It Never Ends


I feel like a one-woman Cat Rescue Spay-Neuter Society. There are so many wild cats around here, living in the barns, under the porch, everywhere. We’ve rescued a lot of them, taken their kittens in, gotten the mothers spayed, the kittens spayed or neutered or given away.

But they just keep coming.

Here are two of the wild barncats at the food bowl on my porch. This is about as close as I can get to them.

14 spends a lot of time doing this, laying out in front of the porch attempting to coax the wild kittens to let him pet them.

Here’s a little gray one, peeking out from under the porch. Cute, huh? I actually got hold of this one once and it bit me…..

Now 14 comes out wearing gloves when he tries to get it. I asked him what he thought we were going to do with it if he caught it. He said, “Take it inside and make it a pet!”

God Was Painting


My visiting writer friend’s daughter, with the mischievous Desdemona.

We had a great weekend. You?

My favorite quote from this weekend was my writer friend’s daughter’s comment about wild, wonderful West Virginia. She thought it was so beautiful here, she said, “God was painting when he made West Virginia.”

Saturday, 14 and 16 got busy putting down the fabric in preparation for rocking the driveway, after they got done talking me up two dollars an hour on their pay and trying to convince me they’d started at 8 am when we didn’t even drive out there till after noon.

While they were working, Princess, one of her schoolfriends, and my writer friend’s daughter were at the swimming hole in the river…..






….and crawdad-catching.

But don’t worry, 14 and 16 got their chance when the work was done!

July 31, 2007 - Blackberry Fever

I was just going to go out behind the barn and check the blackberry bushes. For a minute. I felt silly even bothering to bring a bucket. There didn’t seem to be that many berries left. I thought I’d wander around a bit. Then. Wow. There were more than I thought. It was almost worth...
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May 14, 2007 - Our Farm

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my baby! And how did we celebrate? Cake, candles, go dig some holes! Two big, strong teenage boys + one load of posts + two posthole diggers = fence! Don’t worry, boys, it’s only 40 acres…..and 1,379,215 holes…. But hey, there’s always the unexpected silver lining…….. Seriously, who would believe it,...
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May 8, 2007 - Home Sweet Home

One thing leads to another….. Spring cleaning leads to spring redecorating. The farmhouse I live in is 100 years old and no family has lived in the house for over a decade. It’s been a long haul fixing it up, but it’s been a labor of love since it’s an old family home and was...
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