It’s a Miracle


Network television!!!!! In my house! One more battle won against adversity in the boonies! If you were reading this blog back in March when we moved in, you might remember the entire series of obstacles involved, from finding water to getting television reception. Surrounded by hills, an hour from the nearest city, there is no way to get TV here other than by satellite. (No cable. No DSL. No “rabbit ear” reception.) We had two different satellite companies out here. Both told us the same sad story–local network television is sent on a lower satellite than “cable” satellite channels. The hill behind our house prevents reception from that lower satellite. We were able to connect to the higher satellite, receiving channels like CNN, TLC, HGTV, etc. But no ABC, NBC, CBS, or Fox. Unless we wanted to cut down a swath of trees off the hillside behind our house. While I have been interested in cutting down a select handful of trees in front of our house to improve our view, cutting down a swath of trees from the hill behind the house was not in my dreams.

If you live in an area where local network reception is unavailable for geographic reasons, you can apply to your “local” networks for a waiver to allow you to receive satellite network channels from either Los Angeles or New York. These channels–Fox, ABCE(east) or ABCW(west), CBSE or CBSW, NBCE or NBCW are carried on that higher satellite along with other “cable” satellite channels like HGTV and CNN. But your “local” networks (for us, that means the network stations in Charleston) have to agree and give you a waiver. The way they see it, if you receive your network channels out of New York or Los Angeles, they are losing the advertising dollars that come with their viewership numbers to their local stations. Our waiver request was denied, and so for seven months I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV, CNN, or nothing at all.

However! They had a change of heart. Or something. Who knows. Seven months later….. we have satellite networks from New York! Desperate Housewives, Good Morning, America, Today, Oprah, Boston Legal, and American Idol, oh how I have missed you! JUDGE JUUUUUUUUU-DYYYYYYYY! I love Judge Judy! I’m going to have her talk to Clover.

I will also be completely up-to-date on all the local weather and news in New York City, so if you’re wondering how things are going in the Big Apple, just holler. And, I know nothing about this season’s new network TV shows. Anything good? Tell me what you watch! I have network TV! Just in time for cold weather and TV-watching time. I need recommendations!


  1. annie d. says:

    Suzanne, leave the TV off. I truly believe there is sooo much diva drama, political story-telling (lies), hype, and other fantasy crappola, that you and your family are better off without it. Besides, Judge Judy is scary.

  2. Karen Erickson says:

    Oooh we had this issue when we first moved to our house and eventually they let us have the Los Angeles and NY channels. We got local channels about two years after we moved in and we still have the west coast/east coast feeds though we pay for them. I have options now! And I never want to give them up! LOL

    I missed network tv when we didn’t have it. And I really missed local tv. But I was always up to speed on the many car chases going down on the Southern Cal freeways. :mrgreen:

  3. Patty says:

    To be honest, there’s very little network TV I watch. I am hooked on HGTV and Bravo. I have to admit though I’m addicted to LOST and I love House, mainly because Hugh Laurie is just so dreamy. I can’t stand American Idol nor any sort of daytime TV. My kids and husband seem to be unable to function without the TV on. I can see the shows I like online, so I’d rather just get rid of the TV – but I’m way outnumbered.

  4. Nancy Straka says:

    Ooh I love on Mondays Boston Legal and My Own Worst Enemy :flying: , I have to dvr one of them since they both are on at the same time. And on Tuesdays House, The Mentalist and Law and Order SVU. And Wednesdays Bones and Criminal Minds and Dirt Sexy Money. Thursdays Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, ER and Life on Mars is pretty good too. Friday hubby likes Crusoe, I don’t and then we all like Life including grandma.

    We really like our tv here.

  5. Judy Mitchell says:

    Congratulations! At least you can check in on local programming when/if you want. It’s another little victory in taking a feeling of deprivation out of country living. And whether you watch it much or not, that’s the main thing.

  6. Dru says:

    You’re going to love network TV from New York. Where else can you see a camel walk down a busy NYC street?

    If you like mysteries, sci-fi…the new shows I’m watching are Eleventh Hour (CBS), Fringe (FOX), The Mentalist (CBS). Other shows are Criminal Mind, CSI, Without A Trace, Numbers, Cold Case, L&O, Bones, NCIS among others. Hmm, I guess I watch a lot of mysteries. Enjoy your TV viewing.

  7. Kelli says:

    I love to watch HGTV, TLC, Discovery and the food network, but when I DO watch network television, here are the shows I prefer: House. I have a huge crush on Hugh Laurie. Strangely though, the crush disappears when he loses his American accent and House attitude. I watch Grey’s Anatomy, but my sister is trying to convert me to The Practice. She says it is better, and she has been a Grey’s fan for as long as I have. Cheesy as it is, I watch Survivor. Not that it changes much from season to season, I just like it. I also love Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. That is pretty much it for network. I do like watching the local news in the morning before I take the kids to school.

  8. jane says:

    wow- New York to WV!!! who knew!!! I love LMN movies, Army Wives on Sunday at 9, Brothers and Sisters too at the same time ( what is up with that), The Mentalist too – love that one. congrats on winning that battle. how awful too. opens up a whole new world though some of it is pretty dreadful. still i would rather have it. love the christmas time shows too.

  9. Suzanne says:

    We warch most of what has already been listed, but there is a new show on Friday nights called “The Ex-List”. That shows makes me laugh. It is funny, set in San Diego, and I love how she’s trying to figure out who it could be from her past that she’s suppose to marry.

  10. The Jillybean says:

    We also had to fight to get the networks. My husband would call once a week,I guess they got tired of him harassing them and gave in. He is the addict, not me so I am not sure what you should watch.

  11. Wammy says:

    The Unit
    Army Wives
    Eli Stone
    Private Practice
    Antiques Roadshow
    Raising the BarEleventh Hour
    Prison Break
    Dancing With The Stars
    Amazing Race
    The Office

    Wow do I really have time to watch a;; these shows? Tivo is a wonderful thing.

  12. SusanD says:

    Antiques Roadshow on PBS, Ghost Whisperer and The Mentalist are the only thing we watch on network TV. A lot of H&G, Lifetime, USA etc. on the Dish. We do watch local news and network. Of course when our Grandaughter is here every evening the only thing that is on is the Baby Channel.


  13. Molly says:

    Fringe and Eleventh Hour are my new favourites. Lots of great characters.

  14. Ashley says:

    There’s not a huge amount that’s worth watching. Hubby’d say anything sports (he leaves it on ESPN for the most part). I watch 3 shows – Amazing Race, Fringe, and NCIS. If the TV is on otherwise, it’s on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel for the kids.

  15. Cyndi B says:

    Sorry, Suzanne…there’s nothing on TV worth watching now that Mad Men has ended.

  16. L of WayTMI says:

    We do not have cable or satellite in our home and the only channel we do pick up is an unclear PBS station.
    However, I have still been able to watch some Network shows. I watch them online!

    I don’t know what type of shows you like, so suggesting would be rather difficult for me at this hour of the morning (too much thinking). I will say this though: If you find a show that you really like, you might be able to watch the episodes you missed from this season at that network’s website.

    Happy TV Lounging!

  17. Becky says:

    When we first moved to our farm, there was no cable. Still isn’t. We got satellite when it was expensive to get installed. For the first 10 years there was no local tv. Now we have local.
    I don’t watch tv much. Too much to do. But when I get to watch…I like CSI, Bones, Ghost Whisperer, American Idol.

  18. MissyinWV says:

    One of my returning favorites is Ghost Whisperer, and in the area of reality TV it’s Biggest Loser. I still love CSI (all of them), and a show I just began watching is My Own Worst Enemy. I can’t wait for the return of Medium! And if there is anyway you can catch some reruns to figure out the plot… Heroes is good. :treehugger:

  19. Suzette says:

    I watch almost no mainstream TV. I never really gave it much thought. They just don’t have anything that interests me much anymore. These days, I spend a LOT of time on the news networks. I wonder what life is going to be like after November 4! I also watch a lot of History Channel, Discovery Channel, Food Network and, when I’m feeling trashy, I kill time with that channel that used to call itself Court TV. I can’t remember what they changed their name to. And, when I’ve got a lot of time to spare…Turner Classic Movies. LOVE TCM! Do you get all those? If the economy completely tanks and I lose my job, the last thing to go will be my cable/internet connection. I can’t imagine living without them. But, ABC, NBC and CBS? Not so much!

  20. Amanda T. says:

    All I watch is Grey’s Anatomy. Love it!

  21. Agnes from Antigo says:

    Don’t miss “Samantha Who?” a cute half-hour comedy . . . plus Gray’s Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, and (soon) American Idol . . . I also love HGTV. Enjoy your site!!! Thanks!

  22. FringeGirl says:

    Glad you got network TV…glad you’re happy. :butterfly:

  23. Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife says:

    Believe me, you’d be way more upset if you couldn’t get high speed internet. In our house the TV is never on unless the Farmer is home. I only watch Survivor and Project Runway. I’ve found that the world gets along just fine without me knowing the latest news, and I sleep better at night.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  24. Shari C says:

    Congratulations on getting in touch with the world thru Network TV.
    I would love to see Judge Judy and Clover meet and try to come to an understanding…very interesting.

  25. Donna says:

    Ohhh, I LOVE it when you call Coco “the big puppy”…cute names like that…I just love that pup!!!! Precious!!!!

    I watch alot of different shows, depending on what I am in the mood for, have time for or whatever DH has on…like the travel channel, History channel…movies..
    But, the ones I watch REGULARLY are:

    Dancing With the Stars
    The Hills
    some True Life’s (act. only a FEW)
    Survivorman (love this show – esp. the Amazon ones and a new season is coming up)
    beauty shows on HSN or QVC (love cosmetics)

    When DH is home he loves Wheel of Fortune, so we play that.

  26. Pat says:

    Grey’s Anatomy
    Desperate Housewives
    Mentalist(love,love this new show!)
    Lost (when it returns)
    And LOTS of HGTV lol
    Food Channel

    Congratulations on Network TV :woof:

    Love your site!

  27. Amy Addison says:

    Bones, a definite must-watch. And I’m really enjoying the unfortunately titled My Own Worst Enemy. And of course, Chuck is always good for a giggle. Check with Tori, she has all the dirt on the current shows.

  28. Kris says:

    I have a DVR with probably 200 hours of shows taped on it and no time to watch them. I only seem to watch Good Eats and John and Kate Plus Eight since I can watch them in 20 minutes when I skip the commercials.

  29. cgReno says:

    Dislike being a downer, but you will still have nothing to watach…..I have not had television for oh sooo many years . Netflix has kept me rollin’! You can get anything from Netflix!

  30. Gail says:

    Congratulations on getting network TV! We had so much trouble getting the satelite for the computer, and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, we haven’t even attempted satellite for TV. We have our trusty antenae and get only the 3 network channels (local news) and that’s if the weather is clear. We’re so used to limited TV now, we really could care less about watching it. Farm life keeps us busy in other ways that when we have down time, we want to relax and read. Living in the country does present some challenges, and we have learned to adapt. I’d never go back to my previous life…even with TV!

  31. Granny Sue says:

    We had the same issue, but finally got network TV–and then took the whole satellite AND tv out of our house. we decided we wanted to spend our time living our lives rather than watching and listening to others living theirs. The quiet is amazing, and so peaceful. I’ve been without a television for most of my life anyway, so it was actually a return to a way of life I find much more rewarding.

  32. Robin G. says:

    You admittedly just listed a lot of shows I detest. I will say, though, that I would be very sad if I could not see Heroes, so I get where you’re coming from.

  33. Claudia W. says:

    I hate to say this, but we have always gotten all the local network channels (20 +/- miles from San Francisco) and I rarely watch the local networks! I suppose if I lost them somehow, I’d miss them then and would want to watch all the programs on there. I do watch the local news…so there’s the part that is in the rarely. BUT I don’t buy the products that they push…I mean advertise.

  34. Gma Judy says:

    I love, love, love Judge Judy. I TIVO it every day. My evening starts with the news and then Judge Judy. I love Bravo and TLC. Most of the shows I TIVO are on these channels. Project Runway, Top Design, Jon Kate and the Amazing Eight, Little People, 18 and Counting, etc. I love reality shows.

  35. Tammy says:

    I like to watch Heroes, only this season is completely confusing, so I didn’t watch last night. Grey’s Anatomy is my “don’t miss” show, and I’m really liking My Own Worst Enemy (gotta love Christian Slater!). That’s it – otherwise DH has the power of the remote and there is a lot of “how things are made” like lightbulbs, ball bearings, etc. I’m not even kidding. If someone had told me 27 1/2 years ago that this is what I’d be listening to in the evenings, I might have gone running out of the church! :o)

  36. IowaCowgirl says:

    I only become mesmerized by 1930s and 1940s movies on Turner Movie Channel; and this happens about 2 hours/week! Otherwise I pretty much despise TV.

  37. TeresaH says:

    I watch a lot of game shows and comedies. And I love Judge Judy too. I also like antiques roadshow and cash in the attic. Mostly I have the tv on for sound.

  38. catslady says:

    My computer is in the same room as our tv so I’m always doing both at the same time. Every summer though, after I give my husband his choice since nothing is on, he never wants to relinquish it back to me lol. So I really haven’t been watching as much as I used to (he watches the history channel a lot!!! but discovery is really good and we watch CNN). I still watch Boston Legal (last year), CSI, NCIS (he’ll watch those) but I also watch DWTS and Idol and Survivor which he hates lol and forget any comedies – he says he hates the sound tracks – I say he doesn’t have a sense of humor lol.

  39. epon4 says:

    I guess I should do a quick intro before responding.

    Hi all. My name is Beth. Found Suzanne’s website when looking up information on Nigerian Dwarf goats. Not sure we will be getting any, but want to do my research beforehand. I WILL be getting my first group of chickens in less than 2 weeks though. Building the coop now. Plan to bring home 6-10 ladies home (around 6 months old or so) and then get some day olds in the spring.

    I’m a married mom of 4 kids, 2 horses, 3 dogs and 5 cats. Now we want to add chickens, ducks and geese. I fondly refer to our little farm as “Camp Chaos”.

    Now to tv question!


    Heroes is good, but I’m with Tammy about this season being a bit confusing.

    Would like to watch My Own Worst Enemy, but I can never stay awake that late.

    Law and Order:SVU (again, when I can stay awake)


    Boston Legal, when I remember (the less serious Will Shatner takes himself, the better actor he becomes!) 😉

    Ghost Whisperer

    The Ex-List is cute.

    Criminal Minds is a favorite

    And Colts Football on Sundays or Mondays. (although it’s painful to watch right now)

  40. Jodie says:

    I use my DVR to record several shows weekly. Some my husband also watches and records in the other room. 😉 We like to watch without commercials! It makes network TV a little easier to take without the ads. Here’s my favs on ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX & MSNBC – The Keith Oberman show on MSNBC (the anti-O’Reily/Limbaugh)! Pushing Daisys (a wacky almost mystery/sci-fi story of a guy who can bring people back to life, but there are consequences); Grey’s Anatomy (I’m hooked on the sex & medical comedy/romance); Eli Stone (another mystery/sci-fi of a guy who can sometimes see the future or past and has to help someone… messages from God due to his aneurism); House (Hugh Laurie is cute & it’s a medical mystery show); Bones (a FBI/Medical mystery show) based on some great novels by Kathy Reichs; Chuck (a funny spy/mystery/comedy); Heroes (pure sci/fi & mystery). I guess my theme here is mystery combined with romantic comedy. That’s the kind of movies that I like too.

  41. Kalin says:

    I can’t help but love all of the CSI’s. They’re ridiculous, but they’re entertaining.

    Pushing Daisies is also super quirky but cute.

  42. Estella says:

    Sorry, no help her. The tv is very seldom on unless it is tuned to sports.

  43. Brandy says:

    Fringe, Life, Bones, NCIS, The Mentalist and Eleventh Hour are all fabulous!
    Have fun finding new shows!

  44. shannon says:

    you can watch all the shows on the interwebs. either go to the network site, or there’s, joost and hulu. hulu is good if you want to watch older shows like sisters, twin peaks or picket fences, whatever…
    alright, you asked for it…i don’t know how i get this all watched, mostly on the internet and that saves 10-20 minutes without the commercials. i watch waaaayyyy too much…the asterick is for shows i have to watch, the others i could skip if i HAD to:
    *pushing daisies
    my name is earl
    the office
    *prison break
    samantha who
    *desperate housewives
    brothers and sisters
    90210 (the new one)
    *grey’s anatomy
    *life on mars
    my own worst enemy
    *dirty sexy money
    eli stone
    ghost whisperer
    private practice
    crash (on starz)
    lipstick jungle

    there’s many more, like the mentalist or army wives that i’m sure i’d like, but i won’t watch them because i don’t have time to get sucked into anything else. i need help! :sick:
    dang!!! that’s like a part-time job watchin’ all that tv…some shows aren’t on yet(24, lost, medium).
    imagine all i could accomplish…i think i need to re-evaluate my life…now i’m depressed…
    bye. :shocked:

  45. Tori Lennox says:

    Network TV! Whoo!!!

    Chuck, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, Fringe, NCIS, The Mentalist, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, Eleventh Hour, Pushing Daisies, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Numb3rs, and did I mention Pushing Daisies?

  46. Susan says:

    Yay, Suzanne! :shimmy:
    The Mentalist, NCIS, Criminal Minds & CSI

  47. Patty says:

    Ok, how could I forget Pushing Daisies??????? Also, I really like Psyche. The guys have a great chemistry and the one is so quick witted, they are a hoot. I hardly ever watch them. I work during prime time and I refuse to get TiVo. If I had it, I’d have no life.

  48. Kim W says:

    As long as I can get Fox News Channel – I’m fine. :snoopy:

    Blessings from Ohio…

  49. SusanD says:

    I responded once but I must add that I’m addicted to college basketball. I plan a lot of my life around the games during the season. Thank goodness for DVR and the Dish.


  50. DeeBee says:

    Congrats on the upgrade of channels that you were finally allowed. I’m a bit of a reality tv gal or anything that is humorous. I don’t care for stuff that is serious very often. The Office is one of my favorites, but very awkward at times. Other than that I like to watch The Hills, Little People Big World, Jon & Kate Plus 8, etc.

  51. Cheryl in Sunny Cal (Calhoun Co.) says:

    You have to watch House! Tuesday nights on Fox @ 8:00. I love that show!

  52. Minna says:

    Vicar of Dibley

    I have heard, that there will be American versions of LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRARIE and LIFE ON MARS. Besides those series I mentioned, thanks to library’s great collection of DVDs, I’ve been able to watch some oldies, like Dempsey and Makepeace, Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister and David Attenborough’s documentaries.

  53. nursemary says:

    Well I must like television a LOT. MY chicken’s names are Nancy Grace, Judge Judy, Paula Deen and Martha Stewart. Funnier than hell, Martha doesn’t mingle with the other hens but she supervises EVERYTHING I do! My granddaughter named Judy (she’s a Turken naked Neck!) Too funny.

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