In Like a Lion


It’s March! I can turn over my calendars for real without making Winter angry.

So why is Winter still angry as a lion? Why does the weather forecast here still include words like flurries and freezing? I don’t think Winter is a very nice person. NO! I take that BACK! Winter, you are wonderful, beautiful, positively splendiferous! I love you, Winter!


We’re actually supposed to make it back into the 50s later this week, so I have high hopes for the rest of the month turning more lamb-like. How is the weather in your corner of the world? Back when I lived in Texas, I’d be planting my vegetable garden now.

Here, not so much, but it is time to get ready! Time to prepare your biodegradable seed-starter pots.
And whip up some handcrafted herb pot markers.
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Thank you, always, for being here and for your comments and support! Here’s to a fabulous, stunning, splendid March!

Oh, and if you’re out plowing your garden? Be sure you don’t do anything ridiculous like this.

I probably shouldn’t hoe, either.

Spring, oh lovely Spring, why doth thou come bearing a HOE?!


  1. Heidi says:

    OH LOL at least you didnt have the how attatched to the tractor!! *snort* I LOVE To come and read here everyday Sue – you make my coffee worth drinking!! Good luck and dont garden to hard.

  2. Heidi533 says:

    I’m so ready for spring. It’s -7 here this morning. :o(

  3. CATRAY44 says:

    I am very excited for that newsletter! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Diane says:

    2hr school delay for the kids because its so cold. But at least we did not get snow in my area. It could be worse. lol. Spring will show up this weekend. I am thinking of celebrating. lol. Got any good spring cookie recipies??

  5. Kathryn says:

    It is 18* here and I think that is entirely unnecessary. Far more cold than I would wish. Humph. Somebody needs to wake up and fix it pronto!

    I was thinking about your garden. Your soil is just going to get better and better with all the old straw and chicken poop you have now. Enjoy!

    Seeds are planted and are set out in the sunroom. Beds are still sleeping under their winter blanket of compost that we spread in early December. All that richness has soaked in the soil over the winter, and as soon as it gets warm, watch out!

    Spring cookies sound wonderful. I have lost my favorite. A lemon teacake recipe. Oh, it was wonderful. Light and buttery, with a very delicate lemony glaze. Argh.

  6. trish says:

    I have been saving tp rolls and paper towel rolls and I am going to take my 6yr. old grandaughter seed shopping this week. Love the markers you made. They look so easy and pretty. Can’t wait to read the newsletter!

  7. Ginny Manor says:

    Looking forward to the newsletter! Weather in NW Tennessee 23 degrees this morning, with spots of snow`left over from the weekend. A friend of mine posted on her FB page ‘Snow is crystallized sunshine!’, which I thought was well said and quite generous of her.

  8. anni says:

    that was close, but don’t worry I don’t think winter saw what you wrote.
    what’s the weather here -13 F! lovely yes (not)
    we are a long way from planting, like 2 months, but at least I’ll have time to collect some biodegradable seed pots.
    anni in toronto

  9. Julie Andrea in Englehart, ON says:

    It’s a balmy -30C (that’s -22F for the USA) this morning, but the sun is shining brightly and at least it keeps the mosquitoes down! hee hee

    Julie Andrea
    (hoping the car will start, if not .. hoping the truck will start!)

  10. Linda says:

    Can’t wait for the news letter. Where do you find the time for all this. Thank you for all tou do. It’s 20 here in south central IN. No planting for a while yet.

  11. tracibest says:

    I SOOOO want to do either a container garden or raised beds this year! I need to do some research and see what is ‘allowed’ by our city ordinance’s.

  12. Gail says:

    Snow is on the ground and it was 10 degrees this morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia. Spring can’t come soon enough!What seeds have you planted so far?

  13. Kate says:

    I love how all the Canadians come out when cold winter weather is mentioned. “Cold enough for ya?” -18 here in southeastern Ontario, but at least the sun is shining!

    As I admired your photos of soil, Martha was on TV talking about indoor planting. It did more to warm me up than my giant pot of tea. Thank you for sharing! :purpleflower:

  14. catslady says:

    In honor of Annabelle I think March should be coming in like a lamb and not the darn lion :sheepjump:

  15. Leah says:

    Both the plow and the hoe look dangerous. I’d stay away from them if i were you! Let the men step up and take care of the plowing and hoeing! 8)

  16. Treasia/TruckersWife says:

    The weather here in Arkansas is not ready for planting outdoors yet. I have started my indoor seeds and that’s about it. so hoping the snow melts away here and it get warm again soon.

  17. jean says:

    It snowed here in north jersey but we only got 4 inches. I had just asked my father to build me to raised beds so I could get started. That will teach me. I’ll wait a few more weeks and then try again.

    Good luck to the Cotswolds. I hope you get lucky. Ha.

  18. Estella says:

    It is partly sunny and 52 degrees in my little piece of Oregon.
    I have hyacinths, daffodils and crocus in bloom.
    Just waiting for it to dry out enough to till the garden.

  19. hawkswench says:

    That is why I love raised beds as there isn’t as much hoeing involved. I still have to wait a month to really start my starter plants. Although I did sow lettuce seeds to grow in the house. The tomato plants and pepper plants that I brought into the house didn’t make it as I need to redo the grow lighting system.

  20. Ellen says:

    It’s too cold to plant—I have seeds, pots and dirt, and I’M READY, ALREADY, but it’s 39º in the basement and I don’t think anything is going to germinate there, regardless of the lighting setup that’s ready to go.

    But you know what the weather is PERFECT for now?? Spinning! You gotta wash up some of that fleece and get yourself a drop spindle and just dive in!

  21. Sheila says:

    All these folks reporting in from Canada make south west Ohio seem warm today, even though it never got above 30. I will be planting onion sets in my kitchen garden later this week when it makes it to 65. I see chives poking up in that same bed, I can’t wait for warm weather.

  22. CindyP says:

    My toilet paper and paper towel rolls are cut and folded and now awaiting my seeds to arrive!!! I opened the bag of seed starter just so I could smell the dirt!! There is nothing like spring than dirt!

  23. CindyP says:

    Today’s (Wednesday) comments are turned off?

    But there’s nothing like making jam to fake your kitchen into thinking it’s summer!!! Oh, I wish I was in your kitchen….strawberries, oh the smells I can smell!!

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