Woolly Worm Weather


If you believe The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the longer the middle brown band on a woolly worm, the shorter and milder the coming winter. The shorter the brown band, the longer and snowier. According to studies (yes, I’m not kidding, there have been studies) woolly worms are close or completely right 57% of the time.

I see more black than brown on this woolly worm who dropped out of the sky onto my manuscript this weekend when I was going over my book. Uh oh…..

Maybe we could do an informal study of our own! Everybody go find a woolly worm in your area…..

We’re Building A Big Box


Floor trusses!

And the first wall!

And more walls!

And it’s…..a box!

I swear it’s going to have lots of windows, something like twenty! (Which is a lot of windows for a relatively small house.) Big ones, double ones, triple ones, with a lovely wraparound porch, all because….

THIS is the view.

October 8, 2007 - Stupid 11-Year-Old Trick #75021

Look! She can get inside the dryer!!! Maybe she needs more homework? More chores? Something to do?

October 4, 2007 - Fun With Materials

“Look at me! I’m the queen!” “I want to walk around the walls. Why can’t I walk around the walls? You are SO over-protective since that time I broke my arm! Oh, wait, never mind, there’s–” “A DIRT PILE!!!!!” “Peace.” You all are going to get tired of hearing about this house, aren’t you?

October 3, 2007 - Men In Trees

I don’t think that guy in the tree fell down, but I haven’t been back to check. They were cutting a right-of-way for an electric line to be run up the hill to our house site. Luckily, the right-of-way could be cut so that it didn’t come up in front of the site and interfere...
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