This is Ross, painting the horse shelter that I had built in the fenceline here a while back.
You can see a little better here what it was in original purpose.
It had room for shelter on one side, with a hay feeder, and a small amount of hay storage on the other side.
This worked fine for the horses in the winter, though getting square bales over there wasn’t fun.
This summer, I had this field fenced in to make a new goat yard, but there was no shelter. On the other hand, I wasn’t intending to use this shelter and hay feeder for the horses this year. So!

Time to re-purpose!
The former horse shelter/hay feeder was reconfigured into a goat house!
The wall that made the divider between the hay storage and the shelter area was pushed back to enclose the entire space for a goat house. The wood from the former hay feeder was re-used to make a goat feeder against one wall. There’s even room for a round bale in there!

I love it when something can be re-purposed using the same materials!


  1. Jersey Lady says:

    Well done, You!

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