Entering the New Age


Waiting for the picture….
Signing her name….
And holding her brand new drivers license!
We drove home, she got in her own car, and drove herself to practice. She passed parallel parking on her first try and made a perfect score on her driving test!


  1. joykenn says:

    Ah, FREEDOM–though whether that is freedom for Morgan, freedom from your job as chauffeur, or BOTH is the question. Letting go is hard and imagining various disasters late on a rainy night was no fun. On the other hand it was nice not to have to structure my day around picking up, dropping off at school & practices. But, I did miss the time together in the car could talk about STUFF on our way home.

  2. Snapper119 says:


  3. Joell says:

    Good for you Morgan, drive carefully.

  4. lattelady says:

    Look out world. Morgan has her wings!

  5. holstein woman says:


  6. Diane says:

    Congrats Morgan!!

  7. lavenderblue says:

    Hurray! :snoopy:

  8. auntbear says:

    Oh Happy Day!

  9. GrammieEarth says:

    Congrats Morgan! It’s been wonderful watching you grow into a beautiful woman. Treat your license and your car as a weapon that can kill…because it is! Drive safe, and never faster than your guardian angel can fly.


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