You Can Make This Again


This was so good I shared it next door with my cousins. And that’s what they said: You can make this again! The kids loved it, too. Okay, you can see that I didn’t fix it very pretty in the pan, LOL, but who cares? It was great!

Laurie’s Buster Bar Ice Cream Cake

16 oz Oreo cookies, 1/2 cup margerine, 1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream (softened), 1-1/2 cups Spanish peanuts (I didn’t use the nuts cuz I figured my kids would prefer without), 1 jar fudge ice cream topping

Crush the Oreos and mix with the margerine. (Laurie says she uses a large food baggie and a rolling pin–I used a food baggie and my fist, LOL.) Put 3/4 of the mixture into the bottom of a 9×13 ungreased cake pan. Slice the ice cream and lay over cookie crust. Sprinkle with peanuts. Cover with fudge topping. Sprinkle with remainder of cookie crumb mixture. (Cover with foil until ready to eat.)

Variations: 1) change the type of cookie–try chocolate chip, peanut butter. 2) change the flavor of the ice cream–mint for St. Patrick’s Day, strawberry for Valentine’s Day, mint/vanilla/strawberry for Christmas, etc. 3) change the topping–Hershey’s syrup works well but isn’t as thick, caramel for a more turtle-like sundae taste, marshmallow cream, etc. 4) Only put nuts in 1/2 if someone in your family doesn’t like nuts. Dry roasted peanuts work, too. 5) add chocolate chips.

You can make a smaller version by cutting the recipe in half. Also, Laurie says when she makes it, she doesn’t use the margerine at all, just crumbles the cookies–saves a few calories. Or you can use half the margerine. Me, I went all the way and used butter, LOL.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more Free Book Friday!

I’ve got something special planned to celebrate Deep Blue!!! Who’s got a copy? It’s out in stores! Now!

Come on, you know you want it. It goes great with ice cream cake…..:yes:


  1. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Morgan looks like she is enjoying it and that’s good enough for me. I’ll cut the recipe in half and then share with someone. Even the variatios sound good. I have Deep Blue but have to finish the book I’m reading before I start it. Maybe tomorrow. Have a great day and take care. Hugs.:wave:

  2. Marcy says:

    Looks yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Suzanne and Laurie! :mrgreen:

    I have “Deep Blue” but I haven’t read it yet. Sowwy. 😳

  3. Tori Lennox says:

    All these yummy recipes!!!

    And of course I want DEEP BLUE, but I’m not buying any books until after we get moved which is killing me. :rotfl:

  4. Lis says:

    Sounds yummy, have to try it.

    And no Deep Blue for me yet. Haven’t gone out this week, but its on my must get list :bananadance:

  5. catslady says:

    Oh how could you not like that dish. :yes:

    I am 3/4’s through Deep Blue and really enjoying it:yes:

  6. Jennifer Yates says:

    Deep Blue is on my shopping list…haven’t been anywhere this week to get it.

  7. ruby55 says:

    Boy, does that look yummy. Just what I’d like to have about now. I’d probably try some variations since I’m not that big on chocolate in any form except bars–not even boxes except for Turtles and Toffifee. I know what to expect there.:thumbsup:

    Couldn’t find DEEP BLUE yet either. But then, I have to, want to read THIRD SIGHT first anyway. With my move and trying to get organized and unpacked I don’t have much time for reading.

    Uh-oh. I hear something gnawing somewhere on something. It’s got to be real and it usually happens around this time of night. I hope that whatever it is it’s not gnawing on my furniture and/or my books in the basement right now or at any time. I don’t think I’m going to pay the landlord $100/month to store my things there and not be assured that everything is safe from marauders of all types. I went through that with mice in my last place and I’m still finding things that they damaged, e.g., a plush dog with holes in its ear. Yuck. I also had to clean off and polish all the shelves for my books. What a mess. At least at that time I told the landlord that I couldn’t pay any rent increase for a year because of all the damage caused by dozens of mice. I’m sure we caught about 50 and don’t know how many got away to see another spring.

    My sister carted off piles of clothing and stuff to clean in her industrial-sized washing machine and dryers. (She still had the lodge at that time.) I think that was when my whole somewhat orderly life was derailed. I didn’t unpack the boxes and suitcases in which everything came back, was afraid to leave things open to mouse-attacks and was even afraid to look too closely into other boxes still to be sorted for fear of finding dead mice since we eventually decided to poison them. Not a pleasant experience.:hissyfit:

    I wanted to mention it to my landlord today (i.e., yesterday) because he and his family left for two months in Acapulco. But he called me and started his conversation by telling me that his brother-in-law had drowned while on holiday in Cuba. Luckily, they were able to recover the body and since someone in the family knew one of bigshots at Air Canada, they were able to get the body shipped back quite fast. So he was buried a few days ago.

    It did not feel right to start complaining about all sorts of things again. One of his brothers will be coming to the beauty salon to run things but he’ll still be in Acapulco for a week–I guess the whole family will be together. Maybe I can approach him if he is as approachable as his brother and voice my concerns. I hope :yes: he’ll be agreeable to looking at a few things besides getting the plumbing fixed.:thumbsup:

  8. Suzanne says:

    Oh no on the mouse, Ruby!! :shocked: (That’s sad about your landlord’s brother-in-law!)

  9. Michelle says:

    Mmm…looks delicious!!