Around the Farm


It’s hard to get a good picture of Annabelle anymore.
Most of the time, if I walk into the goat yard, a picture of Annabelle looks like this:
That’s because she runs up to me, buries her head into whatever piece of me she can get to, and stays stuck up against me with every step as if I have just spawned a woolly growth. She’s ever hopeful I will take her with me when I leave the goat yard. Back to the porch. Back to her life as a dog. Back to her blankie, and if I would be extra sweet, maybe her bottle.

And if we could go inside and rock a little bit in the recliner, she’d like that, too.

But sometimes now she tries to fit in. Sometimes she tries to be a goat.
And sometimes they even agree to play with her even if she is a weird goat.
Pepsi: “They don’t have goats like this in Tennessee.”

I went outside yesterday for awhile to play with all my animal babies and take a break from the lengthy and tedious effort of transferring all my files from my broken laptop onto an external drive. I was finally able to get into my computer in “safe mode” and access files at least. Not sure what I’m going to do about my laptop meltdown next, but I have managed to set up temporarily on a borrowed desktop.

Sometimes I want to be a duck because they don’t seem worried about anything.
Except chickens. Sometimes they worry about chickens.
Sometimes I worry about chickens.
I love these three roosters. They stood right beside me while I took picture of the ducks and big chicks in the chicken yard. There are nice roosters in the world. (And bright! Look how bright they are in the midday sun.)
I’ve found out where at least some of my eggs are going.
Somebody’s set up shop here in the goat house. I wonder if the hen will sit on a nest here? I’m going to leave the eggs and see.
Soon these big chicks and the ducklings will be old enough to leave the chicken yard for the wide open world.

The little chicks still in the brooder are waiting for their chance to move up to the chicken yard when it’s their turn.
The sheep down in the meadow have a second pasture with fresh new grass to eat and a creek to cool their hooves in on warm spring days.

They are dyeing their own wool by rubbing up against the paint on the brand new gates.
Number Nine’s growing and starting to play. He drinks his bottle and eats a little soft canned cat food.
He has sharp teeth, the better to nibble your fingers with.
And he is ridiculously cute and singlehandedly sucks up way too much time simply by burrowing his head into my neck and falling asleep there. Then I can’t move. I’m stuck, pinned by cuteness.

The kids are calling him Simba now. I just call him Kitten.
He got outside by accident yesterday. Boomer and Coco gave him a tongue bath. He smelled like a dog for the rest of the afternoon.

Annabelle: “I want to smell like a dog!”
I’m gonna have to end up taking her back on the porch, aren’t I?


  1. Sheila Z says:

    Those roosters are beautiful. They glow in the light. Anabelle needs to go live with the big sheep someday. Those are some vicious dogs you have there, trying to lick a kitten to death. That will teach Simba not to escape again. Everybody looks fat and happy.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hooray for the file transfer! What a relief. I was wondering if you’d be here this morning. :snoopy: Gotta love that happy dance.

    Thank you for the pictures. The animals are just beautiful. Poor Miss Annabelle is looking sort of despondent, though. Bless her heart, she is just trying to figure out what she is, I guess.

  3. Nannette Saunders says:

    I think Annabelle knows who she is and can’t figure out why the rest of the world thinks differently. I understand. Been feeling the same way most of my life.

  4. shirley says:

    I was so glad to see you when I logged on this morning. :snoopy: :happyflower: :hug: :heart:

  5. Heidi533 says:

    I’m so glad you are back. I missed you yesterday. It felt like my day was all off kilter because there was no Chickens In The Road story to read.

    Simba is ADORABLE. I can totally see how he can pin you with cuteness.

  6. diana says:

    i missed you yesterday! the critters all look so happy and clean…unlike the poor piglets. i wish i had your life! ah, someday, i will! please never stop this blog…your world is wonderful! :sheep:

  7. Diane says:

    Missed you yesterday. Glad you are up and going again. Been there done that with having to borrow a computer.

    All the animals look great!! Love the roosters. They are beautiful. Number 9 looks like he is going to be a nice healthy kitten. Amazing what a little love and time will do for a small wee kitten.

  8. The Retired One says:

    If I lived with you, I would be worthless because I would be petting all the animals and ooohing and awwwwing all day long!

  9. anne says:

    Glad you are up and running!

    Kitten is sooooo cute!


  10. Kate says:

    ahh, everybody’s just way too cute! And Annabelle is growing up so fast. You must be so proud of your children 🙂


    My mom just added 13 fuzzy baby chicks to our family and I could just watch them all day. I don’t know how you manage to get any work done around your place!

  11. Cyndi Lewis says:

    I’m afraid that I would have to bring Annabelle back to the porch. I’m weak and spineless. :sheep:

  12. Bev says:

    Glad to see you are back. Poor Annabelle…she is trying to figure out who she is. Maybe she would be happy with the other sheep…she may even realize she has a lot in common with them. If not…she would make an adorable guard sheep for the porch.

  13. Fencepost says:

    I used to have a pony that thought he was a dog. We couldn’t keep him in a paddock. Kept getting out. Followed us around the yard like the dogs. Scared the crap outta my cousin who came for a visit. From then on he called me Ellie May. I didn’t care. I loved my critters as much as you love yours.

  14. Linda says:

    Love all the animal pics. I feel bad for Annabelle but I’m sure she will like living with the big sheep some day.

  15. Claudia W. says:

    I used to have a black Astrolop Rooster. O. M. G. He was gorgeous in the sunlight! Beautiful specks of green sparkled off him when the light hit him! If I still had him I would offer him up to your family of gorgeous birds.
    All your creatures are looking good. Spring really makes everything blossom doesn’t it?
    I am so happy for you (and us) that you are getting some temporary technical relief. Whew! I certainly don’t want to miss a moment of the life that you share with us!

  16. JC says:

    I vote to let AnnaBelle be with Coco .. :sheep:

  17. Beth Brown says:

    :chicken: I’m glad you’re back on line! Your animals are beautiful – love the roosters but my neighbors already tolerate my hens and occasional goat Bucky traipsing in their yards. I think a rooster cockle-doodle-doing would be their final straw!

    Beth in PA (who would love for Annabelle to sleep on her porch)

  18. Vera says:

    I don’t comment very often but I always read and enjoy your blog. :sun:

  19. BlessedwithFour says:

    :cowsleep: I just love farm life – enjoyed this post so very much – will be back often :heart:

  20. Mary says:

    Please, please take Annabelle back on the porch. She really tugs at my heart strings, as all your babies do. Glad you’ve gotten your computer up and running.

  21. shirley says:

    That photo of #9 looks like Simba practicing his roar.Priceless.He just can’t wait to be King 🙂

  22. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    What a delightful comeback! Morgan looks as excited about having Simba/Kitten/#9 on her shoulder as she does about the glasses. I vote for Annabelle to at least visit the porch often – like a vacation. It could be worse: Pioneer Woman wrote about having cows on her porch. All your critters look really fine! :purpleflower:

  23. I'm Just Beachy says:

    I can’t believe that’s AnabellE!!!! She’s so big! :sheep:

  24. Gail says:

    The babies grow so fast. Annabelle still thinks she is that little lamb who needs her bottle. Before you know it, Simba will be a big
    lion! I think Annabelle should have porch rights!

  25. Ms E says:

    Annabelle is breaking my heart, PLEASE let her come back to the porch…PLEASE. And by the way, Pepsi is just a little babydoll isn’t he!

  26. jean says:

    I’m so happy you are back on line. I missed hearing all about the animals. Your daughter looks great in glasses, I love that style she is wearing.

  27. Leah says:

    Simba looks healthy now!She looks like she has freckles,soo cute!Could’nt you let Annabelle visit the porch like once a wk? Ha,ha!Hope you can get your computer straightend out! What a pain that must be!

  28. Mim says:

    Whew…glad you got back up & running…I kept cking back yesterday just in case you got up & running but …… Maybe Annabelle will realize she is a sheep when her hormones kicks in, if not heaven help you & the other animals.

  29. queenymom says:

    Yay. you are back. I read your blog everyday. I got my sis-inlaw to read it to. She lost her daughter to cancer this May 8th. Tina was only 38 and left behind two little girls. So we took my hubby’s sister to the lilac festival on the 13th. my new avatar is from there, Rochester.NY. BTW all your animals feel like family, even mean rooster!

  30. catslady says:

    Glad you’re back and what a fantastic post – my favorite – all your babies! I had a rescue kitten that I bottle fed who use to burrow in my hair too – guess it feels like mom. He’s 12 years old and my biggest baby 🙂

  31. Kacey says:

    Geez, those roosters are gorgeous!!

  32. Sheryl says:

    That kitten is just too adorable! He is so cute! No pics of the tongue bath?

    Sweet Annabelle is getting so BIG!

    Those are bright red roosters! Great colours!

  33. dalgal says:

    Yay! You’re back! :snoopy:

    I’m afraid Annabelle would definitely be a dog if she lived with me. Heck, she’d probably be sleeping with me. (just kidding)(I think)

  34. Estella says:

    Glad you’re back.
    Your aminals are looking great.!

  35. Susan says:

    I think Annabelle should be allowed on the porch at least once a week. She is too cute not to be spoiled! :heart:

  36. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    So glad you are back! I love taking little tours of your farm. I have baby chicks hatching in the incubator as I type. I can here little peeps coming from inside the shells. We also had 6 baby guineas hatch Tuesday that one of my little cochin hens was sitting on (she can only handle 8 little eggs at a time). I just love farm babies.

  37. Christy O says:

    I love watching my lamb and my kid trying to play together. They just don’t understand each others games.

  38. Yvonne says:

    I also wanted glasses when I was younger, pretty much sucks now, especially bifocals! So glad you’re back, missed you bad yesterday, but today’s post caught us up on everything! Thank you Suzanne, you are a very special person!

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