My Day Off


I hope you’ve got some big rubber boots.

Oh, good. Now get a move on, they’re waiting for you!!!

See if some of them want out.

You might have to give them a few minutes to make up their minds and go back and forth.

You need to hurry up and fill up their water or they’ll peck at you!

Now the ones that wanted out will want back in. It’s cold and chickens don’t like snow.

You’ll have to get them some feed. I hope you’ve been working out your upper arms because that feed bucket gets heavy.

The chickens and that darling duck really appreciate you, you know. They just don’t know how to show it.

Those folks over in the goat yard are getting anxious.

Poky is crying! It’s pitiful!

You’ll need to get a rake and use the end of it to break up their water.

It’s okay, you can pet her for a minute.

Then get them some hay already! They’re starving!

Now you need to look all over the place because the chickens like to play games and hide their eggs. I hope you don’t mind climbing into the dog house because they always put them in the back. You can pet Kitten when you’re done.

Carry up some firewood then you can take your boots off, but don’t let that Crooked Little Hen inside.

Now if you would toast some Grandmother Bread and bring me a piece all slathered up with butter and marmalade, that would be just perfect. I’m reading that book right over there–can you bring me that before you start doing the dishes? I don’t feel like getting up off the couch. Did you see the list I made for you? I hope you’re going to make some brownies today before you pick up the kids!

::tap tap:: Is this thing on? Why do I hear crickets chirping? WHERE DID YOU GO?


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    OH, shoot, I was waiting for you to feed my cat and bake some grandmother bread for me, toast it, slather it with bread and some of your homemade jam, oh, and bring me some hot chocolate while you’re up. Thanks, Suzanne, that hit the spot!!

    Nancy, cozy in Iowa and really about to go to bed!!!

  2. Nancy in Iowa says:

    OMG, was I really first? Or is there a time lapse? Time loop? Black hole?

  3. Michele Messier says:

    I know its all so worth it! Those cute little animals depend on you! I like the part about the Grandmother bread… :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug: :ladybug:

  4. SkippyMom says:

    Snowing again in your part of the woods Suzanne? It is here down the road in VA and we are set for a bigger storm Friday.

    I hope you are wearing really heavy socks 😀 – and I figure since I am already up for the day I will go ahead and make Grandmother bread for breakfast [lunch?] for the kids since I know they aren’t going to school!

    Have a great one and try to stay warm.

  5. Glenda Dorris says:

    This is a good lesson for novices: There are no days off on the FARM!

    But don’t we all love the life.

    We are supposed to get snow here again in the Ozarks.

  6. CindyP says:

    I would buy me some big rubber boots if only I had all those chores to do! :woof:

    Poor Poky….just adorable! (well, all of them really) :happyflower:

  7. Diane says:

    All the animals appreciate you. I do not blame the chickens I do not like the snow either and I am tired of it.

    Mmm grandmother bread, I can smell it alreay.

    Have a sunny day.

  8. Box Call says:

    Pigs, where did the pigs go? You need five buckle artic boots for pigs and they love a lump of coal to chew on every now and then also.

  9. Christine says:

    Yep, we’re living parallel lives. Ain’t it grand?

  10. Skoog Farm says:

    Love it! I have done a similar post more than once…chores. 365 days a year morning and night and rubber boots make it all possible during the winter and muddy months. You have many beautiful critters.

  11. Katy says:

    Sorry Suzanne. If I lived closer I would come help you with the chores and make brownies, but, alas, I will have to stay here in my nice warm house and not be able to lug chicken feed and break up ice and pick up kids, and, and, and . . . . .

  12. Johanna says:

    The “weekenders” around here always ask if they could keep chickens, even though they’re only here on the weekend! Then I tell them what’s involved in caring for these small, simple birdies. I’m always amazed that people don’t appreciate what’s involved.

    Yup, it’s me, me, me, 360 days of the year. I do have a friend who housesits one long weekend a year so I can have a reunion with friends! Bless her soul!

  13. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Yep. Every morning my 10 feathered girls are waiting impatiently for me. Rain, snow or shine, I’m up and getting warm water and “treats” ready to scatter in their yard. When I open their shed door, I’m greated by 10 happy little beaks just merrily jibbering away. They gather at the little door that leads to their yard, jammed together waiting to rush outside. I open the door and there’s a mad rush to see what goodies await. Yep. Sometimes, especially when it’s near zero degrees, I wish I didn’t have to leave my warm house. But only for about a second. As I go back to the house, they gather at the fence and “talk” to me, happily scratching at their treats. It’s worth it!

  14. Billy says:

    I lived in the big big city for a long long time. In 2005 I moved to the country (where I belong). I only have cows and a dog to feed in the winter but I enjoy every step and every moment. It’s peaceful that early in the morning and the animals love me because
    I bring them FOOD. Your pictures are beautiful.

  15. Debnfla3 says:

    That’s a lot of work for your day off. But aren’t the girls just the cutest little things with their fluffy butts and all. LOL

    When you have animals to take care of you never really get a day off. But the love is felt as you feed and water them!


  16. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    I made some no knead grandmother bread this weekend. That stuff is addictive and delicious!!! Love your blog!


  17. debbie says:

    Ummm….yeah, still envying you, and your chickens and your goats. I go out early in the morning to shovel dog poo. Not the same. How are you keeping the water hose from freezing? What time do you start the animal chores? ‘Cause I hate going out when it is still dark. There’s skunks out then. Ask my poor old dog how we know that. Oh and I also envy your woodstove to warm up in front of. That’s very wrong of me.

  18. Mary says:

    Wow! That’s hard work. I’d love to help…for a day or so. Very clever and great pictures too.

  19. Angela Pierce says:

    :purpleflower: Its a wonderful life isnt it Suzanne…Life in Ordinary Splendor. I remember living in TN and looking my backyard and seeing someone elses backyard or back of their house. Now like you I have a view of trees, goats, horses, chickens and a crazy Llama named Jeff…I wear rubber boats, we call them wellies….I wear hand me down flanel shirts and not designer jeans. I very rarely have nailpolish on…compleletly that is. I do have on a happy heart, filled with gratittude for a wonderful life filled with blessings. Life in Ordinary Splendor.
    Love to hear about your days….by the way I thought today was my day off and you were going to do all the chores…I have knitting to finish….. 😉

  20. joycee says:

    Go ahead and put you feet up Sweetie and we will feed the animals, it’s the least we can do! Enjoy your day off!

  21. mrnglry says:

    Keep those boots handy, Phil said 6 more weeks of winter….Maybe those gals will remember all you did for them and lay those eggs neatly in their little nests. :heart:
    At least when the snow melts, they can run around and hunt their own bugs and stuff! And keep the layin’ mash handy, those fresh eggs will be worth all this! I’m sure the rest of the crew just loves you to pieces! :chicken:
    I would be glad to help out if I wasn’t so many miles away, in exchange for some of those eggs.
    There is a gal with a little nursery started here and she has a sign out “Fresh Eggs” – guess I will go check it out – I haven’t had a fresh egg in I can’t remember when.

    Grace in CA

  22. Kim W says:

    And then…in the end…it’s all worth it. :chicken: :sheepjump: :snoopy:

    Blessings from Ohio…Kim W<

  23. Lola-Dawn says:

    Truth be told, I rather miss this kind of morning! Although I kept my chickens in until AFTER the morning egg laying cackling stopped … not fussy about playing hunt ‘n search for eggs. Hope you enjoyed your ‘morning off’!

  24. Moi says:

    Just swinging through to tell you:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mention of twist tie bread bags at Walmart! I found them at ours last night and can now keep my extra bread so much easier. Yay!

  25. BuckeyeGirl says:

    :chicken: Fresh eggs are SOOOO worth it!

    I really must say though that the best thing that Santa (read ‘my best friend on the planet!’) ever brought me is a water heater for the chicken coop. I have a big 3 gallon gravity water font on it and it never freezes. All I do is tip it out to cleanse/renew the water in the tray part, but with my 12 little hens I don’t need to refill it every day. (in the summer I do, even if just to keep it clean, but in the winter the water stays fresh)

    I miss having other critters, but hens are enough for now. Such cheery, busy little fuzzy butts.

  26. kristin sherrill says:

    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day off. Be sure to pay that help good! Maybe some eggs or even some cookies if Clover would share.

    I am having egg hunts here too. Just found a new nest right in the big round hay bale in the cow yard. How clever is that? A nice big huge nest all comfy and cozy. Who would have thought to make a nest in a big huge round hay bale?

    And ya’ll still have snow on the ground. Ours is all melted now and we’re back to a mud pit again. I think walking on frozen ground is so much nicer than mucky mud. But I would take a dry piece of ground right now.

  27. Miss Becky says:

    I think Kitten is boss :heart:

  28. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    You will have to wait until I get all that done around here before I come to your house LOL. I invested in the electric heated water buckets and pet bowls this year – well worth it!!!!

  29. ginny says:

    I have not really been around chickens, but that darling little Pekin mays me smile, just like my Danger Duck,he is a Pekin as well, in Duck Hilton for the Winter, so he is all buttery yellow looking.

  30. kerri says:

    It’s hard to get good help these days :moo:
    Kitten says he’d help if he wasn’t so busy doing what cats do (love that pic!).
    Darling Duck appreciates you. I can see it in his/her eyes :happyflower:
    Thanks for the smiles, Suzanne. Have a lovely day! :wave:

  31. Jenny says:

    Looks very familiar–right down to the stylish footwear. Except my chickens com out last or else they actually will shove the goats right out of the way to steal the grain right from their buckets.

  32. Chic says:

    Sounds like my morning chores and those look like my feet! I have the donkey’s and the chickens…now I just need some goats and maybe even a cow. Yup then I’d feel like a real farmer. :hungry2:

  33. Lynn says:

    I think it would be easier to have your staff do the morning chores!

  34. Sharon Gosney says:

    A woman’s work in never done ….she works fom dawn to dusk and sometings longer! Oh to have a day off.

  35. Kieran says:

    Suzanne, I am SO glad I found my way back to your website! And I’m so happy for you that you love your farm–and I’m jealous, too, of your amazing life with all those awesome animals and your canning and baking and all those things I wish I could do…

    Whenever I need a bit of “cozy,” I can go to “chickens in the Road” and have my heart warmed.

    I admire you very much and look forward to following you on this journey!

    My mother loves your site, too. I linked her to it the other night, and this is what she wrote back: “Kieran, I love this woman! I can empathize with her getting shook over the goat’s demeanor…and the marmalade, etc. I don’t have time to read the whole thing tonight but I will tomorrow. She sounds great.”

    Suzanne, We used to have ONE goat–his name was Sweeney, and he was born in a junk yard, so whenever anyone pulled up to our house, he’d jump on their car roof.

    And when my Mom would drive us kids to school half an hour away, sometimes I’d get out of the car, and there’d still be goat droppings on top.

    Sweeney thought he was a dog–he’d run with them down to the creek and get as far as the spartina grass before he’d stop. He’d sink a bit in the pluff mud, and he’d watch the dogs swim.

    We also had a mean rooster named Phred. And a donkey named Jack. So your website brings back some fond memories, but you’re having much more success with your animals than we did!

    Hugs from Kieran

  36. jean says:

    Sorry. I was stuck outside feeding Clover cookies.

  37. Dianna McBride says:

    Funny girl! :happyflower: I know how much you love your animals and how you nuture them. You would miss them TERRIBLY if you took a day off. :purpleflower:

  38. Hannah says:

    Uh, Suzanne! Who are you talking to???

  39. Billie C says:

    YOu make me want to get back on my little family farm. The house is in ruins and all the fences are down or sagging so much they wouldn’t even keep in a breeze. But I miss my ladies, and the goats, and the horses and the fresh smell of hay, and yes.. even trudging water from house to trogh. I tried to enjoy every minute I had of it while I was there, because I knew it wouldn’t last near long enough. The only thing different was I would have my first cup of coffee, while warming up.

    Please don’t ever think of the things of the life, as any thing but extra ordanary

  40. chickensohmyagain says:

    LOL — I did not see the heading about your day off!! Was also wondering who you were talking to… :devil2: Your alter ego???

    I don’t have any boots,right now, long story involving a dog, but have discovered that gallon ziplock bags inside my yellow garden shoes with the red ladybugs keep my feet dry… and always good for a laugh.

  41. scorwin says:

    Loved the post. I certainly enjoyed working for you today. I am having a farm vicariously through you!!

  42. SuzzyQ says:

    You have such a darling menagerie!!

  43. SuzzyQ says:

    How can you not have a good day when you have all those sweet little ones just waiting for you
    to make their day? So sweet!

  44. sasah says:

    did you fix the crooked little chicken’s beak yet? Please take proper care of her.

    Thank you

  45. Runningtrails says:

    I love Poky’s thick winter coat! She’s such a cutie!
    My morning is like your’s but with just the boots, chickens, firewood and cat. I don’t have goats and donkey’s…yet. Actually, I want one jersey cow or perhaps a few milk goats.

  46. Carol Forsythe says:

    I was laughing so hard while reading this, because this is also my day off also!! I have 6 chickens and I love each and every one. I also have 3 parrots, who attack me when I try to change their water and food, talk about a thankless job, when I pull by bleeding hand out of their cage. With the chickens, I get food, love and appreciation. They don’t bite and I find them to be very loveable and entertaing. Needless to say, we will not eat our little girls, if I can keep 3 ungreatfull parrots, I sure can hold on to these lovely little ladies, who have blessed us and our families with plenty of fresh eggs!!!
    Chickens are really misundertood and they make great pets. Even little kids can hold them and I never have to worry about them getting bit. They love to be held, petted and they are very nosy, but so much fun!!
    I hope to add to my flock this year!!

  47. Bob ( obxnomad ) says:

    If you find the time can you get me a coffee?

  48. Andrea says:

    Great post. Clever writing! Wonderful photos.

    Andrea in Calif

  49. Ellen Roberts says:

    That was wonderful… I feel like if i could just have a day off……..LOL

  50. Sue Nugent says:

    :snuggle: Suzanne, I have several of those old chipped collector’s item dish pans like the one you feed your chickens in. I put hens and chickens(the flowers) in mine.I’ll bet I could get $20. or more,a pot for the pan and flower combo, if I should decide to sell them.Those old pans sell good at the local auctions.

  51. Lisabeth Olson says:

    After reading 50 comments I forgot what the post was about. Oh no I didn’t. The rubber boots reminded me. I don mine twice a day at least to milk 2 cows, feed 70 chickens and if BO isn’t doing good I feed the donkey, 2 pigs and 20 beef cattle.
    Please don’t let it snow God or freeze. My cows and I don’t like it, we’ll take the mud any day here in Oregon.
    I do hope you have had a terrific day, I know when the chores are done you do get a little reprieve time.
    One time my husband came in and told me I had 6 hours between morning chores and evening chores so I could do some more work. Wasn’t that nice of him? :dancingmonster:

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