Mountain Mama, Take the Wheel


Sometimes I need to just be quiet and…..
….let West Virginia speak for herself.


  1. Toph says:

    Absolutely stunning,my favourite time of the year.
    If you ever decide to give up writing and farming,I think you could make it as a photographer :happyflower: Magic photographs,Thank you


    • Toph says:

      I found those photographs very moving,so much so ,that Ive come over all poetic.

      How I would love to walk with thee in the woods today
      Watch the sunlight as it doth play
      Among the leaves and in your hair
      And on return,if you would risk it
      Make me a Honey-Pecan Biscuit :hug:

  2. shirley says:

    It’s like sitting in your Grandma’s lap.

  3. Carol Ann says:

    I understand perfectly, Suzanne. The view on my West Virginia mountaintop is breathtaking no matter what the season. But, there is something magical about the Fall.

  4. mamawolf says:

    These photos were a great way to start a cold, snowy Sunday morning. Since becoming aware of your blog it has become my early morning routine. You are truly blessed with your children, farm and all the critters. Euni in Colorado

  5. KateS says:

    I love my black dirt and flat Illinois land.
    How can I be homesick for a place I’ve never been to??
    gorgeous…. :happybutterfly:

  6. Kim says:

    I understand. I live in the foothills on NC….

  7. Brenda says:

    Such Beautiful pictures that make me homesick.. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy reading your blog?? :shimmy: You are truly blessed to live in such a nice, remote area~

  8. kristen says:

    I is absoloutely breathtaking! I was doing outside chores yesterday and had to take a break…a very long break…and just sit and look. God truly is the most wonderful artist 🙂

  9. Shelly says:

    Very nice, I love nature. :happypuppy:

  10. Elaine says:

    I went to college in WV. I moved to Tennessee because of the same beauty. I wish my photos would do it justice like yours. You have quite the eye.

  11. Box Call says:

    The beauty of autumn is tremendous.

  12. CindyP says:

    Beautiful views! I love fall, it’s just what follows fall that I have a problem with!

  13. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    How blessed we all are…By His gifts of beauty!!

  14. Rituparna says:

    The images are so beautiful ….
    They speak a thousand words.

  15. Chic says:

    Beautiful….just absolutely beautiful! The trees on our farm are looking fantastic too…just wish we had your reds. I love fall. I love West Virginia…one day I’ll get to see it. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  16. Karen says:

    And West Virginia is very eloquent, indeed. Thanks for the lovely montage.

  17. Angela says:

    Hey Suzanne!

    I think we live in the most beautiful state there is! :woof: I also think that Fall is way more beautiful and colorful than the Spring is around here. :jackolantern:

    Angela :wave:

  18. Claudia W says:

    So beautiful! You should look into getting some of your photos printed and sell them. I could just imagine a wall of these pictures in my rooms.

  19. Vera says:

    You always have the best pictures.
    I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, love West Virginia.

  20. KimL says:

    Thanks Suzanne! I miss WV and your pictures help take me back! :heart:

  21. Betty says:

    Suzanne……beautiful pictures!! Specially as we do not have that is our area this year as we had the temps dropping from twenty above to fifteen below in the matter of a day freezing all the leaves on the trees.

  22. Mariah says:

    Take me home, country roads. Love this.

  23. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Absolutely breathtaking. For a few moments here I was back 15 years ago when I was still able to hike through the woods and in the mountains in the Fall.

  24. Sheila says:

    These are soooo pretty, they don’t look real. You are blessed. :turtle:

  25. trish says:

    BEEYOUTIFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted again. Actually everyday since you started! Best Wishes!

  26. Jeannie in OKC says:

    What a beautiful place! Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing it with us through your wonderful photos.

  27. Pam Baker says:

    Hey, I was doing the same thing today–taking pictures of the perfect sunshine on our colorful leaves. And dried corn in the fields. And tunnels of green bushes with red berries.

    You have such a great eye for composition! Thanks for sharing.

    pam, in midwest Ohio

  28. Bev @ The 3 Clutters says:

    I have lived in different places…WV always calls me home.

  29. Connie says:

    Lord ha’ mercy, I do love it here. Thanks for posting those.


  30. Kacey says:

    Those are lovely. West Virginia is so beautiful!

  31. Jennifer S. says:

    Beauty at it’s best!!

  32. Mim says:

    Took a walk around the hill from our house this morning….saw couple squirrels….the leaves on & off the trees were beautiful…. :ladybug: :pawprint:

  33. Dawn says:

    Beautiful! Gorgeous! Stunning! And very very soothing. Thanks for posting your beautiful daily scenery.

  34. Joycee says:

    Beautiful country, and yes sometimes we just need to be still long enough to enjoy…

  35. Kim W says:

    I agree.

    Blessings from Ohio…

  36. Jessica says:

    Beautiful photos, it looks so amazing there. I love our Colorado mountains but we didn’t have much color for fall this year. The snows came too early for it. I have, however, had the pleasure of enjoying fall thanks to you and others posting their photos. So thank you. 🙂 I love fall, it is my favorite season.

  37. Nina says:

    Try this again after registering. I just loved this!!! I live at 6,000 ft in the White mountains of Arizona. We have juniper and a beauty of it’s own. Higher up we have Aspens that turn yellow and my husband takes me up there in the fall to see the color.
    These pictures made me feel as if I was there walking and looking at the trees and the color.
    THANKS :snoopy:

  38. Faith says:

    I am now a Mountain MaMa and it brings tears of joy to my eyes to be able to write that! What a blessing this state has been to me, just being who she is! Seems a little crazy to say something like that, but its the truth. Really nice pictures, Suzanne.

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