick the four you wanted to plant and save the other seed packets. Uh, I don’t think so! I rustled up two more little pots and planted them all–marjoram, chives, dill, basil, parsley, and cilantro.

Then I put sandwich baggies over the top to simulate a greenhouse while the seeds germinate.

Spring will be here any minute. I’m feelin’ it!!!!

P.S. Happy New Year! (Eat your corned beef and cabbage!!)


  1. Barbara Watkins says:

    Oh Yes! I feel exactly the same as you do about January and looking forward to Spring. I have my big countdown every year beginning Jan. first, I watch the calendar, count the days and celebrate when I get to the last day of Feb. Here in Texas, that’s Spring! Well almost, anyway. Also to while away the winter days of Jan. and Feb. I collect stacks of plant and seed catalogs and spend hours looking through them, picking out plants I’m hoping to grow, and just dreaming up beautiful gardens. I already got my first catalog in the mail. If you don’t get lots of them just Google gardening catalogs or something like that, then put in a request for a catalog at all the seed company sites. They are free and wonderful fun.
    Smiles, Barbara

  2. Susan in CA says:

    Happy New Year! I’ve got 20 minutes left until 2009 here in CA! It has been sort of like Spring here this week, 70 degrees. I love it. Best wishes for a great 2009.

  3. Egghead says:

    Happy New Year Suzanne. I hope all your dreams come true, especially those garden dreams. Happy growing.

  4. Patty says:

    Happy New Year Suzanne and the gang! I am determined to grow stuff this year. I know for certain I want thyme and sage in pots in my window, so I’m going to get those going soon. I have so many wonderful plans for this year. Hubby and I were on the fence about whether we were going to move and if so, where and all that. But we’ve decided to stay put and remodel this place, so I have SO many ideas running through my head – including a new garden! Come on Spring! :woof:

  5. Phyllis says:


    I grew up in the south and it’s coins and currency for New Year’s day. For those of you who don’t know this dish it’s black eyed peas and greens.

    Happy New Year to ya’ll and may Spring come sooner than later.


    Phyllis in cold ON

  6. robin says:

    Happy New Year! May all your hopes and wishes come
    Every year I attempt to talk my husband in moving
    the raised bed boxes to the sunnier sections of our
    property…under a canopy of oaks that is difficult
    to find! Then I have to talk him into planting
    vegetables and herbs, but finding a way to keep
    the little squirrels out is not easy!
    Love those seed catalogs also…
    I will do it again this year – because i love to plant
    but i sure would like to harvest also!

  7. Gena says:

    I’ve never heard of corned beef and cabbage on New Year’s Day. Around here it’s black eyed peas and collard greens. You have to eat both on New Year’s Day for prosperity. Another of my mom’s superstitions is that anything you do on New Year’s Day you will do all year long, so that means no cleaning, doing laundry, etc. on New Year’s Day. Not a bad tradition!

  8. Lisa L says:

    Happy New Year! Lisa L.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Happy New Year! I’m so going to buy one of those kits today… I have to have it..

    By the way – pork & saurkraut here for luck.

  10. Leah says:

    Its blackeye peas and cabbage here in this part of IN. :bananadance: HNY!

  11. jane says:

    black eyed pea salsa

    At my house this is gone the first day

    1 15 oz can black-eyed peas, drained
    2 large tomatoes, chopped or 1 16 oz can plum tomatoes drained and chopped.
    1 4 oz can chopped green chilies
    2 green onions, chopped
    2 canned jalapeno peppers seeded and chopped (I leave out)
    3 tbs olive oil
    1 tbs white wine vinegar ( I use plain ole vinegar)
    1 clove of garlic minced (I use the can version)
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp pepper

    Combine all, stir well. cover and chill 8 hrs. serve with chips or crackers.

  12. Heidi says:

    Come on spring COME ON!!! LOL You are giving me the planting bug – you MUST STOP, I wont be planting anything till April – APRIL!!!! I do start some of my garden in doors, but man – this is to much *lays cool cloth on head*

  13. Teresa says:

    Happy New Year, but I’m from Lancaster, PA, and we eat pork and saurkraut. Have a blessed day!

  14. heidiannie says:

    Pork and Sauerkraut at my home in Ohio- but I’m the only one who will eat it- so I add Sausage and fresh baked rolls and a huge salad to the menu! Happy New Year!

  15. Becky says:

    Happy New Year, Suzanne!
    I can feel it too!

  16. Kacey says:

    will NOT be having corned beef and cabbage! Might have a bite of black eyed peas though.

  17. Heidi says:

    I was thinking I need to start mine too. You’ve inspired me to get it done. :o)

  18. Christine says:

    Love it! I’m going to have to make a trip to the drug store to get one of those! I need some Spring BAD.

  19. becki says:

    Take a poll.

    Black-eyed peas (with lots of bacon) or corned beef with cabbage?

    I’m a black-eyed pea girl.

  20. Lena says:

    I’ve been getting seed catalogs since Thanksgiving time. It’s the only thing that keeps me going up here in the Far North with all the snow on the ground and the below zero temperatures. I’ve got a pot of rosemary growing in my kitchen window and every once in awhile I pinch it because I love the smell so much. When we travel in the RV I usually take along a potted geranium that I can set by my doorstep when we’re parked somewhere warm. Got to keep spring “in the head” if you know what I mean. Up here spring doesn’t come until May 1st.

  21. Mary Lou Middleton says:

    The weather on the Texas coast is unbelivable. I have spent the last three days out in the sunshine, bagging leaves, turning compost into my small garden and finding places to build some beds for more vegetables and herbs. The leaves just finished falling to the ground, and plants are already budding new ones. Mother Nature is pulling a trick on us.
    I want to plant things NOW. But, since we are wise to her ways, I think I will get the pots out and start the babies just like you. Happy New Year. And, as one of our Master Gardeners says, “May all your weeds become wildflowers.”

  22. Donna says:

    My mother used to have cornbread, cabbage and black eyed peas on NY’s day…I HATE black eyed peas..but would eat the cabbage. I forgot the meat we had. I do like corned beef. Today, we are having steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and birthday cake – celebrating a Dec. birthday, late.

    Cilantro? I would toss that out FIRST thing. I DESPISE Cilantro. Those little herb pots are cute. :mrgreen:

  23. mim says:

    Mom always put a quarter in our cabbage and who ever found the quarter was supposed to have really good luck for the rest of the year.

  24. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    January?? I don’t know about January. Spring is hardly around the corner here in northern Illinois. Weather we could reliably refer to as “spring” is at least 4-5 months away. Sigh. I don’t know about the Chia brand of seeds. The Farmer is actually in the organic herb business, supervising a very large operation. I love fresh herbs!!! I certainly hope yours spring forth!!

    Happy New Year.

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  25. Estella says:

    Happy New Year!

  26. Linda says:

    That reminds me I have some tomato seeds that are for growing in the house. Maybe I’ll try to start them. I don’t have much of a green thumb. Good luck with your herbs.

    Happy New Year to everyone

  27. Kim W says:

    lol My family got me the CHIA Herb Garden a coupld of years ago. It was fun, but the pots are so small and the sponge doesn’t transplant well – BUT – Hey, we certainly enjoyed our little Chia garden while we had it! :hungry:

  28. wammy says:

    I love it…and herb garden already. I am doing one this year using eggs shells in a clear egg carton. But I am having trouble finding the herbs. We have a Chia Scooby Doo Pet growing on our kitchen window. Please tell me you found you chia herb kit at WalMart….just where did you find it? HELP

  29. Brandy says:

    I can’t grow things in the house thanks to the cats (7 of the sneaky kitties). Even my houseplants are up high and where they can’t get to them! You’ll have to let is know when they germinate!

  30. catslady says:

    I’m with Brandy with 6 cats and it maybe 7 because I just found a kitten feeding with the other strays and ferals. It’s maybe 5 or 6 months old. Anyway they think all plants belong to them lol.

    Being Italian we never had the corned beef and cabbage but I just got a new crockpot and I’m making a soup/stew that has cabbage in it so I hope that counts lol.

  31. Laney says:

    Happy New Year Suzanne and family!

    Your post has me wanting to get to the store and buy some seeds/dirt/pots. I can’t think of a better way to work thru this cold and dreary winter. Spring here we come!!!

  32. Paige says:

    Its black eye peas here, must be cooked with the bone from the honey baked ham from Thanksgiving.

  33. Joanne says:

    I love corned beef and cabbage…don’t judge me.
    Happy New Year Suzanne and thanks for sharing your delicious life with all of us.

  34. Patty says:

    It’s black eyed peas and hog’s jowl here. I’ve never really followed the superstition because I can’t stand black eyed peas heh.

  35. Suzanne McMinn says:

    wammy, the Chia herb kit came from K-Mart!

  36. Susan says:

    May this year treat you with joy and happiness! Happy New Year!

  37. wammy says:

    I’m on my way to KMart as soo as I get dresses ….5 minutes! YEA I can taste them already.

  38. Frances says:

    I made your grandmother’s bread yesterday with one cinnamon raisin loaf. Thank you so much for this recipe and I really like your blog. My daughter-in-law made your bourbon balls and they are scrumptious,

  39. wammy says:

    Dang It! I have been to every K-Mart with in a 50 mile radius of our house and no one…NO ONE has any more Chia Herb Kits. I am about ready to pull my hair out. I even called one of our daughters and she checked at the one near her…no luck!

  40. Susan Croteau says:

    I recently found your site looking for a recipe.. WOW I love this site. Many recipes and idea’s, everyday I go in and find something new and interesting. Thanks So Much for a awesome website and all your work. I am sending your site to all my friends. God Bless

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