People Are Creepy


Morning view from the new farmhouse porch…..

So last Friday morning I got up early and drove out to the farm to take some new pics to post here. I got there around 8 and unlocked the gate. No construction people were there yet. I hardly ever end up out there alone, so I sat down on the porch for a moment to breathe in the view. I heard gravel crunching on the driveway below just as I thought I’d leave, so I waited, not wanting to cause a traffic jam on the drive. I figured the builder had arrived for the day. But no one ever came up the hill. I waited a little longer, heard more gravel crunching, still no one coming up the hill. Hmm. I must have hallucinated.

I decided to leave and when I tried to re-lock the padlock on the gate, I couldn’t get the lock to go in. After struggling with it for several minutes, I gave up, went straight home and called the builder because I know he leaves tools up there, etc, and I felt bad for being such a moron that I couldn’t lock the gate.

Yesterday, I was up at the house taking this picture and he said to me, “Know why you couldn’t lock the gate the other day?” I said, “Because I’m a moron?” He said, “Somebody jammed wood chips up into the lock.”


Guess what I heard last Friday morning? That gravel-crunching on the drive wasn’t my imagination, and now I know why no one ever came on up the hill. Someone must have thought the builder had arrived for the day and they jammed the lock, thinking no one would be attempting to lock it again until nightfall….when the time it took the builder to dig out and oil the lock on Friday morning after I notified him so it would work again wouldn’t be so feasible. Someone wanted the gate left unlocked overnight so they could….drive up there and steal a truckload of materials and who knows what else.

And I was sitting up there on the porch alone, only at the house for a few minutes, while they were down there jamming the lock. If I had left when I intended to, I would have come upon them down at the gate.

Dear Santa, I want a shotgun and a couple big dogs……


  1. Michelle Willingham says:

    That is flat-out scary. Yes, definitely go buy some attack dogs!

  2. Becki says:

    Couple of weeks ago, I looked up from my computer screen to find a man standing in my dining room. Instantly, I knew he was bigger, stronger, more agile than me. I was alone, worse, my thoughts flew to my 10-year old daughter, who would be home from school in about an hour.

    I think the burglar was as surprised to see me as I was scared of him. He asked if “Joe” was there. No Joe, don’t know Joe.

    Burglar said he was supposed to meet Joe.

    I quietly hit the emergency 911 button on the phone.

    Told him I was checking if anyone knew Joe.

    Told 911 someone was in my house looking for Joe.

    Operator could tell by my voice something was WRONG! and immediately rolled police.

    Burglar figured out what was going on and left.

    He got away.

    Neighbor down the street had seen him lurking by his house and scared him away.

    To my house.

    Where my 14-yearold deaf dog slept through the whole thing. :shocked:

  3. Suzanne says:

    Becki, that’s so scary! I’m glad at least he came up with a dumb story rather than trying to hurt you! Sounds like you handled it really smartly!

  4. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    Why do people think bad things only happen in cities? There are bad people everywhere. :rambo: We take our safety for granted too much. Be careful Suz, you never know what they might try next. I hope they catch whoever is doing this. Have a great day and take care. :hug: to all.

  5. Becky says:

    Wow, that is really creepy!!! I’m glad you are OK. Did you report it to the police? I know they didn’t steal anything, but at least the police would know that someone is planning to, and maybe step it up near your home.

    The house looks great, by the way!

  6. Kim A. says:

    Oh, very creepy indeed!

    Becki, I’m glad you weren’t injured in any way. I think I’d have screamed myself hoarse.

    Perhaps both of you ought to consider security systems?

    Please stay safe, everyone.

    -Kim :hug:

  7. leanne says:

    Wow. That is very scary to hear. Weird and scary things can happen in the country just as often as the city, you just don’t here about it as much. I’m glad you are ok Suzanne. Maybe those dogs aren’t such a bad idea, and the shotgun, good too. You could always make up salt rounds to shoot if you didn’t want to do any real damage, the salt will burn like a mother. And I’m also glad you’re ok too Becki. Hope everyone has a happy and safe day today. Also, if anyone is interested, Nora Roberts is guest bloggin on and off today on if you have any questions for her.

    Leanne :purr: :purr: :purr:

  8. catslady says:

    Oh my goodness Suzanne and Becki 😮 😮 😮

  9. Susan says:

    Yikes! That was too close for comfort. I’m happy you came away unscathed. I live in a small rural area and we have to deal with things like that too. We keep rifles on both floors and never go hiking without a pistol. It’s sad how much things have changed from when I was a kid.

  10. Brandy says:

    Good Grief! I’m all for letting the police know about the attempted break-in at the farm. And Becki? YIKES. You were so calm!
    I vote for a stun gun, instead.

  11. Maureen says:

    They are some scary stories. I’m glad no one was hurt. The other day I was insisting to my daughter that the doors be locked and she thought I was being silly since so many people leave their doors open when they’re home.

  12. Ashley says:

    I had a drunk decide to camp out in my front yard a couple of weeks ago. I’d put out tents to air before going camping. He decided they were a good place to hang out, especially after he found I wouldn’t let him in.

  13. Dru says:

    Suzanne, I would definitely notify the police. Becki, that is so scary…I’m glad you are okay.

  14. Marty says:

    :hug: That is totally creepy and scary and whatever other words I can think of…glad you’re safe!

  15. Ellen says:

    How frightening! I’m glad you didn’t have a confrontation with him.

  16. Donna says:

    These stories scare me to death Becki and Suzanne! I’m glad you are both okay! I have heard VERY scarey stories happening in the country (man/wife killed with shotguns by intruders Christmas Eve, while they slept) and then in subdivisions too and even on base housing (teen hiding in shower)…SCAREY. Heck, remember the Sharon Tate murder – they came in the window of the home…cut the screen in back. You just never know. I am TERRIFIED of guns. I would be like Deputy Barnie Fife, on Andy Griffith. LOL But, I tell ya what…I would want one, if they had one. Dogs for SURE. I was staying with a friend in her duplex, in a college town and when I got in bed, I heard leaves rustling..and realized a man was outside my window. I got up and went into the hall and my friend had heard it too – she met me with a loaded 38, ready to get him. He ran off. She had to use her gun at the newspaper office late one night, when a man mugged her boss, to rob her – she fired into the air. Anyway – that scared me so bad. Not her – she was back with her gun AND Doberman.

  17. K. Marks says:

    Attack dogs? Really? I think not. Learn about dogs and you will find that guard dogs are one thing, attack dogs really aren’t good to have around people or other animals.

    But as someone from that area, I will say that stealing is pretty much a way of life. Hate to generalize, but facts are facts. I do not like being robbed or burgled, and it happens too often in the hills.

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