One of Those Kind of Days


Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Except this chicken. She gets it. I can just tell.

She’s seen trouble, too. Like that time the cat got into the brooder last week and everyone had to hide until I rescued them. (All of the chickens were fine.) So she was totally sympathetic about my no-good, very bad day yesterday in which ten things went wrong at once, all day long, including my site being down for 11 hours. (Check out yesterday’s sweet potato shenanigans if you missed it.) If you’ve been visiting here for awhile, you might remember my site being down for 2 days a couple of months ago–a part of what has turned out to be an ongoing challenge to tackle increased traffic. (Be careful what you wish for, LOL!) I’m changing hosting providers (again!) and this time, finally, moving to a dedicated server, giving up the sweet but ultimately inadequate siren of cheaper shared hosting. On the upside, things should be better now. Or I’m shooting myself in the head. In which case, I won’t be concerned about my hosting situation anymore. Or my bread. Which was just one of the ten disasters occurring at once yesterday.

Could this bread be more deformed?

I forgot about it. Completely. While it was rising in the loaf pans. So it rose and rose and rose…and overflowed the pans. I sorta shoved it back into the pans somewhat and stuck it in the oven anyway. And it came out looking like this:

Doesn’t this bread look like it has an angry finger?

The texture is all over-stretched and not right.

But I slathered butter all over it and it tasted good anyway. I love butter.

No matter what else goes wrong, there’s always butter, and a beautiful sunrise…

….and a new day.


  1. Heidi says:

    Darn bread had a mind of its own! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Is the weather nice and warm there now? We are only in the 60’s for our highs – I pesonaly like the 60’s during the day – 40’s at night. ๐Ÿ™‚ Are the kids out of school yet?

    I see the chickies are getting there ‘teenager feathers’!! LOL

  2. happyathome says:

    Bread has a mind f its own, never comes out consistent with me when it comes to yeast! Check out my Zucchini Bread recipe I posted on my Blog.

  3. Jyl says:

    YAY! A dedicated server…no more downtime…more Chickens in the Road! I am really glad you are getting your server issues fixed. I couldn’t bear much more of No Chickens in the Road. Oh, and the bread…looks better than some of mine had, but then I am so not a baker.

  4. Ann from Montana says:

    Well, I hope you had a large glass of wine on the porch or a bowl of good soup or both or pie….and a foot rub by 52 or…you get my drift…the good thing about a bad day is a bit (or a LOT!) of self indulgence when it’s over feels great!

    P.S. I changed hosts just this week – I feel your pain! The change went well, it was the weeks prior when the previous host was down that were the nightmare…

  5. Cyndi Lewis says:

    Well, I wondered why I couldn’t get on your site yesterday. Mystery solved. As for your bread… I’m sure it was yummy despite its Quasimoto appearance. (Even with out all that yummy butter.)

  6. Kacey says:

    well, butter solves just about anything. Really. Glad your site is back up and running this morning.

  7. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    I am so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I wondered why I couldn’t get in. Now I know.So what if the bread looks funny. I am sure it didn’t taste funny or all the butter in the world couldn’t have fixed it. :mrgreen: The chicks are definitely growing up. They are looking more like chickens now. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day week-end. Stay safe but have fun. :hug: to all.

  8. Lisa J says:

    Good morning world, it’s all better now.

  9. becki says:

    Because my husband and I blocked some of our daughter’s internet sites, I was beginning to think she had somehow rigged our bookmarks to fail.

    About sweet potatoes…All his life before me, my husband only knew canned sweet potatoes. And hated them, resented them, dreaded Thanksgiving and the knowledge he would come face to face with them.

    Then I came into his world. Sweet potatoes were bought fresh, baked, and served with butter and milk. And grilled with a dash of olive oil and seasoned salt.

    He’s also learned that mushrooms and asparagus come from produce, not canned foods

  10. Gina says:

    I’ve had days like that. One happened just this week. You just need to enjoy the new day. Great pictures as always. Your blog always brightens my day, even on the days I don’t comment.

  11. Gloria Jean says:

    In the first photo the lower right quadrant looks kinda like a face. I’d say call it Jesus and sell it on ebay.
    Thank you Suzanne for making my every day a little bit better.

  12. Kelly Myers says:

    Suzanne, I wondered what was going on yesterday and was completely funked out when my early morning routine of coffee and computer time/visiting your site was not going as it was supposed to go! And, by the way, my day went down hill from there. At about 7pm I decided that maybe my grumpy attitude was having something to do with how my day was going and I made myself get happy… I made your french bread recipe and YUM-O! All has been right with my world since then. Thank. You.

    Okay, I hate sweet potatoes, but as one of the other comment posters commented, I have only had them as a child, and out of a can. I have always claimed that I love all veggies, EXCEPT, sweet potatoes. I may have to do the mature thing and try a fresh one, baked, with butter. I know I will at least like the butter part! And hey, if it goes in a pie, it has to be good, right?

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  13. Jennifer Robin says:

    Slather some butter on it and call it rustic. I don’t think a load of bread from your recipes could taste bad if it tried!

  14. Carolyn says:

    I left a comment and I see it didn’t come through. What I said was it looked more like a chicken head than a finger to me. xxoo

  15. Suzanne McMinn says:

    Carolyn, I changed my hosting today and a few comments might have gotten lost if they came through right as it was being switched! I’m sorry! Things should be smooth from here on out.

  16. Susan says:

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me! And if it makes you feel better I had a day of mistakes too. :fryingpan:

  17. Sigrun Schulz says:

    As I read your jeremiad on the bread, I was going to say that it looks like a work of abstract art. But you then mentioned something about an angry finger.

    On another blog someone wrote about a bad day and I commented on that on Thursday with a story of locking myself out of my apartment as the last straw on an already miserable day.

    My landlord (he just has these two small apartments above his store) is supposed to have keys for main door as well as to each of the apts. I know I gave him back the key to this apartment after I had a copy made. When I asked him to come and use that key, he couldn’t find it anywhere amongst his keys. He blathered about my not having given him back the original. As if. I knew I needed him to have a backup key and therefore made sure he got it back right away. :hissyfit:

    I also gave him one of my keys for the main door downstairs. He couldn’t find that, though that was by the way. However, he won’t give me a key to the storage area because, so he says, I “lose” keys. Well, I haven’t lost any yet–just forgotten them in my apartment. I finally had to ask my don’t-ask-me-for-help brother to bail me out.

    And I only finally gave him a key a few weeks ago in case in case I had another accident like the one in which I gashed my leg in January badly enough to definitely need stitches. I kept thinking at that time that I would certainly have been up a creek if I hadn’t been able to get to the door anymore.

  18. annbb says:

    Butter makes ANYthing better.

    Glad your internet woes are a thing of the past.

  19. Jessica says:

    Even bread that looks like it has an angry finger looks good to me. I’ve certainly had many more “angry finger” loaves of bread that normal pretty looking ones!

  20. Donna says:

    LOL that is too funny..oh well, it answers my question I had about “I wonder just how long you CAN let bread rise and will it be better, the longer it rises?”. LOL That’s funny! :mrgreen: :biggrin: ๐Ÿ˜† It happens to the best of us! At least your breads/pies turn out wonderful 99 percent of the time! :sheepjump: Your blog is soooo funny!

  21. Estella says:

    I just had IP problems, too. The server went down and I didn’t have service for 2 days.
    The sunrise is gorgeous, Suzanne!

  22. Egghead says:

    Bad day indeed. We need them to appreciate the great days, don’t we? :chicken:

  23. Marty says:

    Mmm….butter DOES make everything better ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Janet Billson says:

    :rotfl: My kids and I crowded around the screen to see your post, simply because I laughed at the chicken, so they came to see what was so funny.

    We kept laughing, through the different bread pics, but when we got to the bread slathered in butter, we howled!

    Thanks for making our day. I just stumbled upon your site yesterday,and had a good old time exploring. I loved the story about the big truck not being able to get to your farmhouse, and your outhouse posts just killed me.

    So, you have found a new friend from way up here in Ontario. I’ll be back (said a la Arnold in Terminator).


  25. Toni Anderson says:

    Now I feel hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Sheri says:

    That totally looks like a chicken profile!!

  27. Alison says:

    Hi, I just wanted to comment on the fact that I have not seen a new post sense this one. Also it only shows that there is one comment on the first page. I hope this means that you are out having fun with your chickens and just have not had time to post.

    :wave: ~A

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