It’s Black Walnut Festival weekend. I’m nuttin’. As in, Black Walnuttin’.
I’m festivalin’ and carnivalin’ and footballin’ (Roane County Raiders defeated Clay County in a 61-16 smash in the Black Walnut Bowl!) and ridin’ in the parade! Bear with me? Full report (of my, of course, ridiculous parade experience) in pictures tomorrow!

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go get some funnel cake now.

P.S. We did not come home with a puppy this time.


  1. SuzieQ says:

    Made the apple butter coffee cake….so butter is one of my favorite things..Can’t wait to see the festival pictures.. :hungry: :hungry:

  2. Granny Sue says:

    Fun time! I’m Book Festivalin’ in Charleston so I know wherefrom you speak. No time to write, all time spent on living.

    Parade Marshal? Woowee! That’s big in these parts!

  3. Carolyn A. says:

    Love walnuts! Wish I were there. Can’t wait to see the pics. xxoo

  4. MMHONEY says:


  5. Starwoodgal says:

    I love fall festivals and events. I’m looking forward to the War Eagle Craft Festival next weekend here in Arkansas. It is HUGE!

    Speaking of events – I’m having a book contest and wanted to give my favorite BLOG authors a chance to win. I’m giving away a SIGNED copy of Nicholas Sparks’ new novel “The Lucky One”.

  6. Shari C says:

    Have a great time at the festival and looking forward to seeing the pictures. Wish I was there to enjoy a funnel cake…yummy!

  7. Abiga/karen says:

    Wish we were there to see ya. We could have a walnut festival of our own on our little farm. We inherited about 14 black walnut trees on the property and the walnuts are all over the ground now. When we pick them up more fall. No squirrels here to take them. They all live down the road in town I guess probably cuz the last owner used to shoot at them. Some of ours look bad with maggots in the hulls so we are not sure we want to go through the trouble of hulling them which is a lot of trouble and mess. Hope your parade day turned out grand. Blessings.

  8. Kacey says:

    Can’t wait to see all the pics and hear the details. Sounds like a good small town fun weekend!

  9. Nancy in Atlanta says:

    I concur – mmmmm, funnel cake! Hope it’s as beautiful there as it is here for your parade. BTW, which of the wonderful football boys is yours? :catmeow:

  10. hawkswench says:

    What ever happened to that puppy blue?

  11. Donna says:

    Yeah team!!! :mrgreen: or is it Yea team? I am not awake yet. LOL
    Enjoy your festivalin and carnivalin and funnel cake eatin, Suzanne! :mrgreen: Can’t wait to see the pictures tomorrow!

  12. Susan says:

    Enjoy yourself and eat a funnel cake for me! :shimmy:

  13. trista says:

    at least you can feed your mouth.. keep it occupied

  14. Janet says:

    I love black walnuts! There are black walnut trees everywhere you look in Jackson County. I hulled a lot of them last year and put the nuts in the freezer,I still have a bunch. Don’t know if I’ll do it this year or not, it’s a mess, and nobody wants to help me. Of course, I could be like the little red hen and not let them eat the goodies I make with them, but I wouldn’t do that.

  15. Carol says:

    I’ve been enjoying you blog for about 6 months now. I just went back and read about the puppy coming home from last year’s festival. Where is the puppy now? I looked through the archives a little, but didn’t see anything. The curiosity is killing me!

  16. Brandy says:

    You didn’t come home with a puppy this time? How about a kitten? *G* Eat some Funnel cake for me. *G*

  17. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Blue (who was later renamed Bluebell when we discovered HE was a SHE!) didn’t fit in very well after we moved to the farm. She wasn’t used to being around farm animals and she even got to where she was terrorizing the cats (who she had formerly gotten along with). We also had gotten a couple of large black dogs, thinking they would work out well in the country–but they didn’t. When the three of them started literally CHEWING their way into the chicken house to get to the chickens, a hard decision had to be made. On a farm, you can’t have dogs that want to eat the livestock. After some effort, I found them a new home and cried a lot and said goodbye. That’s life on a farm–you have to make some hard decisions sometimes for the good of the farm. I should make an update note on that post sometime so that when people read it, they know about Bluebell. I really loved her, so I was very sad to see her go, but I was afraid she’d kill a chicken as soon as she and the other two got into the chicken house, plus the cats were a big concern, too, and I love my kitties.

  18. catslady says:

    I always wanted to volunteer at a shelter but I’m just not strong enough to let go and I know I’d want to save them all but you have to do what’s best for them and you did, Suzanne.

    Can’t wait to hear all about the parade and see pics!!!!

  19. Estella says:

    Can’t wait to see the festival pics!

  20. Minna says:

    Sounds fun! Around here we have annual mushroom festival. The last time -few weeks ago, in fact- other people were running around the forests in order to find the biggest mushroom or some such(mushroom picking world championship) I was planting trees with my relatives. The mere thought of it still makes my body ache…

  21. Patty says:

    I’ve been Fall Festivallin’ too! We always go to Heritage Days in Rogersville, TN – my hometown. It’s HUGE. I went there with every intention of getting funnel cake, but I never did manage to get one. :hissyfit: I did however get peach butter, apple butter, and a fried apple pie, oh and fresh squeezed lemonade. MMmmm Plus a ton of crafty things. Had a fantastic time! I hope you did as well. Can’t wait to see the pics!

  22. Carol says:

    Thanks for the reply, Suzanne. Glad to hear they all found good homes. I love my kitties, too! Them and my dog are like babies to me. I live in suburbia and love reading about how you’re building your new farm life. I’m living vicariously through you!

  23. Ginny Manor says:

    Black walnuts are definately worth the trouble. Forty plus years ago, my parents and I took a day each fall to ‘go nutting’. We gathered black walnuts and ‘hicker’ (hicory) nuts in Western Kentucky…wonderful days filled not just with getting the nuts, but also full of family stories and local history. However, the reason I’m posting is how Daddy managed the walnut husking. He placed the nuts in a burlap bag and drove the car over them several times. He still had stained hands, but the job was easier!

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