How to Have a Simple Wedding


This weekend, I attended a delightfully simple wedding. It took place in a backyard in a small town.

There were rented tents and tables.

The caterers served barbeque pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs.

There were no fancy invitations, just phone calls.

The bride spent $19.99 on her dress, and was proud of it, too.

Wedding favors were M&M’s in tulle bags.

And the guestbook was a framed photo of the couple.

The atmosphere was decidedly casual.

The groom wore shorts and sandals.

Guests wore jeans and t-shirts or whatever they wanted. Some people even went barefoot.

And somehow….

Without spending thousands of dollars, devoting months to tedious planning, or making everyone dress up in uncomfortable clothes….

….they got married anyway.

And seemed awfully happy about it.

The beautiful bride in these photographs is 52’s daughter, Kate.

This is definitely my favorite kind of wedding. I love that it was so laidback. The bride and groom were comfortable, the guests were comfortable, and yet it was still….


I’m not sure you could do much simpler than this and still have the number of guests that were involved here. (About 70.) Maybe potluck instead of caterers, and no rented tables and tents–but people did need a place to sit to eat and it has been raining a lot here, so the tents were a protective measure from rain as well as heat. It turned out to be a nice day, not too hot until later. It was the perfect simple wedding, or pretty darn close.

Did you have a simple wedding, or been to one lately? What’s your idea of the perfect simple wedding?


  1. Grammie Earth says:

    :snuggle: How perfect! Some people really understand that its not all about ‘the day’, but more about the life they have together. I hope his shin boo boo heals soon!


  2. claudia w says:

    My oldest daughter says when she gets married that she just wants everyone to meet at the beach, so after the ceremony, those who surf can join her and her…ahem husband…(she doesn’t even have a boyfriend at this point)
    We would be roasting hotdogs and making s’mores I’m sure.
    This would be a fun kind of wedding too.
    I love that 52’s daughter did this so simply…she’s a beautiful bride and they look like a very happy couple. Congratulations to them and 52 on gaining a fine son in law!

  3. Patty says:

    Oh this was absolutely beautiful!! I had a pretty simple wedding too. There was some planning, but not a great deal, and not a lot of money. Probably the most money was spent on fabric and patterns. My mother and my soon-to-be-mother-in-law made my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, all of which were pretty simple really. The men just wore suits with ties that were made from the dress material so they all matched (they all looked like they were going to a prom LOL). We were married in my Mom’s front yard under the huge willow tree surrounded by flowers and the scenery. It was October and out in the country in east Tennessee so the trees were in full color and were all around us. It was beautiful, and the autumn sky which is so blue in October was totally clear that day, I remember. My Mom had used the lace layers from my junior prom dress to make a gorgeous tablecloth for the guestbook table. We didn’t have a meal, just the stuff family made. Hubby’s grandmother made her famous sausage cheese puffs, and we had bowls of nuts and mints and then the cakes. I had a wedding cake made, and Mom made the groom’s cake which was a HUGE hit (not a single person ate any of the wedding cake, but the groom’s cake was scarfed down lol). Some friends of ours had a DJ sound system and played music and we had a friend sing and another play the keyboard for the wedding march. My hubby’s grandfather was a minister so he performed the ceremony. Oh, and since my hubby’s Mom worked for the park’s and rec dept, we got to borrow tables and chairs for free too. So, it was a pretty cheap wedding, but very romantic and we were surrounded by family and friends.

    My sister is 11 years older than me, but I remember her wedding when I was 7. She got married in Mom’s rose garden (lived in a different house then), and I think food was just a big meal Mom made (she loved cooking for LOTS of people). I remember too, that the wedding march was a cassette tape of someone playing it on an organ and the tape player was stuck in a tree. Haha. I do remember everyone had a great time and there were tons of people.

    My own daughter has said she wants to get married outside, and she wants it to be totally casual with a covered dish meal and maybe grill hot dogs and hamburgers and just have a party in someone’s back yard. I don’t have my Mom’s green thumb, and she’s passed on, but I’m all for another outdoor casual wedding. I think if I could go back and do mine over, I’d have gone more casual for the dresses and had different colors for Fall, but I’d still have it outside. There’s just something so romantic and special about an outdoor wedding (and it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive!)

    Congrats to 52’s daughter and her husband!!

  4. CindyP says:

    Congratulations to them! 52, you have a beautiful daughter!

    Simple CAN BE beautiful! I absolutely love the guest book idea and the whole laid-back affair. Even though it didn’t cost thousands, it will still always be a day they remember.

  5. Leah says:

    Congratulations on your knew SIL 52! I think it was a very pretty wedding. The newlyweds looks so happy.

  6. Diane says:

    Oh yeah! I LOVE the simplicity of it all…and they are just as married as someone who spent thousands! Congratulations to all! (She has 52’s smile) ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Johanna says:

    Oh congratulations to Kate and her husband! I always cry at weddings, I’m crying now!

    One of the best weddings I ever went to was my friend Deb’s. She and her fiance rented out all the cottages at a summer camp kind of place, because a number of people were coming from out of town. At the largest cottage they brought in all the potted azaleas a friend of theirs was about to put in her landscape to decorate the living room. That evening they said their vows with just about 20 people present – family and closest friends. We went out to dinner. Then the next day they had a pot luck party in the yard and all their other friends brought terrific dishes and we played volleyball and badminton and just had a great party.

    I think Kate’s wedding looks like it had the same spirit. May they live long and happy!

  8. Diane says:

    I cried. What a beautiful wedding. 52’s daughter is so pretty. I love a simple wedding. They are the best and found that the lasting relationships are the ones who have simple weddings.

    My wedding almost 19 years ago was petty simple. My mom made my gown, my mother in law did all the flowers. She was a florist. We bought our cake off my dh’s aunt. It was simple 3 layer cake and then my mil put freash flowers on it. It was beautiful. We rented a fire hall. The catater was so cheep the food was so good. Basic wedding food in our area of fried chicken, pasta and veggies. I think it costed us 5 or 6.00 a plate. We bought our own booze via my bother in law who worked in another state and would get us a bottle at a time when he went to work. lol. All the cookies were made by family members on both sides of the family. We had so many cookies that everyone who wanted some got to take them home. I think my mom and mil had cookies for a long time in the freazer after that. lol.

    Looking back we could of done it even more simple. I can do a simple white dress and have the groom in nice shorts and the guest in blue jeans with good pinic food to eat. Its perfect.

  9. Lori Skoog says:

    Perfect! Your close ups are fabulous…a beautiful couple.

  10. Barbee' says:

    That is totally beautiful! Such originality and fun! Everyone will remember their wedding for sure. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Anke says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple! They look beautiful together and it sounds like it was a wonderful day. Maybe my girls will want something simple, yet beautiful when they decide to get married. MANY, Many years from now… ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Sandy says:

    My “first” wedding was not cheap, but was my husband’s favorite. We took the train from Germany to Denmark, spent a couple of required days there and then got married with the local Justice. The JP asked – Are you FabHub? Yes. Are you Sandy? Yes. OK you are married sign here. It might have cost more, but was very simple. My father preferred us to have a church wedding, so our “second” was in the states at my parent’s church. It was already decorated for Christmas so that was free. My mom made brisket and the church ladies made more food. Everyone was dressed in uncomfortable clothes and all appropriate things were said. Most expensive part of that one was the photographer.

  13. Sarah says:

    My husband’s and my wedding was very simple and fairly inexpensive. The reception was held at our church so it was free. I had made my own dress years before (not planning that it would be my wedding dress – it was just a white 1880s walking dress) and I just had to get it altered by a friend and fancified. I didn’t have any official bridesmaids either. We had dump cake and chili and cornbread for food at the reception as we got married in December. We stored it at my work in one of the big fridges beforehand. We had bowls of peppermint candies on the tables as favors (well, we were eating chili). The only things I had “professionally” done for us were the decorations (lit Christmas trees) and the photography which was done by a grad student and my roommate took the candid shots as a wedding present. I even made my own wedding cake – two cranberry upside-down cakes. Delicious and beautiful! Even our rings’ combined total was under $300. It was a simple and wonderful occasion that I still look back on and have happy memories about. And no beaucoup bucks were spent or needed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Staci says:

    Oh Sarah, lit Christmas trees… Sigh…

  15. Heidi says:

    My husband and I got married in our back yard. Only immediate family and a few aunts and uncles were at the wedding. My husband’s uncle was the minister who officiated. We rented tables, chairs and a an awning. For the wedding portion, we set up the chairs for everyone to sit in. Then everyone took their chair over to the tables for the reception. We had a lot of our friends come for that part as well.

    We provided most of the food either ourselves or through our mothers. We did order a cake though. My brother brought his big home stereo system over to provide music for the traditional dances. It was, in my opinion, the perfect wedding.

  16. KathyCalculates says:

    You made my day! I had to link to you on my blog and I hope the happy couple enjoy a long and wonderful marriage!

  17. trish robichaud says:

    first of all, thank you to suzanne for sharing with us the joy of kates wedding. it was simple yet beautiful.when i go to weddings i dread the formal ones because that means i have to buy a new dress, the gift, have my hair done and at the end of the day your tired, broke and really dont even want to go.the whole idea behind the wedding is to be with those family and friends that you love and love you, say your vows before them and make a promise to each other.thats it plain and simple. God bless them as they begin thier lives together. :hug: :snuggle:

  18. Jeannie says:

    I love this. How refreshing to see a couple not feel they have to spend ridiculous, irresponsible amounts of money to get married. It looks like they will have a great future together! Congratulations!

  19. blueberrylu says:

    How lovely!!!! We had a pretty traditional wedding in a church, with a reception at a hall afterwards, but to make it simple we got married at 11:00am and the meal was a delicious luncheon. The reception lasted until about 3-ish, then our family and close friends went back to my parents house to unwrap our gifts and eat leftovers from the wedding. This allowed us time to visit with out of town friends, which was great. It was nice and relaxing and a very enjoyable way to spend your wedding day.

  20. SkippyMom says:

    Our wedding was simple too – We were married at my Mom & Dad’s house – in their formal living room [you know the room – the one no one uses and you aren’t allowed in without penalty of death?] We decorated with daisies and babies breath, everyone was dressed comfortably and the guys in the wedding wore suits they already had. My dress and my “maid of honor’s” [it was my daughter] dress cost a total of $50 and matched! My Mom and I paid deli trays of food [lunchmeat, cheeses, shrimp, cream cheese and lox] and other assorted hor deurves [sp?] – Probably the most expensive thing was the minister [who we found in a local magazine – he was a hoot – powder blue polyester suit! He was great] and he cost $100. Our cake came from a local bakery – two tiers, buttercream frosting, lemon cake with rasberry filling AND it was decorated like a wedding cake – it only cost $40.

    And we didn’t have invites either – we called everyone and said “Are you busy Monday evening?” And you know – no one was [seriously, who is busy on a Monday? In July? lol] it was wonderful. And cheap. And we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

  21. Amanda says:

    My husband and I got married on a Friday night at my family’s century farm. We were married by the creek (where during the ceremony a duck flew in and landed in the creek behind us!). It was a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards we went to the local ski hill where we had rented out the chalet (free rental with food purchase due to Friday reservation) for hors d ourves and cocktails and danced the night away to a local DJ. For less than $4000 (with a partial open bar and including our attire) we had a great wedding. Friends have told us multiple times it was one of the best weddings they have ever been to because it was so simple and laid back (it has been said that it even topped the $40,000 one of our friends spent on their wedding!)

  22. SkippyMom says:

    That should say “made deli trays” not paid LOL [we actually copied the pics from our local caterers brochure to make “professional” deli trays. ha!

  23. DragonLady says:

    Beautiful couple and I love to read stories like this one. Their ceremony makes complete sense. Casual comfort, enjoyment and no fear of anyone becoming bankrupt due to an over-the-top wedding. I wish them many happy years together! :happyflower:

  24. blossom says:

    What a beautiful bride and lovely event.

    We had a simple wedding, with a party,hog roast,and strawberries from a local farm, in a friends barn. I grew the flowers and bought a lovely dress in the sales, which i have worn many times since.The biggest expense was bar – simple barrels of beer and jugs of Pimms (kind of punch,) as the hog was a wedding gift
    It was a perfect, relaxed day which many guests say was their favourite wedding ever!

  25. Jackie says:

    Our wedding was sweet and simple. I made the dresses and flowers for my “wedding party” – my best friend as Maid of Honor, and my three daughters as bridesmaids”…bought my husband, his best man, and my two little boys matching shirts…. we grabbed a boombox and the preacher and got married on the beach at sunset… all barefooted…it was just to hard to walk in the sand in our cute shoes!

    Other than my four year old twins playing chase between our legs (which we ignored) and throwing sand (which we ignored) and a few pictures with really bad wind-blown hair, it was PERFECT.

  26. Nikki says:

    So cute and Congratulations!! I got married way out in the desert of Arizona along highway 88 alongside a beautiful cliff with maybe 25 people. It was perfect for us and we are still together after 12 yrs!!

  27. Joycee says:

    Our daughter just celebrated 11 wonderful years that started with the ceremony in our Texas backyard! We set up an altar with rented wedding arch, decorated with silk and fresh flowers, lots of tulle and fed brisket and all the fixin’s to 100 guests! After the ceremony everyone enjoyed bbq and swam in the pool! Years later I still hear comments…”Best wedding I ever attended!” :snoopy:

  28. Melinda says:

    Okay, I always cry at weddings….Guess thats why I cried reading about this one. It looked like an absolutely beautiful way to start a life together. 52’s daughter looked so pretty and so happy and so did the groom. I wish them a lifetime of happy memories and loving family.

  29. Amber says:

    my husband and I got married on October 5, 1992. The date we set was Oct. 10, but he called me at 8 am on the 5th and said “do you want get married today?” Of course, my answer was yes. we went to city hall to get our marriage license and his mom came in and begged us to wait til that evening so his dad could be there. We waited, and got married that evening in his parents back yarrd by our pastor. My MIL made a cake and hotdogs, and we had koolaid for drinks….still happily married after almost 18 years and would not change a thing…

  30. Maureen says:

    Our wedding was in my parent’s backyard too and we rented tables, chairs and a tent. We did have the food catered. We even rented a dance floor and had a DJ. I think it was just as special as any wedding I’ve been to but only a fraction of the cost. Congratulations to Kate and her new husband!

  31. becki says:

    When my husband and I got married, it was simple. Family and friends, about 50 people tops. I do confess to one “bridezilla” moment. It was a week before the wedding and the alterations on my dress still hadn’t been done. I called the seamstress in a tizzy. Turns out, her mother and sister had been in a horrific crash a month earlier. Her mom died at the scene, her sister was still in the hospital. It put everything in perspective. She finished my dress and came to my office to check the fitting. So folks at the office not coming to the event still got to see me in the dress,

  32. Senta Sandberg says:

    That was such a beautiful wedding. I too had a simple wedding. With homemade invitations,dress and cake. Daisy’s are my favorite flower so those were homemade too. We have been married 18years in June.

  33. patrice says:

    I have worked for a caterer recently and I cannot believe how typical it is for a bride and groom to spend $5000 to $10,000 on the reception. Forget the dress, tux, flowers, photographer, that is just for the reception. Just yesterday, someone was telling me of their friend’s bargain basement wedding dress that they got for $300 (a quarter of the original price).

    I commend Kate and her guy for being practical. They looked very happy to me in the photos!Money cannot buy REAL happiness.
    Blessings to the bride and groom! :hug:

  34. Cate says:

    Best wishes to the happy couple.

  35. Sherry says:

    Twelve years ago we had a relatively simple wedding…it took place in my sister-in laws garden and we were married by another of my husbands sisters. The food was made by all of the family with lobsters and steamers for the main course (local)-cooked by one of the guests. I made scottish shortbread the night before the wedding! We had fresh peaches from the orchard down the road. It was all served in the barn (which was converted into a garage). The flowers were out of the sister’s gardens. I did get a fancy dress (and ruined the hem dancing on the blacktop driveway) and my husband wore his clan tartan kilt. Many guests dressed casually or in tartan skirts (even the guys). It was the most fun at a party I’ve ever had!

  36. Mia says:

    Yup.. paid less than $50 for my dress and ex-hubbys mother cooked ALL the food…

    I watched back to back episodes of Bridezillas this weekend, and I gotta say, there is absolutely nothing wrong,and a whole lot RIGHT about going simple and not wasting all that darn money.

    Congrats to the newlyweds. Beautiful photos and their happy expressions are priceless. Also thought that guestbook photoframe was a GREAT idea!

  37. mim says:

    expensive weddings do not make the marriage….tried to convince my nephew & soon to be wife (June 5 is the big day)to go simple but what do I know..told her that they could do alot with the money spent on the wedding & reception. A coworker of my husband’s married us in his church. He opened the church when we got there with the kids ( his daughter & my son), gave them cameras & we wore jeans & denim shirts. Afterwards, we met our families at Red Lobster..

  38. Nancy says:

    This one is about as perfect as you could get! So much less stress, aggrivation, stuffiness! What better way to begin your life together! And what a beautiful bride!!! And that cake…are you kidding me??? Gorgeous!

  39. Kristen E says:

    We REALLY wanted a tiny, simple wedding but our families intervened. We ended up with about 65-70 guests (including the wedding party), which was definitely a bit big for our tastes. We got married in the morning in a flower garden in September and had a brunch reception on site. We spent FAR less than most folks do on their weddings and we had exactly what we wanted. No dancing and drunkenness, no guests we barely knew, just an intimate, quiet wedding. It was perfect!

  40. Brittin says:

    OUr wedding was simple too! We got married on a bluff over looking the San Juan islands, family made all the food, my cousin BBQ’d salmon that he had caught. My mom made the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. We rented a tux coat for my dad and husband the rest of the groomsmen wore white shirts and black levis. The men wore black cowboy boots and so did I. My mom and I arranged the flowers that we bought from Costco. There were close to 100 people there, but most were relatives, it was simple and romantic and perfect. Our official pictures were taken by a friend of a friend at sunset with the islands as background, but we got many other pictures from family with their own camers. I must say the best part of the evening though, was when my husband surprised me with s 1969 chevy truck that he restored for me! The truck had been in the blackberries at my parents house since before I was born, now it is a constant reminder of my husbands love! I would not have changed a single thing about that day!

  41. Aimee says:

    My cousin’s wedding was on the beach at sunset, almost 2 years ago. She wore a simple dress; he wore a white button down shirt and khakis. Instead of a unity candle, all the parents and grandparents poured sand into separate vessels, then they each poured sand into one vase.

    The *coolest* part about it was that random people on the beach stopped to watch and when the bride & groom kissed, they all clapped and “hooted and hollered” (people from WV will get this. lol).

  42. Joy says:

    the timing of this couldnt be more perfect…we have a young friend who is planning on a simple wedding, very very similar to the photos in this one. I am forwarding her the link so she can see how very beautiful it can be!! nicely done!!

  43. chershots says:

    Congrats to the newlyweds! I love simple weddings. My niece is planning to get married in her parents back yard in Aug. Only difference is that we have a HUGE family and there will be over 250 attending. But for us that’s still a “small” wedding. lol

  44. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    I love it! The couple was allowed to enjoy their own wedding. How often does that happen?!?!?

    My sister-in-law spent $25 on her dress at a dig shop and was very proud of it, too. Charm, flair, and romance are priceless!


  45. Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage says:

    Congratulations to 52’s daughter and her husband! I think this was such a wonderful idea…no pressure on the parents or friends trying to pull everything together or wondering where they’re going to get the money to pay for everything. The handsome couple looked like they were relaxed and not stressed at all….the way a wedding should be. I LOVE her dress…it’s gorgeous and I can’t get over the price she paid! What a thoughtful couple. I’m sure 52 was very proud. Thanks for sharing this with all of us Suzanne…maybe some of us will take this info and pass it along to those who could use it. Have a wonderful day! Chic :hungry2:

  46. monica says:

    Good for them! So many families put so much thought into a single day–giving not a single thought to the future YEARS and hopefully decades they may be spending together.

    Beautiful cake flowers and happy people make gorgeous pictures! :clover:


  47. Kim W says:

    We went to a simple wedding on Saturday, too! Although, this one was in a church w/the small reception at a local nature center :snuggle: it was ‘simply’ lovely. On our way home, we even talked about what a great lesson in ‘being simple but still lovely’ for a wedding.

    Last Sept. I sang at a dear friend’s outdoor wedding ~ similar to what you attended. She had been widowed the year before w/3 young kids & expecting their 4th! She met an INCREDIBLE man after the baby was born, and he has 2 kids, they all fit together like long-lost pieces of a puzzle…truly a miracle of God. They had an outdoor wedding at his lovely semi-country home by a small creek, they had picnic tables set up in the back & served City BBQ pulled pork & all the fixin’s & had Cheesecake Factory YUMMY cheesecakes instead of a wedding cake. It was simple…it was lovely. And they lived happily ever after…

    Blessings from Ohio…Kim~

  48. wvhomecanner says:

    My son and now daughter-in-law just got married about 10 weeks ago on St. Patrick’s Day – a Wednesday. Planned about 4 weeks for it. My DIL found a beautiful white dress for $149 in the prom gowns (looked like a wedding gown!). Veil kit from AC Moore. Only parents and sibs at the wedding and two nights later a reception for around 80+. They spent maybe $700 if that much on everything including his Gaelic wedding band. Potluck appetizers, BYOB, St. Paddy’s decorations and mardis gras beads for every guest LOL. Oh and the DJ, who quoted a discounted fee of $75 actually charged them nothing as a gift. :clover: :clover: :clover:

  49. marymac says:

    I think these simpler weddings are the favorite of most people, the best is yet to come, right?

  50. Jan Morrison says:

    I’ve been married a few times but my favorite wedding was my second. We got married in a tiny church in Zeballos on Vancouver Island. It is a VERY small town. We had our reception in the town hall with its lovely faux front like where Marshal Dillon might have hung out with Miss. Kitty. Every single person in town was invited and it was a potluck. We had friends play music. Afterwards a whole bunch of us travelled down island to Vancouver where we picketed the Tashis Logging Company. Yep – what a honeymoon. I wore black silk pants and a red Thai silk kimona jacket. Instead of a bridesmaid I had a best man who also played the tune at the church. The tune was “Well I’ve Been Out Walking” can’t remember the real name. I love this kind of wedding too. What is with all the big bucks spent? I do not get it. When you’re young and in love or old and in love you don’t need fancy schmanzy – you need good food, good friends and some music. And don’t even get me started on honeymoon suites – they should give honeymooners the basement with a bare lightbulb. They don’t care people!

  51. dixie says:

    For our second marriage, my husband and I requested potluck instead of gifts. We had the wedding at a state park with a friend officiating; flowers from our garden; kegs of beer and kiddy pool full of sodas and water; a Hostess cupcake with a bride and groom on top was our wedding cake; I was in a band, so my band performed (with me) and lots of other musicians showed up to play into the night; another friend set up his chiropractic table in the parking lot and was giving free adjustments and kids were playing t-ball and people picnicing in the lodge and on the lawn — everyone dressed casually and many people said it was the best wedding they ever attended.

  52. LisaAJB says:

    I think my wedding was pretty darn good. We had deli sandwiches and fruit and veggy trays. HUGE chunks of chocolate cake too. I paid more for my dress, but I did wear white flip flops. We got married by the lake outside of my hometown. I think we had about 70 guests too. Our gifts were pink flowers in clay pots. People gathered on blankets and brought their own lawn chairs. After everyone had left but family, we made a bonfire and opened presents. I have pictures of myself roasting marshmallows in my white dress. The best part was all of the wild flowers in the background. Oh, and my HUSBAND of course! He wore a white shirt and tie and black slacks.

  53. Whitney says:

    I got married on my deck in the Eastern Panhandle of WV in January with 30 guests and my hubby’s cousin who is a preacher. It was cold, but the snow made for a pretty back drop and short ceremony then everyone headed inside for a potluck dinner!! It was wonderful!!

  54. lavenderblue says:

    52, your daughter is beautiful. They make a wonderful couple. Did 52 cry, Suzanne? No, you don’t have to answer that, I’m just teasing.

    Our wedding was at a local park, as close as I could get to a farm field. Relatives all brought a dish to pass. We told everybody that playclothes were required and yes, of course the kids could come. We had a lot of grateful parents. The main course was hot dogs and hamburgers. I couldn’t find my bouquet to throw. And we all went and climbed the monkey bars after the ceremony.

    I think I have the bride beat on the dress cost. Mine was a muslin dress, “tea length” with a pretty cutwork collar. It cost five bucks at a Florida flea market. The groom was attired in his ‘interview’ suit and hi-top Converse. Red.

  55. Christine says:

    My husband and I were married in our backyard. All of our guests said it was the most enjoyable and romantic wedding they had ever been to. There is something very intimate and meaningful about a backyard wedding.

  56. Lovinafarmboy says:

    My wedding was not simple, but it was this weekend:) I think the wedding should reflect the couple. Ours was a big shindig, because we wanted everyone to be there. It had a rustic feel to it and definitely set the spiritual foundation we wanted.

  57. Sasha says:

    My wedding was so wonderful, simple but wonderful, and SO easy to plan. Got married on a yacht (officiated by the captain) with about 75 friends/family members… a 2 hour cruise I will never forget ๐Ÿ™‚ The hardest part was the gift registry, my husband to be thought $9 wine glasses were extravegant – or at least he did until friends of ours registered for $120 glasses, lol.

  58. Rose C. says:

    I love it! Simply at its best. Plus look at all the money they saved!!!!!

  59. Leighway says:

    This is the way to do it!! Imagine, everyone is comfortable and there is no debt being dragged behind the car bumper as the bride and groom leave for their married life.
    Well done, folks.

  60. Cousin Sheryl says:

    One of the most beautiful weddings I ever attended was right here in Roane County. The bride’s parents have a large farm and the wedding was set right on top of a ridge that was closely mowed after the hay had been “put up.” The ridge top was arranged like a church with hay bales for seats. There was a center aisle between the bales for the procession. A white, wrought iron arch was decorated in flowers and served as the “front” where the minister stood and performed the ceremony. Guests were transported up and down the hill on a hay wagon pulled by the tractor. The family had worked hard to clean out a large garage and a large farm shed which served as sit down eating areas for the buffet style reception. Tables and chairs were borrowed from a local church.

    That ridge top was absolutely beautiful with a cloudless, bright blue summer sky. The WV Hills were green and verdant in the summer heat.

    Speaking of verdant, this lovely couple is currently expecting their second child.

    I love weddings!!! (Mine was a big bash with 300 guests and 14 attendants.) But, my parents, some relatives and some church ladies along with me cooked all the food for the buffet reception. I always wanted a big, white wedding with all the trimmings and that is what I had! I hand-addressed about 300 invitations with calligraphy. Hubby wore cowboy boots with his tux because he said they were his most comfortable shoes. Sigh….I am still married almost 26 years later.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  61. Debbie in PA says:

    Lovely wedding, and probably some of the best memories because everyone was relaxed!

    My wedding was not as simple, but by many people’s standards these days, was basic but lovely. I got my dress at some out of the way bridal shop–an old sample that needed some alterations. I made my headpeice and that of my bridesmaid. We found her dress on a prom dress clearance rack for $20. We made the flower girl’s dress–it was really lovely. My husband rented a tux, and we told the guys just to wear a suit, but they wanted to rent tuxes as well. We had a church wedding with a friend doing the music; a luncheon at a family style restaurant that had a banquet room, a string quartet playing music (they were reasonable and it was nice backround music-cheaper than a DJ). My mom made the wedding cake.

  62. janice says:

    That was perfect. I got married in my house, just family and close friends, we had a blast, so laid back, these kind of weddings are the best!

  63. maude says:

    congratulations, 52!

    they look relaxed, and happy.

  64. Valerie says:

    My wedding 1 year ago last Thursday was simple to the extreme. A second marriage for us both, we went to the Mall of America here in Minnesota and were married at the Chapel of Love. Just John and I. The female minister they have on staff was wonderful. I was crying, and I caught John with tears in his eyes,too. We then took off for So. Dakota to see the Mt Rushmore, the Badlands and Black Hills. The date we chose was kinda “out there”. His previous marriage ended in divorce on May 20 1994, and mine ended May 20 1998. May was always an unlucky month for me, but we took a deep breath and took the plunge. Figured we could turn the sadness of May 20 into something wonderful. He retired May 1 last year, too, and I have to say life has never been better.

  65. Runningtrails says:

    That sounds absolutely wonderful! What a great idea for a wedding! Why do weddings always have to be so much trouble and expense? They get married, either way.

    I’d love to have a wedding here, out in the back yard under the big oak. We have the space and gardens for it. Our huge deck wouldn’t work, though. It would definately fall down with more than two people on it ๐Ÿ™

  66. Patty Hager says:

    Hey 52…congrats on that beautiful daughter of yours getting married. They make a lovely couple and I know you must have been very proud. I have not seen her for many years and she is so beautiful. Take care and God bless and hope you both are doing well. The simple wedding is the perfect kind of wedding. James and I went to one outside Fairmont years ago and it was also catered with chicken on the spit and potato salad and chips and wedding cake and soda cans in a big laundry tub and iced tea and the little church had no electricity. Only candlelight and a few flowers. Everyone was told to dress simple and bring lawn chairs or blankets to lay on the lawn by the creek. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to and reminded me of Kate’s. Hugs. Patty Hager

  67. tabbimama says:

    13 years ago next month, I married my sweetheart in the backyard of our house. We decorated with tons of hanging baskets and beautiful plants we got to enjoy long after the wedding. We rented tables and had a friend cater with wonderful homemade canneloni (my hubby is Italian) and cheesecake for dessert. My dress was off the rack from JCPenney and I did all the flowers, centerpieces, and programs. My nephews played their electric guitars and even though they only knew 3 songs it was terrific. It was a wonderful, wonderful day and I am soooooo glad we didn’t get caught up in the Bridzilla world of today’s weddings. Congratulations to 52 and to the newlyweds. May you have many happy years together!

  68. Rechelle says:

    This is an awesome post.

  69. Sarah says:

    How lovely! My wedding was very simple: in the backyard at my wife’s grandparents’ summer house. We convinced the JP to stand on the dock with us for the ceremony, and then we had badminton, board games, and take-out Thai food under a rented tent with 22 guests.

  70. sondra says:

    Now that was a LOVELY wedding!

  71. Judy says:

    I love this post. That’s the kind of wedding I hope my last 3 daughters to get married will have, or at least one of them.
    I didn’t go to this wedding but I heard of a couple getting married right before church service one Sunday. They just stood up along with the best man and maid of honor and walked to the front of the church. After the minister married them, they went to sit down in the pews for church and the minister went to the pulpit and gave the morning sermon. You can’t get more simpler than that.

  72. FarmYard Gal says:

    I LOVE this story! Am going to suggest it to my daughter!!!

  73. Carmen at Old House Kitchen says:

    Our wedding (16 1/2 years ago) was fairly simple. We were college students at the time and my mom worked an extra job to help pay for it. We decided on satin flowers that were cheaper at the time. My bridesmaids’ dresses were $35 off the rack at JcPenney and the shoes were $9 at Payless. My wedding dress was a huge discount and the seamstress altered it at her house for super cheap. We hung white lights over the fake trees on the church stage and had a few flower arrangements brought in (again, silk). I had friends blow up balloons and hang streamers and white lights for decor at the reception site (the church basement) and in the foyer (balloons only there). After Grandparents started potting and planning who was making what (we hadn’t even thought about food yet!) we decided to just have cake, punch, and coffee. The cakes were expensive, though. Looking back I wish we’d just had a ton of cupcakes and one small bride/groom cake, but we had a church gal make them and she made cakes for “everyone” at church who was having a wedding so we did, too. We didn’t have a dj or dancing, but we opened all our gifts for everyone to see and they enjoyed it! It was fun. We threw the bouquet, tossed the garter, got pelted with birdseed (I was picking it out of my bra at the gas station where we stopped to cut the cans and balloons off the car!) and took off on our romantic tour of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was simple to us and wonderful all at the same time! Thanks, Suzanne, for bringing back those fun memories. I may just hog-tie the hubby and pop in the wedding dvd tonight! (It’s so full of missed family..grandparents, my dad, etc.)

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