Blowin’ in the Wind


I feel like these dandelion puffs about to get blown away in the wind. The last few weeks around here have gone at non-stop gale force. This is, without a doubt, the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. The acquisition of a milk cow is a major life adjustment. Just in case you were thinking about it. However, I love having a milk cow. I love the fresh milk, cream, butter, and cheese. I’m incredibly excited that Beulah Petunia is expecting, which means more milking, so the fact that I jumped up and down and squealed when they told me there was a calf in there despite all the work of the past few weeks must mean I like it and that I’m committed. Or need to be committed. Or something.

For those of you who asked when she would deliver, we can’t be sure of an exact date. She was with a Brown Swiss bull for the four months prior to us taking her home–so she was bred by the free buffet method. The vet guessed she was probably about three months along. Cows are pregnant a little over nine months. Our best estimate makes that sometime in late October or early November. We should dry her off sometime in August as she shouldn’t be milked for two months prior to calving. Oh the things I shall do in the fall with my extra time! I’ll build tall buildings! Fly around the world after I construct a homemade jet! Find a cure for the common cold! Or drink coffee lazily and watch morning TV.

At the same time I’ve been adjusting to the new schedule and additional workload, I dived headfirst into another huge undertaking that has been in the planning for some time. Months ago I mentioned something new was coming to my website. A big surprise! And it’s almost here. I’ll tell you all about it on Monday. Don’t miss the big unveiling.

That’s all I’m telling you about that for now.

I”m also, finally, switching my domain to over the weekend. I mentioned this a while back and am just now getting to it. You shouldn’t notice a thing thanks to global redirects and don’t need to change your bookmarks or feeds. I’m just mentioning it in the case of any minor glitches during the domain transition–hopefully there won’t be any, but if there are, just know that’s why and all will be right again quickly.

Some of you may have also noticed that I changed my advertising recently. I’m excited that Chickens in the Road is now represented by Federated Media, the mega agency that represents sites such as Dooce, Mashable, Bakerella, etc. OHMYGOD, what am I doing there?

Please don’t tell them I post pictures of people sticking their entire arms up cow butts.

And I shall end this business roundup with an example of true dedication and work ethic that we can all take to heart and attempt to follow as we go through our daily lives.

Isn’t she sweet sitting on her chicken eggs and golf ball?

On top of everything else, spring sports are in full swing, but they’ll be over soon and school will be out and all will be calm again. Right? Me and my duck, we are believers!!!


  1. Julie says:

    I would imagine having a milk cow would be much like having a baby. Congrats on being represented by Federated Media!!! I’m looking forward to Monday and seeing the big surprise!!

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    But, Suzanne, what if Beulah Jr. turns out to be a little bullish? You might not have 2 cows to milk! But that’s OK – I know that Clover and Nutmeg will step up to fill the void. Empty pail. Whatever. When CAN you milk Nutmeg?

    OK. I’m going to bed now. :moo:

  3. Elizabeth Sayles says:

    Congratulations!! I start my day reading all about yours! A lovely way to begin my day. Thank you!!

  4. Stevie Taylor says:

    Can you give that little duck some fresh eggs? The ones she has look like they’re a little dirty to hatch well. When I have a duck or hen go broody and her eggs are yucky, I just sneak out at night and replace them with ones that I know are clean and fertile. Otherwise, if the eggs are too dirty and go rotten she will continue to sit and sit and sit until she gets sick and weak(lots of them don’t realize when it’s a lost cause) And I’ve had plenty of ducks hatch chicks without a problem. Of course, it would be AWESOME if someone around you had fertile ducks eggs you could stick under her…..Anyone? Anyone?

  5. Sheila Z says:

    Oh the milk flood you will have when she freshens in the fall. You will have to raise some winter pigs on all the extra milk. Milk fed pork is some tasty stuff!

  6. Johanna says:

    I think I’ll go back to bed. Just reading about all your activity exhausts me!

    Can’t wait to read Monday’s news!

  7. Diane says:

    The dandelion fluff sure signs of spring. 🙂 Have you thought about picking the yellow dandelion flowers and making jelly or wine out of them?? I am trying wine this year. Not sure about making jelly yet. But looks like some good stuff. lol.

    I look forward to summer also thinking we will slow down. lol. It never happens. In fact I have house improvements planed to do this year. Plus other things we do. 4H keeps us busy as well. So still busy just not the regular routines of winter. lol.

  8. Leah says:

    Oh a baby calf,we’ll have to start thinking up a name for him. Is’nt it crazy the way the duck sits on all those chicken eggs and the golf ball? Gives her something to do I guess! :duck:

  9. Barbee' says:

    Sweetest little duck mommy! At least you know where she is at any given moment. Good luck with the domain switch-er-roo, and BIG congrats on your new ads sponsor! I think that must be some sort of payoff for all that determined, dedicated work you have gotten into. Whew! We are all so proud of you!! :heart:

  10. Tovah says:

    Your sweet little duck trying to make some friends for herself. If the chicken chicks hatch will she unintentionally drown them? Or can chickens swim like ducks do?

  11. Ognir says:

    Suzanne –

    A city scene for you –

    This morning I saw two ducks on High St.(Morgantown) eating pizza crust. They sometimes wander up from the river.

  12. CindyP says:

    So many things going on at your farm, how can you keep them all straight????

    And you thing summer will slow down? 😆 Well, actually, when the canning goes full bore, you won’t be milking!

  13. Abiga/Karen says:

    Oh I love surprises. Can’t wait to find out what it is on Monday. Blessings.

  14. Phyllis Ryan says:

    Our neighborhood Moscovy, who was nesting in a tree down the road finally gave up and pushed out all the eggs. She had been sitting on not-fertile eggs for the last month. Hope your duck has more luck. :duck:

  15. Senta Sandberg says:

    I have read you can put hatched babies under a brodie bird and she will raise them.

  16. Ulrike says:

    I keep telling myself that my life will get less busy “soon”. I haven’t been right yet. But I’m probably right THIS time. :yes:

  17. Drucillajoy says:

    I’m hoping your Monday suprise is honeybee’s…I go pick mine up tomorrow. This will be my first try at this & I am wondering what I have gotten myself into. It’s always nice to see what you’re up to each day….looking forward to Monday!

  18. Mary says:

    Love the duck gotta believe.

  19. Carol, too says:

    You don’t think you belong with the “big” bloggers? I read Dooce for a couple of months and quickly tired of her blog. I’ve been reading you for at least a year and I’m not tired yet! You are a part of my daily routine even though I have no intention of canning or knitting or making my own lard. I can’t even get grandmother bread right! I have used several of your recipes.

  20. lavenderblue says:

    Okay, don’t really understand what this ‘Federated Media’ means but I went to the link and it looks like A BIG DEAL. Don’t read any of those other blogs, everything I’m interested in is right here. As far as belonging “there”, did you forget that you are a published author? And a very talented writer. Maybe they best look out for you!

    Can’t wait for Monday’s surprise. Coming from you, we know it’ll be a good one.

  21. marymac says:

    Suzanne, I was just thinking, if you don’t have enough to do it would be so nice for Beulah Petunia to have her own Facebook page. I bet she’d have tons of friends .

  22. Tobey says:

    Yay! The Big Boys recognized your hard work that goes into a unique blog. I love coming here and reading about ALL you are doing.

    Big surprise! I can hardly wait!

    well, you know, your cow duties will dry up right about the time you are in a canning frenzy.

  23. Jo says:

    Um, I hate to break it to you, Suzanne, but that was not Beulah’s butt that he stuck his hand into.


    I am very excited to hear the big news on Monday!!!! :sheepjump:

  24. Vanessa says:

    Congratulations on being represented by Federated Media. I hope this means that they pay for the costs of your web site (or contribute, in some way, to the financial aspect of running this blog).

  25. Jo says:

    I went and looked at Federated Media too and it says this at the top (among other things):

    “…the best conversations are those where all parties are engaged, informed, and valued.”

    That us right here. We are engaged and informed by you and we value you, Suzanne. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :hug:

  26. Alexis Martin says:

    The usual remedy for common cold is just lots of water, fruit juice and also vitamin-C tablets.**:

  27. Runningtrails says:

    She is, indeed, too sweet for words!! That’s a great picture too!
    Beulah Petunia is a beauty and you are so lucky to be drowning in cream!!

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