Chickens in the Road on Public Radio


Chickens in the Road, now in living sound! Jean Snedegar from West Virginia Public Radio came out to the farm several weeks ago to interview me. The program aired yesterday morning, but if you missed it or don’t live in West Virginia or adjacent states with access to WVPR, you can listen to it online and the program will also be repeated this weekend on Inside Appalachia. (Links at the end of this post.) It was really cold that day and we were just out from under being iced in, so she should get hazard pay for braving our road to get here.

She interviewed Annabelle. (Hear Annabelle sucking her bottle!)
And she interviewed the chickens. (Hear Mean Rooster crowing!)
It’s different being interviewed for radio–it was interesting, fun, and a little nervewracking. There’s a whole production about the sound. First of all, the microphone is kinda intimidating if you’re not used to it. The kids had to be silent. No TVs. No slamming doors. The microphone will pick up everything! 52 was outside hammering something. Outside. I had to ask him to stop because the microphone was picking up the hammering from inside. Then sometimes I had to stop if there was a sound issue and repeat what I just said. (Like I remember what I just said!) I was nervous. I’m lucky I didn’t start talking about my underwear. I’m talking about my underwear now, aren’t I? SOMEBODY STOP ME.

Oh, and there was an attempt to interview Clover, but she declined to comment.
Later, she explained: “I will not appear on the same program with a chicken.”

You can listen to the interview here at the West Virginia Public Radio website. They did a really cute job with the sounds and the music–thank you to Jean Snedegar and West Virginia Public Radio!

The interview will also air on Inside Appalachia this weekend. (Saturday at 6 am and Sunday at 6 pm.)

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  1. Gwen says:

    what a lovely interview and it is nice to hear your voice for once, and to hear the chickens, roosters and annabelle.

    totally wonderfull start of the day!!!


  2. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    I really enjoyed the interview and getting to hear the sounds that go with your blog.

  3. CindyP says:

    It’s great to put a voice with your face! Too bad Clover decided she was above stardom…..that could have been her big break away from milking! πŸ˜†

    Great interview, I’m sorry Princess didn’t make the cut, though! πŸ™

  4. Heidi says:

    *claps hands loudly* WHAT FUN! I cant wait to ‘hear’ your voice and Annabelle snorking down her bottle!!

  5. Lisa T. says:

    Loved the banjo music, Annabelle sucking her bottle and the rooster crowing! How cool is that. Just lovely.

  6. Sheila says:

    The interview on WVPR was what caused me to log on and find you, I thought it was an awesome interview and reminded me of our family, we also If everything on the outside world crashed, we here in WV would survive because the old ways are a part of us. Thank you so much for the interview becasue it led me to your site, and Yes, I read it as soon as the coffee is ready and animals are fed!


  7. Fencepost says:

    Published writer, newspaper, radio…Suzanne you’re moving on up!
    I loved the radio interview with you and the banjo and the chickens and rooster. What an amazing life you have. I’ll bet it’s not what you expected when you moved to that crooked little house.

  8. MissyakaMelissa says:

    What a wonderful interview!

  9. Sonja Foust says:

    That was so great! Thanks for sharing the link! I loved the little ducky noises at the end. πŸ™‚ :duck:

  10. jean says:

    What a great interview! I loved hearing your voice. And Annabelle sounded very hungry. Again, great job.

  11. shirley says:

    Suzanne, you’ve brightened my day once again. I loved every minute of the interview and finally got to hear you speak. Loved the music and roosters.What a delight this morning with my coffee. Better than a sweet roll. :yes:
    Loved Earl Scruggs banjo music.
    Sorry Clover declined to speak to her adoring public.

  12. BethAnn says:

    Morning Suzanne!!
    It was so fun to listen to the interview and actually hear your voice! You don’t sound at all like I imagined your voice to sound! You have a fabulous radio voice as well as a print voice! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Cyndi B says:

    Just finished listening to the interview. What a great job that gal did! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. Claudia W. says:

    That was just fantastic! Now I have a face and a voice to put to all the fun you give us every day. I love all the background sounds and the music. What a great interview. Thanks so much Suzanne!

  15. Treasia/TruckersWife says:

    I very much enjoyed the interview. It was fantastic to hear the farm sounds and your voice as well. Now each day when I read I can put a voice to your words and hear the background noises the animals make. I have to say hearing all the sounds makes me long for the country life again.

  16. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    What a fantastic interview! I’m sorry Princess Morgan was left out, but I know she had fun being interviewed. Of course Clover wouldn’t speak – she’s waiting for TV lights and cameras.

    I wish I could hear the banjo, chickens and roosters – and maybe a little Coco chuckle – every time I read the blog.

    Good job, Suzanne!!! :snoopy: :sheep:

  17. MARY says:

    πŸ˜€ Congrats on the interview Suzanne!! I will have to listen to it! :sheepjump: How about a reality show about living on a farm? It might drive you nuts, but I bet it would sure add to your income!!!! Maybe Clover would behave for a T.V. crew! LOL! Have a great day!! :sun:

  18. JeannieB says:

    Congrats, girl I’m so proud of you!!

  19. MissyinWV says:

    How exciting!!!! I am so happy for you. I love your representation of our beautiful state. Every since the big day of the chickens hatching I was hooked..I have been showing your animal stories to my girls… The other day I told my daughter to come and see, to which she replied “I already looked”!! What I’m trying to say is….we all love you at our house!!! And it is amazing when I get my paper and you are in it!!! TOO COOL…its been great to see how much you have grown…and its proof that you can do anything you put your mind to!! :shimmy: :hug:

  20. Kim W says:

    Oh for pity’s sake! How COOL is THAT?! Congrats! :snoopy: I’m so excited for you. I have to listen to it now…

    Blessings from Ohio…

  21. Jen Foradori says:

    I heard your interview on the way to work yesterday. As soon as I got to work I checked out your blog. I usually stear clear of blogs but your pictures are brilliant. It’s hard to visually life on a farm but now I can see it. The recipes are great. I tried the microwave cake. WOW! I’ve also got my best friend looking at the site too.

  22. Omaha Kat says:

    Long time reader, first time poster… Just wanted to tell you that was a terrific radio interview. Congrats on your success!

  23. MaryLundShu says:

    OOOOHHHH Suzanne,

    I can’t tell you how wonderful enough it was to hear your voice and the “farm’s voice”.
    Thank you so much for sharing you life with us!

  24. IowaDeb says:

    What an awesome interview Suzanne! Loved hearing you talk with the rooster in the background. He was so vocal just as I imagined ,trying to steal the limelight πŸ˜†

  25. Debbie in PA says:

    Oh Suzanne..that was so wonderful to listen to! You are right….the sounds of the animals and the music really enhanced the whole story..not that it needed much enhancing! :sun2: Your story itself is enough! With the lone exception of the three creeks and a river to ford, I think I would love everything about life in rural WV.

    I live in the Philly suburbs. This is where my people settle in the early 1700’s. However, as you can imagine, it looks nothing like it did then or even as it did when I was growing up. Then, there were still farms, and I had friends who lived on them. Sadly, my kids will never know that pleasure. I can still hear the creaking sound of the old rope swing in the hayloft of one of my friend’s farms. And i still laugh at the time their pigs got loose. They had just a was more of a gentleman’s farm….anyway, the pigs got loose and ran over to our house. They have amazingly powerful snouts, and startied rooting for grubs. You could have used those pigs to plow up a garden!

    I loved your father’s story the other day, by the way. Do you have any photos of those places he mentioned done at he time he was growing up? so sad that nothing remains of many of the places.

  26. Melissa says:

    Susanne, tell Jean she did a real good job on your interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  27. margiesbooboo says:

    Suzanne! What a wonderful interview and your voice is lovely! I’m so happy for you. Also, I agree with the earlier poster that suggested the banjo and roosters for the blog, it would be great!


  28. Kate says:

    How wonderful and what a great opportunity! I look forward to listening to the program πŸ™‚

  29. Leah says:

    Hi Suzanne, I did listen to the radio interview it was very enjoyable. You do have a Lovely voice….feel like I know you even better since I’ve heard you speak!It was a lot of fun listening to the farm sounds in the background too!

  30. Harriet says:

    Loved the interview.

  31. Karen B says:

    What a wonderful interview! The sounds and music were perfect. :happyflower:

  32. Susan Wright says:

    Loved the interview. I always enjoy hearing about your folks. Also enjoyed that you are inspired by Beatrix Potter. A favorite of mine as well. I made stencils of her characters to decorate the girls nursery. I think Beatrix would be happy she inspired your art of photography and making the animal’s stories come alive.

  33. monica says:

    You go girl!! Lead the way and remind the rest of us how to provide from our own property again!! Fifty years ago, this is how EVERYONE lived and thought nothing about it.
    While I can’t have chickens in the road–I can have them in a coop in the yard–It is going to be worth it! :hungry:

  34. Joanna Wilcox says:

    I added the public radio link to my webpage and sent the link around to friends. The public radio was excellent. I follow your blog faithfully.

  35. Estella says:

    You are becoming so famous, Suzanne!

  36. catslady says:

    That was wonderful – you didn’t sound like I thought you would but then I had no idea how you would sound roflmao. Great interview!!!!

  37. Donna says:

    Wow, that was weird – I just posted a whole long paragraph and hit something and it started deleting my whole post and threw me out of this page!!!
    I was just saying how much I enjoyed the interview and what beautiful speaking voices you and the interviewer had!!! I loved all the animal sounds and Annabelle sucking her bottle so sweetly! Yes, I am one of those adults that love the animals too! LOL
    On the suburban life/country life question, I was mixed. Having experienced both, I love living closer to town, so I can get take out when I don’t want to cook, or dine out, or be closer to the Dr. or dentist/hospital…things like that. When I don’t feel well, or an tired, I would hate to think I had animals I was responsible for, chores, long drives to town, or had to make bread/homemade meals….all that would wear me out at 51. That’s just me. But, I would love the animals to ENJOY..the fresh eggs, the sounds, the peacefulness and quietness of no car boom boxes, ect. So, I guess it’s give and take, on what is more important to each person. I love the country, but want to be close to town.
    Anyway, good interview. I enjoyed it! :happyflower:

  38. trish says:

    Very interesting interview. I would love to hear the whole story behind meeting 52, but I don’t think you will be sharing that. Your voice is teacher quality. You never say hmmmm and you gave very thoughtful answers. I liked the person who interviewed you as well.

    It was great to hear Anabelle sucking on her bottle and the rooster crowing. I bet the kids sleep right through it. lol

  39. Cama says:

    Wonderful! Loved it! To bad Clover had her goatattiude thing going on!! Ha Ha πŸ˜† But, then, she does wear the crown around there! :eating:


  40. Dessa says:

    Suzanne, great interview! Very cool to put a “voice” to the face.

  41. Jodie says:

    Love the interview! Now we have a voice to go with your writing. Loved the sounds of Annabelle and the chickens. Too bad Clover wouldn’t talk for the radio. :sheep: Did I hear her say that 52 lives there too now??? That’s what I think I heard. You need to fess up!

  42. Reba in MS says:

    Totally cool interview! You were great! Anyone still living in the Burbs has got to be jealous! In the beginning… God created animals and man… and told man to… keep the GARDEN… and name the ANIMALS! That is why we find so much pleasure in farming and nature – it’s probably something everyone has deep inside them somewhere, but most modern Americans just haven’t found it yet. Poor things! Even people who don’t care to DO farming usually at least enjoy getting out into the beauty of nature or seeing the animals at the zoo.

    Suzanne, you were a great representative of the modern, civilized, American farmer – real, down-to-earth, fun, smart, friendly, and on and on… No more Beverly Hillbillies or ignorant back-woods red-neck stereotypes! We are farmers and proud of it! Well, at least I’m a high-tech red-neck!

  43. Senta says:

    I wanted to let you know that your Blog has become the bedtime story for my son Zman. Coffee for me in the morning and I pick a funny one for Zach at night. 8)

  44. FidLdd says:

    Great Overview Interview!!
    We of course know there is so much more to you than that time slot could allow.
    Just curious,why was I surprised that you have a southern accent?Very Sweet.

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