Picking Daisies


Daises picked from my great-grandfather’s farm. That’s a wheel of Monterey Jack air-drying in the background, by the way!

This weekend was a relatively slow weekend around here. Slow meaning I didn’t let the children force-drive me all over the countryside. I’m dating, and it’s a real hardship because I don’t get any of the actual dating pleasure. I just drive people to dates. Weekend before last, I spent four and a half hours driving people to dates. I probably went about 20 miles altogether as the crow flies. One of the highlights of that adventure was discovering for myself that Weston’s girlfriend does, indeedy, live on a worse road than ours. She’s so perfect! Now that I’ve been to her farm, I know she must feel like she’s on a motor speedway when she comes to ours. Morgan thinks she has a boyfriend, but she only gets to see him about once every two months when his parents bring him to visit here. I took her to his house during the four and a half hour odyssey. I told her she could see him again when she starts driving.

This weekend I stayed home other than a brief foray across the river to my great-grandfather’s farm to dig up rhubarb. Or what we thought might be rhubarb. It had been spied by 52 on an earlier day and we went back to inspect more closely. My great-grandfather once owned over 800 acres across the river from where our farm is now. Just one small piece of that property remains in my family, passed down through my Great-Aunt Ruby, who unlike the rest of the scurvy devils (including my father) didn’t sell her inheritance. This property remains in my cousin’s family, which gives me license to traipse around and dig stuff up without getting shot.

Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, 52 came to the conclusion that this wasn’t rhubarb. I wouldn’t recognize rhubarb if it was slapping me in the face, so I have no idea. I just want some pie, you know? And the chickens ate my rhubarb down to the ground. So I picked some daises and went home.

Other than picking daisies, other highlights of my weekend included my ongoing pantry project. I’ve been involved in a massive cleaning out and reorganization of my pantry that has turned my house upside down for the past week as I dragged everything out of the pantry and began the slow process of reloading it in a more functional manner.

I found odd things in there that don’t belong, and some things that had been forgotten, and mountains of powdered sugar because I couldn’t find it in my messed-up pantry and kept buying more.

If you need some icing, I can hook you up.

I uncovered a couple bags of stale marshmallows that my cousin’s wife, Sheryl, had given me eons ago for the goats and had a marshmallow party with the animals.

Coco, cross-eyed for marshmallows.

Chicken, running with marshmallow.

Clover: “I’m eating for three. I should get more marshmallows.”

I don’t know if she’s really pregnant or not. She might just be making that up.

Marshmallows aside, the most exciting thing that happened this weekend was THE REFRIGERATOR!!!!

(Weston needs a haircut.)

What with all the eggs, milk, cheese, and cream around here, refrigerator space is really at a premium. I’ve been longing for a second fridge for some time and this weekend, it appeared, free and second-hand, and just perfect. Weston and 52 manhandled it up the steps to the back porch, where it now sits convenienty outside the kitchen door to manage all my excess and get it out of the way of the regular refrigerator stuff. We also keep the grill on the back porch, so a fridge out there will be handy for cooking, too.

The girlfriend was here this weekend. Now that I’ve been to her farm, I know that her mother spent 5,692 hours driving her here. Even though they don’t live that far away. That’s life in the country.

She’s so cute. I wish I could get her to eat some cheese.

In other Stringtown Rising Farm news, my lonely duck is a-lonely no more!

Miss Puddleduck: “But I’m still sitting on the eggs!”

It’s all very confusing for her.

And then 52 burned some stuff on the grill….

….and our weekend was complete!

P.S. Hold a good thought for me today as I take Weston back to the DMV for another go at his driver’s license. He failed it last week because he, brilliant boy in line for the National Merit Scholarship, couldn’t show the DMV test administrator where the headlights are….. He’s 17. We’re dating. There’s three of us in this relationship and one of us wants OUT. (Four if you count the girlfriend’s mother. But she’s nicer than me. She’s the one who always brings the girlfriend over here on the weekend. And then all four of us go to the movies every Wednesday. I think maybe she and I should start dating!!! Then there’d be a reason for us to be there when we don’t even get to watch the movie! Oh never mind…. Her husband, and 52, would probably object…..)


  1. Nancy in Iowa says:

    How cool that you’re all dating, so Weston and his girlfriend don’t have to mutter that “Our Moms drive us around”!!! Your daisies go very well with the wheel of cheese. And I’m so glad Ms. Duck has company!!!

  2. pamb says:

    Orange daisies? Not fair–WV got all the orange flowers! Georgia’s bush, now these. All I have are my beloved Tiger Lillies. Oh, and dark orange trumpet vine flowers all over the trees. Ohio’s not that far from WV. Must. Find. More. Orange. Flowers.

    I understand you’re sick of all this driving, but I swear this stage will pass, like all the others. Unless you have one 3 hours away in college that only stays because you go get her every other weekend. Which is a good idea, ’cause now she makes good money & the g-kids eat well. But she never did give me gas money. Hmmmm.

  3. Diane says:

    FYI: Your blog comes to me in my RSS reader doohickey and today’s snippet preview ended as follows: “I’m dating, and it’s a real hardship because I don’t get any […]”



  4. carla says:

    I love your daisys. And your cheese looks yummy. I think your “rhubarb” is a cockleburr. I have lots of those too. But I wish I had an extra refridge. Lucky you!! Sounds like the perfect weekend, slow and easy.

  5. Diane says:

    I can relate to the dateing part. My dd has a boyfriend who lives in town. We live in the country. Its a 20 min trip to go and drop her off or pick him up. Or what ever. Yes I date them too because if we go to the movies or mall there is no point in just droping off and leaving. Because by the time I get back home I will have to leave again. lol. At least your girlfriends mom is willing to take turns driving. Our boyfriends dad is not always willing to drive him out here or pick him up. A discovery I made on evening when I was all settled in and thinking the dad should be here any moment now when they asked when was I going to take him home. The worst part is I am married and hubby could not figure out how to just take the young man home himself??? So we all go and take the young man home. I hope the next one has a driver licences at least he can get himself here and home again. lol.

  6. CindyP says:

    It actually SOUNDS like you were busy! 😆

    Those jars in the pantry are just beautiful all lined up :happyfeet: Don’t let anyone in there when it’s done!

    Keeping fingers and toes and everything else crossed for Weston’s next DMV visit :airkiss:

  7. Barbee' says:

    What a newsy post! Lots going on around your place. That plant may be burdock, but don’t try to eat any of it, because there are more than one species. Oriental foods use one kind, but it is not the one that grows around here. (I’m in Kentucky, not too far away.)

  8. Susan at Charm of the Carolines says:

    I want to live at your house! Always so much fun and stuff to do and people to see and animals to pet.


  9. Carol Langille says:

    How cool is that extra fridge??? I have the sneaking suspicion that Suzanne will fill it and have need for yet another one! But that’s the best part of what you do….stocking up and having enough.
    During the Depression, my mother and her family lived on a farm in Missouri. Every Saturday, in clement weather, my grandfather would take the doors off the barn and put them on sawhorses. My Granny would have been cooking since the day before and all that food was put on the doors. The whole neighborhood was invited…anyone who needed something for their bellies were welcome. And during that time, even in the rural areas, there were a lot of bellies that needed filling.
    Your pantry reminded me of my Granny’s cellar….jar after jar of stuff put up from the garden. Amazing women…you and my grandmother. And your grandmother…and our mothers….just AMAZING WOMEN!

  10. Aimee says:

    Daises are my mom’s favorite flower. She used them in her wedding 34 years ago. I just planted some daisy seeds this weekend, hoping that they will grow so my daughters and I can pick them. 🙂

  11. I Wanna Farm says:

    @ Diane: That’s hilarious! LOL

    @ Suzanne: That ‘rhubarb’ looks like Burdock. It’s edible, if you feel like eating wild greens.

  12. joycee says:

    That sure looked like rhubarb. Did you taste it? Strawberry Rhubarb pie…yum!

  13. EightPondFarm says:

    Wait a second, he could not show the Testing officer where the headlights were? That cannot be what really happened.

  14. Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage says:

    Hello Suzanne, sounds like you had a nice quiet long weekend…congrats on the fridge! You’ll sure love it being so close to the BBQ and the kitchen and what about those times you’re sitting out on the porch feeling the need for a nice cold drink! Perfect. That cheese wheel looks wonderful. Weston’s girlfriend is a real country girl then…hard to believe she lives on a road worse than yours LOL! I hope you’re having a wonderful day…Chic 😉 :hungry2:

  15. cabynfevr says:

    I think Carla is right…your ‘rhubarb’ is a cockleburr and you don’t want it in your yard! The roots are HUGE and in the fall the plant is covered in nasty burrs that will stick to anything passing by, especially dog fur! I’m surprised your chickens ate your rhubarb! That’s the one thing mine won’t touch.

  16. Christina says:

    What a fun weekend!! I hope Weston passes his test this week!

    How come girlfriend won’t eat cheese you’ve made? She’s seen your cow and knows it’s not abused or anything… Just seems silly to not eat it! It’s got to be de-lish-US!

  17. Robin G. says:

    There’s two votes for cockleburr, but that “rhubarb” looks more like burdock to me. Dig it up and get rid of it right away, or it’ll take over and you’ll be fighting it off for years.

  18. Rhubarb Rose says:

    Too bad it’s not rhubarb!!!! I LOVE the stuff and have lots of it. Our church is having a “Rhubarb and Rhummage” event this coming weekend and it’s super popular! We sell all kinds of rhubarb baking, cement stepping stones that use a rhubarb leaf as a mold – they’re beautiful and so easy to make!, rhubarb relish on hot dogs, rhubarb sauce on ice-cream etc. etc. The “rhummage” sale is held as a tail-gate flee market in the church parking lot. I have tons of rhubarb recipes if you need any….our goal is to create a Rhubarb Recipe book for next year’s event as well.

  19. Karen Templeton says:

    Oh, I can so relate to your pantry clean-out. Except in my case, it’s the entire house. :bugeyed: But oh, it feels soooo good when it’s all done and organized and purdy again.

    For, oh, at least a week. :hissyfit:

    (I blame the kids. Because I can.)

  20. auntbear says:

    So much for a lounge chair :ladybug:

  21. Shelly says:

    Those sausages on the grill look real delicious. I like your sons girlfriends VEGAN shirt. I fed a couple mini marshmellows to my chihuahua and he like them too. I could use an extra fridge for my garage, it would come in handy. That’s great that you got one, now you can store more stuff. Have a great day!! :purpleflower:

  22. BuckeyeGirl says:

    If I were ever to become vegetarian (not vegan for me) which I’ve considered, it would be because I object so strongly to factory farming and the harm it does, both to the environment and to the family farmer and rural life, not to mention the way the animals are treated!

    I feel that the way grain is raised is too intensive and damaging too and that when animals are raised with respect, when milk is produced on a manageable scale and hormone free, mostly grass fed etc, chickens are truly free ranged, when meat is raised and slaughtered with respect and care, and served so it’s not the super-sized portion Americans have come to expect, our health and the health of the environment will improve.

    Sorry for the rant, I know Weston’s girl friend has all her own reasons for her diet choice, I just had to voice my opinion, I’ll go hide now!

  23. Linda says:

    The hundreds of acres my husband’s family had, was lost through his dad’s drinking and gambling. Except for the roughly 15 acres we’re going to be retiring on.

    Good luck to Weston!

    Not sure why the girl friend won’t eat cheese. Cheese hasn’t hurt anything or anyone. 😉
    We love Monterey Jack cheese. 🙂

  24. cabynfevr says:

    Is there a difference between a cockleburr and burrdock aside from where you live? Just curious!

  25. cabynfevr says:

    Ok, to answer my own question, yes, there is a difference and it’s NOT a cockleburr. Apparently it is one of several species of burrdock.

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