Moon Pie the Baby Stealer


Life in the country is filled with strange and wonderful things. Animal things.
That’s right. That’s Moon Pie letting two calves suck on her at the same time. And only one of them is hers.
That’s Gingersnap, her real baby, on the left, and Pumpkin, Glory Bee’s baby, on the right! Sucking on Moon Pie!

Moon Pie had just been milked, by the way! And she could still nurse two babies at the same time, immediately after milking! Pumpkin is still nursing on Glory Bee, by the way. She’s just double dipping…..

Cows LOVE babies!!!

P.S. What about Dumplin? I HAVE NO CLUE. She hasn’t had a calf so far.


  1. DeniseS says:

    Glory Bee went to do errands and Moon Pie was babysitting.

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