Playing Hooky!


We took a day off school–and writing–to play in the snow one last time. We don’t have snow here anymore, but they have snow here–where they make snow–about an hour and a half away. Living near ski resorts is a new thing for us. We still think snow is exciting. Mostly. When our pipes aren’t freezing.

Snowtubing with teenagers is….. Extreme snowtubing, LOL. Not content with simply sledding down on their tube, they were taking advantage of the thin crowds, virtually no lines, to go way back and take running leaps onto their tubes at the top of the hill. And somehow they convinced me to do this, too. Which might explain why I am so sore… It was really fun, though!!

This one had to try snowboarding, too. Mere tubing was not exciting enough after a couple of hours.

After, he said, “But it looks easy on TV…..”

Then we went out to eat and drove home. Fun day! We might do it again next year….. I might be recovered by then…..

Back to regular life. I’m trying to finish a proposal this week, and it’s supposed to be in the 60s here soon!!! I already planted some herbs inside to get ready for spring…. I’m going to start some tomatoes and flowers next. I’m so glad there’s no REAL snow here!!!!! What about you? Planting any seeds inside yet?

Dolly Sods


The high plains of the Dolly Sods Wilderness, Monongahela National Forest, WV.

Dolly Sods is an area of high elevation wind-swept plains on the Allegheny Plateau. At elevations of 2,600 to over 4,000 feet, the area has extensive flat rocky plains, upland bogs, beaver ponds, and sweeping vistas. The plant life and climate on this high plateau resembles northern Canada, and many species found here are near their southernmost range. I took this pic in the spring.
Many of the trees show how the wind ravages them on one side. Kinda cool, huh?

October 30, 2006 - I Hate To Brag

…BUT! I know. I am always talking about how gorgeous WV is. You just can’t take a photo here without it looking like a painting, it’s so pretty. Take this fast-flowing, boulder-strewn trout stream. There’s a sign that says–Kayak At Your Own Risk. Uh, yeah. This is Glade Creek Grist Mill, a restored water mill...
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June 21, 2006 - Dizzy

Final council circle at 4-H camp! They all held candles at the end and sang songs. They said how-how a lot the rest of the time. I’m not sure what that was about…… Camp is weird. Okay, for a PAX mug, what two things did I really do while they were at camp? 1. Really...
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May 30, 2006 - Daytripping

New River Bridge, second highest bridge in the United States at 876 feet! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s one of West Virginia’s best-known road wonders and it’s only a couple hours away from here….. It stretches 3,030 feet in length with an arch of 1700 feet, making it the longest steel single arch span in the...
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