Morning with Milk and Eggs


Hark, what new goat climbs on yonder gate?
That’s Valentina on the left, and on the right–
That’s Aranel!
While Valentina is a full Alpine, Aranel is a 50% Alpine, 50% Lamancha cross.
She’s also quite pregnant. She’s bred, due in May. She came from the same dairy in Pennsylvania where we got Valentina.
With those ears, she looks much more Lamancha than Alpine. I thought the ears made her look like an elf, so I named her Aranel after the Elven princess from Tolkien.
She lurks jealously outside the milking parlor while Valentina is working.
It’s not your turn yet, Aranel! See you in May! Meanwhile, I’m at the barn every morning and every evening to milk Valentina. First, I feed little Roman Reigns his bottle (while Cherry watches on).
Next, it’s to the milking parlor with Valentina.
I’ve done some cleanup and redecorating in here. The goats like things pretty!
I strung up some really cute cow lights. And a flying cow swooped in from somewhere.
That’s what happens when you hang up cow lights! Be careful!
After milking, it’s time for the egg hunt. The ducks are laying….everywhere except….
….in the duck nesting house that was made for them.
I run around the barn yard looking for duck eggs, check the chicken house for the early bird layers in there, then take my morning egg and milk haul to the studio. Valentina is giving about a quart per milking.
The chickens are giving as much as two dozen eggs a day now.
I have six laying ducks, so they give half a dozen a day. If I can find them.
These eggs are HUGE. Here’s a duck egg compared to a (large) chicken egg.
I’m loving my mornings with milk and eggs. There’s something so satisfying about this life, the daily reward of food from the animals in return for the effort of tending them.

That’s my morning, and I’m sticking to it!


  1. DeniseS says:

    Lots of new animals to enjoy on the farm. Amazing the difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg. Thanks for showing them.

  2. marrypoppinz says:

    I’m with you on that satisfaction level. I feel so rich when my chickens are laying regularly. Your goats are adorable as always….wish I had some milk goats.

  3. Leah says:

    Sounds like a nice morning and a great return on your investments. Plus all the lovin. :happyfeet:

  4. Snapper119 says:

    Ha! That’s the first thing I noticed in the milking parlor picture…the decor. So cool. 🙂

  5. starmartin says:

    Farm life is definitely different than city life. It may be hard work, but the reward is so highly gratifying!!!

    My father always told me I had one better than what city kids had. Really never understood what that meant until I got older. And now that I’m in my 60’s, I definitely understand what he was talking about.

    You are living your dream!!!!

  6. Joell says:

    I remember mornings on the farm when I lived with my Grandparents, they started very early and there was always something new everyday, we would gather eggs and put down feed and then into the house for breakfast and then back outside,I loved the farm and the life there, if I could, I would go back there in an instant. May I ask what you are doing with all of the eggs?

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