How to Make Gourd Candle Lights


A quick, fun way to make candle holders out of gourds to add a unique, natural touch to your autumn decor or Thanksgiving table:

Take several small, pretty gourds or mini-pumpkins. Slice off the top. Carve out the soft center to make a nest for the candle. (Scrape the bottom to flatten your spot.) Place a scented votive candle inside!

I Just Wanted A Chair With No Bottom


Then I got into the shabby chic look on these weathered yellow ones. And I had to have these wash tubs that would make great garden pots, and there was this really cool rusted manual tiller thing that would look awesome sitting in front of my imaginary barn and….

So I went to an auction on Saturday. I’ve never been to an auction before. This auction was actually held at the house/farm, so it was interesting to poke around there. Ralph Vineyard was 82 when he died and he’s distantly and indirectly related to my family. (In this county, who isn’t?) And yet somehow he didn’t even leave me a chair with no bottom. Go figure.

The old farmhouse sits on a hill at a major one-lane road boonies intersection and is something of a landmark around here, so it was fun to walk around the house and farm. I had to stand around and listen to the auctioneer for a few hours before I could even understand what he was saying, and of course the chairs were the last thing they got around to selling off. After I got the chairs, people kept telling me, “Those are great chairs. You can sand them down, paint them, put new bottoms in them.” Like they were trying to cheer me up after this burst of insanity in which I bought three amazingly crappy chairs. You should have seen the blank looks on their faces when I’d say, “I don’t want to fix them up! I wanted them because they are so crappy!!!”

Isn’t it obvious they are perfect shabby chic plant stands???

October 24, 2007 - Drying Herbs

Drying herbs is such a pretty job. And I feel very farmerish in the process. Yes, farmerish is a word. I made it up. If you use it a few times, it sounds right. I use twist-ties to bunch herbs, then clip them to a clothesline with laundry pins. All you need is a cool,...
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May 17, 2007 - What She Does When She’s Bored

She’s bored! Bored bored bored! Nothing to do. In spite of the 200 satellite TV channels, Nintendo DS, computer, 5000 cats, two dogs, and acres of woods and streams. Bored!!! So she painted her face. Then she painted her jeans. Her new jeans. With permanent markers. She’s not bored anymore, ha! We planted: green beans,...
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