I’m in Trouble Now


When did I get a two-legged cat and why is it shaving its legs?
Oh no…..
It’s a chicken! On the porch! The porch is on the second story and therefore supposedly safe from chickens. Off-limits. Decidedly. I don’t want chickens on my porch! I don’t want–

Oh no.


  1. Kathleen in Michigan says:

    You might have to change your name from “Chickens in the Road” to “Chickens on the Porch”!

  2. Andrea says:

    :chicken: I have found that a watergun works wonders.After being squirted a few times my chickens got the idea and are staying in the yard where they belong.You might want to give it a try.

  3. KateS says:

    Thing about chickens is, you just can’t housebreak them! :chicken:

  4. Sandy says:

    Oh no!!!! Maybe he is afraid of heights!!!

  5. Sheila Z says:

    Chickens are incorrigible. If it’s flying up on the porch you can clip one wing and it will discourage flying. If it’s walking up there then put a gate at the bottom of the stairs. Act quick or it will be teaching all the chickens the trick. To the chickens the porch is just a perfect place to hang out. What’s not to love, the people that bring the food are closer, it’s out of the rain, it provides a great view to survey potential predators from, wonderful shade and if it rains there is great cover.

  6. Runningtrails says:

    This looks like a good opportunity to give him a good swift push off the porch and down the stairs. Only his dignity will be hurt and he will respect you more, maybe 🙂

    I don’t like my chickens on the porch either. The leave little poop piles to step in. I have seeds drying on screens on my porch too, that I don’t want eaten!

  7. Carol Langille says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah….chicken on the porch at THIS house isn’t surprising!!! Suzanne will have them tamed and sitting beside her on the porch swing next, eating popcorn and drinking iced tea!
    By the way….I made the Upside Down Pizza last night and it was waayyyyy too goood!!!! I made mine in a 12 inch iron skillet, used a little more sausage and hamburger meat, more onions, more cheese and increased the milk and flour amounts for the crust. OH MY GOSH!!!! Just me and my hubby and there was ONE piece left this morning for my lunch. Absolutely wonderful, Suzanne, and easy to make. I liked it better than downside up pizza and so did my husband.
    Thanks for great recipes always!

  8. Chic says:

    Good Morning Suzanne! I can hardly wait until our chickens can’t come on the porch. It’s not that I don’t love my chickens…I do…but I get tired of cleaning up their mess 10 times a day! I’m really going to miss having them so close so I can watch their antics but we need to do some dirt work around the house and we don’t want to be constantly worried that we’re going to run them over with the tractor. They sure are fun to watch though and they (all 10)love to sun on the porch with the 2 Shih Tzu’s and the Akbash puppy. I think they’re going to be mad at me!

  9. Claudia W says:

    They are coming up there to see how the other half lives. And probably to smell your good cooking!

  10. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Good morning! I had to laugh when I saw your first picture, especially the comment. Looks like she’s undercover, scouting things out. Had to tell you… your dough enhancer is fabulous. My bread loaves turned out beautifully! I have a double batch mixed and stored in the fridge. I tried the pie crust recipe yesterday and I must say that was the best pie dough I ever worked with!. Thanks for the great recipes. Good luck with your chicken invasion, too!

  11. Su says:

    I had a rooster once who thought he was a dog, followed me everywhere! Maybe your chicken talked to Annabelle and decided the life of a dog is good! :sheep:

  12. Joycee says:

    It’s a well known fact that the female species can and will figure out how to accomplish what they put their mind to. Don’t worry, Mean Rooster has other things on his mind…

  13. lola falana says:

    Chickens are so funny, that’s why I love them. Curious about everything. Cute post, loved the title!

  14. Angie says:

    Suzanne get yourr rake ready….shes going right straight to tell YOU KNOW WHO. :chicken:

  15. Tiffany @ NOH says:

    That’s a beautiful chicken! We can’t wait to start raising our own.

    I just started following your blog after discovering it on Networked Blogs via Facebook. I’m so looking forward to reading more as you clearly are way more experienced than us and we have so much to learn!

  16. .Nancy in Iowa says:

    Mm hmmm. One day, not too far away, you’ll be sitting in that rocker reading one of your books to an audience of chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, and donkeys all reclining on the porch enthralled with another of your stories. Do you think the piglets can make it up there? Maybe you should consider homeschooling your animals. At least take them all into the kitchen for the winter!!!!

    Chuckling in Iowa :sheepjump: :sheep: :chicken: :cowsleep:

  17. parityshopping says:

    Maybe you should consider homeschooling your animals. 😆

  18. Darlene says:

    Well, if Elves can teach the trees to talk…I’m just sayin’.

  19. Jade says:

    My family was in Pickens last week! I thought of you as we crossed to creeks to get to the property! :wave: We do feed our chickens but, when one gets out, they seem to go for the dog food!Crazy!!

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