The Attack of the Giant Faucets


Okay, they weren’t giant, but I swear they were attacking me. Choose me, choose me. I might be just slightly hallucinatory from a three-day marathon selecting everything from cabinet handles and door knobs to showers and the kitchen sink. We went with silver/stainless/pewter type finishes on everything–no gold or brassy–like on cabinet and door hardware, light fixtures, etc. On the darker, richer side with all the woods. I’m looking at a sort of light honey-wheat paint for the walls for the main living area. The cabinets are oak with a cathedral arch style, in “cognac” finish. I’m not afraid of going with some more saturated colors and finishes because of all the natural light coming into the house with so many windows.

But I’m exhausted, just exhausted. Too many decisions in too short a time. If had to decide between cereal and toast this morning, I couldn’t do it. And I can’t even remember everything I picked out, my brain is so dead. I just hope I didn’t make any big mistakes. Wondering….if you could do one thing over in your house, one mistake you think was made (whether you built the house or someone else did), what would it be?


  1. Kim A. says:

    Oh, gees, my whole house was a mistake! Built as rental townhouse units, then converted to condo townhouses. In other words, badly designed and built cheaply! I wouldn’t even know where to start…Well, okay, one big “fix” would be to design a “kitchen” that was bigger than 7ft x 7ft 9in wall to wall. That’s not a kitchen; that barely qualifies as a cooking area!

    BTW, I think you have chosen well, and oh, that light honey-wheat paint shade is gorgeous, I’m sure.


  2. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    You poor thing. You should have taken Cousin Cheryl with you. It would have been a breeze with her lists. 😆 I live in a mobile home that is really well built. Only two things I would change. There is only 1 electrical outlet in the bathroom and it’s in the over the sink light. :wall: .There is not enough storage or closet space in Master bedroom. My only complaints. :fryingpan: Have a great day and :hug: to all.

  3. Becki says:

    We bought our house (and its history) from the original owner on what, coincidentally, turned out to be her 100th b-day. She and her husband began to build the house on her 20th b-day.

    Nothing really needed to be done, except the 80 year old bathroom.

    My husband redid it shades of deep gray and Gulf of Mexico green.

    It’s been 11 years, and it still hasn’t grown on me.

    I’d redo the bathroom.

  4. Susan says:

    We built our house and the one thing I’d add would be more electrical outlets. Oh and an extra room just for my book collection! :yes:

  5. Jenawriting says:

    Love what you chose, Suzanne. I have always said you have wonderful taste! The house is coming along beautifully. As to what I would change? In my next house, I am going to have a panic type room that will have windows to see outside- so that I can escape when I need privacy to write!

  6. Ellen says:

    When we built, several bad choices were made. We let the painters put the wrong color on the walls – too whimpy to assert myself. The counters came out looking like black necos color instead of a warm granite look. And the fireplace is up high as if it had a hearth, but it doesn’t. We should have been more forceful, since the fireplace can’t be redone now (or at least not a great expense). I had fun with faucets though. 🙂

  7. Tori Lennox says:

    I wish I could afford to have a wall of built-ins made for books and my desk.

  8. leanne says:

    Sheesh Suzanne. It sound’s like too much work in building and decorating a new house. I am so glad I haven’t had to do that yet. We still live in a mobile home, so my complaints are not enough space in the living room and master bedroom/ not enough closet space, and no outlets in the hallway. That aggrivated me every time I go to sweep the house. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Leanne :thumbsup: :hug: :snoopy:

  9. Brandy says:

    One thing? Just one? Um, I’d have to go with putting down hardwood floors instead of the cheap carpet they put down, even though the house was brand new when we bought it 3.5 years ago, the carpet is already ruined. (No thanks to 2 kids and 7 cats who think the scratching post is a joke.)

    Rest up and have a wonderful day!

  10. Estella says:

    The people we bought our house from installed one knob faucets in the bathrooms and the kitchen. We have already put new faucest in the small bath and kitchen. The master bath and showers are next.

  11. Lis says:

    There’s so much to choose from *g* I’d start with knocking down the wall between my room and the guest room. Its just too tiny to live in.

  12. Hetty Gruener says:

    I love the things you chose! I can empathize with you! I loved picking out all of those new things for my remodeling project, but at the same time I also remember the doubt, confusion and frustration of having only once chance to get everything right! It was the best of times…It was the worst of times! The only thing I regret is having put in a huge soaker tub! I never use it! It takes too much water and too long to fill up. I only use the shower! And now that I have some back problems and nerve damage in my legs, I can’t even get into the blessed thing anymore!

  13. maude says:

    i’ve helped choose paint colors for friends, clients………….my advice : buy 3-5 quarts of colors you like. if the drywall is up, paint a 24″X24″ of each color on a wall that sits in full sunlight, and the same assortment in a room that doesn’t receive as much light. it’s a much easier task than trying to judge from those little color cards. i keep a gallon of ralph lauren “picket fence white” on hand, and
    mix my own colors in empty cupcake paper “tubs”, noting the proportions on a label. for instance, if the “golden wheat” is too overwhelming, mix it 50/50 with the RL white(it’s just a neutral, pleasant white)………you may end up with just the right shade of “warm”. you can paint the next room with a 75/25 mix………
    and, look at denyse schmidt quilts for inspiration:……..

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