And Then There Was Light


Possibly and quite probably, I am slightly obsessed with progress on the house at this point. My projected move-in date is two days away. We still have no water. We have two potential well spots picked out and we’re trying to get a new witching. With a new witcher. In fact, TWO witchers. Trust…and verify.

In the meantime, we have the first light fixture!

And the flooring is finished in the living room/kitchen/dining room.

And it’s heading down the hall.

Ever wonder how people decide which way to lay hardwood? According to Steve-the-Builder, you lay it in whatever direction the hallway goes. Makes sense when you think about it that way. Fewer cuts.

With the wood down in the kitchen, they’re bringing in the cabinets. They’ll start installing the kitchen today. (See the dishwasher?!)

Water or no water, we’ll start moving things over this weekend. Weather is against us–rain and snow are in the forecast. I don’t care. I’m going to start moving things over. The house is going to be ready. It’s the outside elements that aren’t cooperating. Me, I am dogged in my determination.

Even if it means I have to drive up the side of the hill again to get under this tree that fell across the road to get there.


  1. Patricia Herman says:


    I love your flooring – do you mind telling me what kind it is and the color. Love hearing about your progress and your determination to move it on the date you set. Hope you find water!

  2. Shirley says:

    Nothing like a determined woman. And you’ll get that well, I just know it.

    And like I said before, love the flooring. You are doing a great job of choosing everything. Can’t wait to see the cabinets when they are installed. What are your countertops going to look like?

  3. lintys says:

    Is that a greenhouse window in the kitchen?

    It’s looking great Suzanne! The flooring is beautiful. If anyone can get water in time, you can! You’re one determined woman!

  4. Kim A. says:

    Really nice light fixture. It’ll be a great repository for bugs! 😆 (But I like it very much!)

    Great floor — I’ve laid mine the “wrong” way, up and downstairs. Oops. Well, if I win the lotto, I’ll have someone lay new flooring the right way.

    Fingers crossed for the water!

    -Kim :hug:

  5. Robin G. says:

    Feeling a bit determined? I hope it all works out, tree or no tree.

  6. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Patricia, the manufacturer is Bruce Hardwood. It’s prefinished, oak. I can’t remember what the finish color is called now. We got it at Home Depot, but I’m not sure they even sell it all the time. It was a special offer and they had a huge stack of it at the front of the store a few months ago and we just bought the whole stack, LOL.

    Shirley, the cabinets are oak, too, and the countertops are a laminate. (The only laminate we’re using in the house.) If we want to change anything later, countertops are easier to change than flooring or cabinets, so the cost-cutting happened on the countertops.

    lintys–yes, that is a garden window! Isn’t that fun?

  7. Heidi says:

    I can throw the chain saw in the back of the cattle trailer for ya!! Looks like the cabinets are going to be pretty – and the paint is freakin awsome… Hope you can be moved in by the weekend. 🙂

  8. Suzanne McMinn says:


    By the way, if anyone is interested in looking at this paint for a future painting job of their own, the paint color is called Darby Creek and that is from a Wal-Mart paint chip card, though we took the card to Home Depot and had it custom mixed using Behr paint.

  9. Blaze says:

    Dig those floors, thats awesome. Hope you get a well set this time
    Good luck with it.
    Maybe the weather will cooperate and you can get moved in no matter what..well get stuff moved in at least.

  10. Treasia says:

    Just wanted to tell you your house is beautiful. The flooring is striking and the colors as well. Have fun moving in the snow and rain. I don’t envy you this portion of it. :clap:

  11. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Oh–just thought of something else about the hardwood. Some people have mentioned the country, almost pre-aged look to it. If you’re buying hardwood flooring, something we learned was that you can get this look more from prefinished hardwood than unfinished hardwood. When you install unfinished hardwood and sand it on site after it’s laid, you get the perfect smooth-as-glass look. Of course, this may be what some people would prefer. But if you want a more “country” look to your floor, laying prefinished hardwood will give you that look because it doesn’t lay quite as evenly as hardwood that’s sanded on site.

  12. Mental P Mama says:

    It looks absolutely wonderful! Sending positive water vibes your way as well! Pun intended…

  13. Lora says:

    You go, girl!
    I think the water will find you, being attracted to the sheer force of your determination.
    The light fixture looks great and the floors are fab.

  14. Jill S. says:

    I LOVE your floors! Gorgeous.

  15. Lisa J says:

    Coming together nicely, you will get there and forget all about the woes you have had when you are soaking in the tub with a cup of hot tea, candles burning softly and the kids are gone for the weekend. So worth it all!

  16. pticester says:

    Your new house is beautiful. The house I grew up in had a large porch like yours where we sat in the evenings. Good memories.

  17. Susan says:

    Beautiful floors and that light fixture is gorgeous! You go girl, don’t let the weather infer with your move. :rockon:

  18. Brandy says:

    Everything looks gorgeous. I’m sending good thoughts for a smooth move!

  19. Tori Lennox says:

    It’s looking gorgeous, Suzanne!!!

  20. Kathleen says:

    Everything is coming together so nicely!!! :bananadance: I love the light fixture and the flooring is beautiful!!

  21. Estella says:

    Persevere, Suzanne!

  22. catslady says:

    One snowstorm is bypassing us so maybe you’ll get lucky again :yes: Everything is beautiful.

  23. Maria says:

    I was so excited when I saw this today. I do believe I’m just as excited about seeing the progress of you house than I am about spring. Did I just say that?

    And where is fifty two in all these pics?

  24. Bayou Woman says:

    WE all share in your excitement and anticipation of moving in. I hope it goes smoothly for you!

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