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Fall is more than just a whisper here now.

It’s marching in. It already feels like September. After our only couple of weeks of dry weather here this summer (big change from last summer’s drought conditions), we’ve finally had a couple of days of hard, pouring rain. Our electricity was out here yesterday for several hours. When the power is out, work screams to a stop. At least, real work. I can’t write. I can’t manage my website, process photos, work on new posts. I can only even check email in measured bits as I conserve what battery power I have on my laptop. I considered cleaning, but it was dark in midday and who wants to clean by candlelight? (What a waste of candlelight!) I couldn’t cook or run dishes or do laundry. And no TV. I went through some paperwork that needed organizing, and I sat outside on the porch. A lot. I don’t get to sit on the porch as much as I’d like. I have too much to do! So, in some ways, a power outage is a directive from the universe to slow down. Take a walk in the woods. Notice stuff.

Like the fallen leaves on a log near the new duck pond.

But back to my point, and yes, I have one!

A couple of weeks ago, I installed a forum on my site. I’ve only mentioned it in passing a few times in relation to some of the discussions going on there, and since the power outage prevented me from processing pictures and writing the post I had planned to write for today, I decided to take the opportunity to properly introduce the forum. The forum is so much fun and has become very active very quickly–and it’s all about you. I launched the forum because there is the most amazing community of people here that can be found anywhere. Every day I’m surprised and grateful for the funny, wise, interesting comments you make, and I wanted to create a way to hear more–from you. The forum is a place for questions, sharing ideas, and just good conversation about all sorts of country living toipcs. And to me, country living is a state of mind more than simply a state of being. Country living is something you can do in the country, the suburbs, or even in the city. (And believe me, there are people who live in the country who live as if they live in the city, so why not the other way around?) And, I’m guessing, wherever you live, you have some sort of interest in country living ideals or you wouldn’t be here.

The message boards on the forum are categorized under six broad topics–the Farmhouse Table (cooking and kitchen chat), Primitive Crafts & Country Style (decorating and crafts), the Old Barn (farming and animals), the Country Garden (garden ideas and discussions), Wild, Wonderful West Virginia (life and travel in West Virginia), and Living the Country Dream (everything else!). Within each of those boards are a variety of topics, from what’s cooking for dinner tonight to a really neat thread with ideas on what to do with too many green tomatoes.

And how about ideas for fall decorating? And favorite crockpot recipes? There are some great ideas there, and I know you’ve got more great ideas of your own.

So if you haven’t been to the forum yet, please hop on over! Tell us about yourself. Join the conversation.

You’re invited!

Clover’ll leave the light on for you.


  1. Beckynsc says:

    Clover is adorable! I have never cared for goats, but you are slowly changing my mind.

  2. Lora says:

    Mornin’! We’ve had lots of rain here in southwestern Virginia but no power outtages. Patrick County got 7 inches off of Fay. Nice steady, wonderful soaking rain. Hurrah!
    I love the Forum….really glad you started it.

  3. MMHONEY says:


  4. Tresha says:

    I noticed your humidity is 95% …geez oh Pete that is sticky….we have extremely high humidity in Oklahoma too…makes the heat so much worse…but the scenery you have to go along with it makes you forget about it!

    side note: I love Clover …and Coco….but I am needing a chicken post…..PUUHHHLEASE!!! I know they are not laying or doing anything that exciting…. need to be aware of something….they sent me an email last night…yep, an email….they indicated they are feeling a little neglected from the Blog because they do not have utters….it’s not good Suzanne…if they don’t get a post soon…the hens are planning to with hold eggs longer or worse, start an early molt….and whew…you should have read what Sparticus wrote….can’t even repeat it…..and what if they get the ducks feathers all ruffled up over it too? I reassured them I would make their requests known.

    (how is that for making my request that much stronger? hahahaha…I obviously need more coffee to bring me back to my senses…hahaha)

    Tresh in Oklahoma!

  5. Suzette says:

    Wow, Tresh! They must be filling your inbox! I guess that explains why I haven’t heard from them.

    Looking forward to more people jumping into the forum!

  6. Robin G. says:

    I’ve been smelling fall in the morning around here, too. Yesterday I pulled out the cedar chest and exchanged my tank tops for my sweaters.

    I hope it’s a good long autumn, because I am SO not ready for winter.

  7. Beckynsc says:

    Suzanne, I just visited your forum. There is a LOT of useful information on there. And I am sure there is more to come. Thank for starting this forum!!! I will definitely be a regular visitor!

  8. Patty says:

    We had a lot of rain here in east Tennessee too. In fact, I actually stopped my van on the road by my house when it suddenly occurred to me everything was GREEN. We’d gotten so you to brown grass that I’d forgotten how green everything can be. I’d also forgotten how bad people drive in the rain LOL. I love your forums. It lets me come back and see new things on your site all throughout the day :purr:

  9. Abiga/karen says:

    We had rain last during the day and again last followed a very bright and repeating lightning storm without the thunder. I never saw so many flashes of light so quickly before. We really need it here in Illinois. The weather is supposed to heat up again so everything will just dry out again too unfortuantely. Blessings.

  10. Teresa H. says:

    Headed over to check out that forum! :clock:

  11. Pamela-ATL. says:

    I received your book. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get started on it.

  12. Maureen says:

    I will definitely check out crock pot recipes because I need some new ones.

  13. Lisa L says:

    Love your forum! And clover you are sooo cute!

  14. Karen B says:

    :flying: On my way to check out the forum!

  15. Katharina says:

    I find power outages during storms a great time to watch the rain. We don’t have a beautiful wrap around porch, but we do have a screened gazebo that I often hang out in. I can watch nature’s shows from its protective cover. Isn’t it interesting how much of our lives depend on electricity? This is driven home each and every time the power goes out for more than a couple minutes.

  16. Donna says:

    Well, Fall here, starts about is hot until then. We have no true seasons…but it seems Fallish, with the kids back in school.
    Umm, Fried Green Tomatoes – love them and love the movie!
    Clover is precious! :mrgreen:
    I enjoy the Forum!

  17. dalgal says:

    I :heart: Clover!

  18. Yoga Grl says:

    It’s funny how the universe gives us so many ways to slow down…..beautiful pics–love that tomato 🙂 I long to have a tiny little garden of my own, but totally clueless at the moment as how to get started. My list of “would like to” out ways my “getting things done” these days, for sure. But one day, I dream of walking outside my kitchen door and being able to pick everything I need for an awesome salad right from my own garden!

  19. Yoga Grl says:

    BTW-I didn’t put that smiley face cat in my post intentionally! LOL. But somehow, there it is…

  20. maddie says:

    Hi Suzanne. I am so ready for fall! We are very dry here in Kentucky, hoping and praying for rain. I signed up for the forum and can’t wait to take a peek. So nice to pop in here during the day for a breath of fresh air…relaxes my busy brain!

    Have a great holiday weekend. 🙂

  21. Estella says:

    The pics are great!

  22. Brandy says:

    Unlike you this year we’re in drought. Even with a full week of rain! Thank you for the pictures of Fall approaching. *g* It’s my favorite time of year. *g*

  23. Mariene Roden says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    I read your site daily and love the up and downs of your life in the country. I like the house in the woods and back to basics.

    Just wanted to suggest that you need to get an electric generator when your budget allows. But you probably already know that. You lose electrictiy enough that it becomes a big irritation.


  24. catslady says:

    Our nights are now getting cool enough to turn off the A/C wich is a good thing except I have neighbors who must be farmers because they get up at the crack of dawn and start using all their noisy electrical tools.

    I love power outages at night because then it means I can read for hours at a time and not feel guilty.

    Going to check out the forum first chance I get.

  25. Heidi533 says:

    Great pictures. Your blog is the only site I actually sit and wait for all the pictures to load on. (I’m still on good ol’ dial up.)

    I hope everyone checks out the forum. It’s so fun and informative over there!


  26. Shari C says:

    Will check out the forum. Don’t want to upset Clover.

  27. SuzieQ says:

    We got about 6+ inches of badly needed rain from the storm, here in my part of NC, and so grateful that it was just good heavy rain w/o heavy winds..I’m surrounded by gigantic old oaks and had one come down several years ago very near the house..thankfully it took out part of my fence and not part of the house!! As a photographer, I am sure you are noticing the change in the light as we head into fall..isn’t it beautiful..Will check out the forum..

  28. Claudia W. says:

    Hi Suzanne! I love your blog and I am very grateful that you share your life with us, because you are living the very life I am dreaming of liveing. (and will someday, it’s just gonna take some time) Anyway, I signed up for the forum, and was told byt he computer window that I would get a password emailed to me. I never got the password. Did I somehow misunderstand? I went back to try the signing up again and the computer told me that there was already an email registered or something to that effect, so I know I got my email right. (It doesn’t ALWAYS happen, soI wouldn’t have been surprized) Do you have a suggestion for me to fix it? I would love to joint he forum! Thank you!

  29. Claudia W. says:

    And is there a thread in your forum to teach us how to type on the keyboard? Apparently, I need help there too! LOL

  30. SuzieQ says:

    Claudia, check your spam folder for your password (if you haven’t already)..that’s where mine went!!

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